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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Quantum Jumps
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity.

Missing Mole & Friend Alive Again
Farmington, New Mexico, USA

I have had an experience with doppel gangers. My niece about three months ago at my mom's house stared at my face, looking closely at both of my cheeks, and then asked, “Where's the mole?” I replied, “What mole?!” She said, “You had a mole on your cheek.” I asked her which side, and she replied, “On your right side, right there,” pointing to my cheek. I told her, “I don't have a mole !” Now my mother had this friend Gene. He said his daughter had gone on a cruise for got to pack her diabetes medicine and died while on a cruise. Visiting his house from time to time I saw a picture of her on a mantle. A blond . One year or so later I saw her behind the counter. I engaged her in conversation. She was a cold fish. I asked my mother about her back ground. Mom said Genes daughter and her husband were owners of the Seven Eleven. Why ?  Oh nothing. I haven't seen her since at any Seven Eleven even now years later.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your experiences with your niece noticing a few months ago that she remembers you having a mole on your cheek on your right side, when you recall no such thing--so apparently she remembers some other version of you than anything you have recollection of. And what an extraordinary situation seeing evidence of your mother's friend's daughter being apparently alive and well, after you'd heard a reliable and somewhat specific report of her having died while on a cruise after having forgotten to bring her diabetes medicine.


My Time Jumping Experience
Santiago, Chile

   Hi Cynthia, I saw you on gaia in a interview and I thought I could tell you my experience concerning time jumping in my case. The first time it happens was about 9 years ago, my wife had died about a month before this experience happened, I live in Chile by the way, but lived many years in the states before and I moved back to Chile. I live very close to downtown in Santiago. I was walking towards downtown crossing a park nearby my appartment and I stopped to look at the newspapers on a stand, nothing special, and I read frontlines concerning a football team here in chile and I stayed there reading like a minute and left, like I said before nothing special about the subject. Aproximately 10 days later, I see the same frontlines on the same newspaper again and I thought to my self, these journalist have very little creativeness to put the same frontline again and well I went on with the normal everyday life, but a few days later I thought why don't I check in the internet and see all the frontlines of the month. So I did, checked all of them and I only found one frontline or title iqual to the one I saw, but the date corresponded to the second time I saw the newspaper, so I actually had been 10 days before looking at the newspapers and in the same timeline probably. Now, why Do I tell you that I am a jumper, because this experience has happened many times for different time periods, it can be days,minutes or hours, but I am totally aware that this happens to me but I do not have control when and how. The last one was about a mont ago and was sort of funny, my nephew Gabriel called on the phone and asked me where I was and I told him that I was ready to leave home to go to my place of work and he asked me if I could pick him up in a very well known place here in Santiago. I told him, wait for me and I will be there soon, about 10 minutes later, he calls me and tells me that I had passed by him on my truck and didn't stop and didn't even look at him. Then, I told him, listen I am still at home I haven't left but I will be there in 5 minutes. When, I picked him up, I told him now I did a great jump with truck included. Anyway, he knew of my experiences, but he kept telling me that it was me who he saw drive by minutes before, told him it happens but I can't control it. Well, I could tell you some other times that these experiences have happened, but is usually the same. The reason why these things happened to me, could be because I have cleaned my pineal gland or because higher frecuencies are actually overlapping or our 3rd dimension. I really dont know, but I have also acquiered some other powers like for example I can read peoples mind before they open there mouths I can say a word they think before they pronounce it, remote viewing is another thing I can do, but I have little control where I go, so I am going to start trying to control these powers, I really need to work on this, but I havent been able to do it in a serious way because I many times smoke pot and that really kills my abilities, now that I am not smoking my powers will come back.

Note from Cynthia: days before they appeared according to current historical accounts, and about the time you drove to pick up your nephew, Gabriel, and he saw you drive past before you'd even left yet. I've had similar experiences to these, so as odd as they may seem to some, I can definitely vouch for the fact that such things are happening to people like you and me. And I suspect you're right that there may be a connection between having one's pineal gland open and receptive, as well as remote viewing abilities, and sometimes I do know what people are about to say or what's about to happen. Some of these experiences are considered to be relatively normal for those on a spiritual path, according to ancient Tibetan teachings, and also in accordance with some yogic siddhis--and the Tibetan Buddhist advice given is to not get distracted from one's spiritual path by focusing overly much on attempting to control these things, but rather to stay focused on spiritual alignment between mind, heart, gut, and spirit. I'd tend to agree with this advice, as I find I get best reality shifting results when keeping an open mind and heart, and wishing to find out how good it can get for all concerned.

Infested Branch Gone
Angela Treat Lyon

I love your newsie—it always makes me feel uplifted—thank you! You might be interested in his—lately I've been feeling extremely agitated and depressed, and had thought it was because of a certain personal situation. I've also had some intense dizzy spells, where I had to just stop and allow them to fall through my body as I just breathed and let them go. The odd thing that happened is this: outside my office door, I have a very large palm tree, and I had noticed one of the branches was covered with an infestation of white fly. I was busy at the moment, and thought to myself that I would trim off the branch the next day when I could get a minute so the rest of the tree wouldn't get infested. Today I awoke completely free of the depression, despite the fact that the situation hadn't changed. Oh! Speaking of which—I just remembered—the person involved actually smiled and said good morning to me—which would NOT have happened yesterday! I had a big dizzy spell sitting at my desk this morning, and when I looked out the window at the palm tree, the infested branch was gone! This was a large branch—12' tall—not something you could just mistake for something else! Gone! And, in your newsie, there was a link to a little you're-in-the-wrong-place quiz, which I thought would be fun to take - and guess what—I'm in the wrong place! Well, if it means I'm not depressed, that's fine with me! Thanks for all you do .

Note from Cynthia:Thank you so much for your lovely email! I'm so glad you feel uplifted by my RealityShifters ezine, and so happy to know you enjoyed the July 2017 issue! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling agitated and depressed, with dizzy spells. Some of these symptoms are similar to symptoms of so-called 'microwave sickness' which some people get from sensitivity to EMF fields. You can test to see whether you're sensitive to EMF electrosmog by identifying sources of it (such as 'smart' meters, cell towers, WiFi services, etc), and seeing how you feel when you're away from them. If you spend a few hours away from such things and feel noticeably better, you can then try removing some known sources of electrosmog. I love your description of how you noticed that a rather large whitefly-infested branch on your tree that you'd intended to prune off to keep the tree safe from further infection was suddenly not there. A twelve foot branch does not seem like something that could easily slip away undetected on its own, and it doesn't seem like someone would have come through and taken care of this matter without your knowing about it. And how marvelous that the person smiled and said good morning to you! It certainly does sound like you're enjoying a newfound reality. And regardless what that survey says, a new reality doesn't necessarily indicate you're in the 'wrong place'--especially when things are going rather well!

Vanished National Geographic Magazine
Torrance, California, USA

 I can very much understand how other people must feel when they have had these kinds of experiences, which left them baffled and wondering, saying “What??”, “Huh??”, “That’s strange!”  I have also enjoyed reading other peoples’ experiences on your website, particularly that of a woman who remembered ‘attending’ a workplace meeting and all its details, only that she was never there physically! For several years, back when I was living in my first apartment as a younger adult, I had an issue of the National Geographicmagazine which was from 1981, 1982, or 1983.  It had an article and photographs of giant pandas.  (I loved the pictures that showed how giant pandas’ opposable ‘thumbs’ enable them to even hold spoons or grasp and hold food containers – very cute and very human-like.)  Of course, because I liked this issue of National Geographic on pandas, I had that magazine for many years.  It was something I wanted to keep for good, and I know I did not discard the magazine – it was always shelved with other National Geographic issues I saved from the early 1980’s.  There was no reason I would throw it away, and it definitely was packed in with other National Geographics when I moved to the next apartment I lived in for many years.   Some years later, when I looked for this particular issue, which would have been with the other old National Geographics I had, it wasnot there!  I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I did look for it a few more times elsewhere in my apartment before I gave up.   Now that I’ve learned about parallel universes, and reality shifts, my only explanation is that this one National Geographic issue vanished at some time into thin air.  I’ve never seen it again, just as I’ve never seen the cookie sheet, pizza pan, and this one royal blue t-shirt I once had that disappeared.  Those cute photos in that National Geographic of pandas using utensils were always near and dear to me. as an adult, I have always lived alone in small apartments, and not in multi-room or multi-level homes, with many, many possessions and clutter.  Most people live with other adults or children, who may lose things, take or remove things, or throw things out by accident.  I have never had roommates, family members, spouses, domestic partners, or children living with me at any time in my adult life, nor have I had people sleep over.  I have only had people coming for short visits.  I have never held gatherings or entertained with parties and dinners with a number of guests.  (We have all heard stories about people who found items missing in their home (silverware, etc.) after they had a party, in which guests made off with items.)  I have always had everything neatly stored away (books, dishes, clothes, etc.), so I knew where things were - and I knew what items I had thrown out or given away.  I also have never been on prescribed medications, or under any medical treatment, and I have never used or experimented with drugs, in which my mind or memory may have been affected.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, and for pointing out that you can eliminate other possible factors with regard to missing items, since you've been meticulous in keeping track of your items, while simultaneously minimizing chances for people to move or take things. So even though you did undergo a move between the time you stored your National Geographic magazine and the time you sought it out and found it missing, I see how your fastidious sense of organization combined with lack of opportunity for others to interfere tends to point toward this being a reality shift.

Hearing Songs Before They Were Released
Torrance, California, USA

Chain of Fools was possibly the most famous song of legendary singer Aretha Franklin that came out during the 1960’s.  Chain of Fools is listed as having come out in 1968, but - I rememberChain of Fools (sung by Franklin) playing on the airwaves as a much-played hit song a few years earlier, in either 1965, or in 1966, when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, not in 1968 when I was already in 6th, then 7th grades.  My memory of Chain of Fools goes back to when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, so if people were to ask me when Chain of Fools came out, I would tell them it was in 1965 or 1966.  Two of her other hit songs were released exactly at the time I remember them playing on the airwaves: Respect and Daydreaming - Respect came out in 1967, and Daydreaming in 1972.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks for sharing your recollection of noticing the songs "Chain of Fools" and "Sailing" being released earlier than is officially reported. I'll be interested to hear whether I subsequently hear from other people who also remember hearing either or both of these two songs prior to their respective current historical release dates. While I don't currently recall the earlier dates you mention for these two songs, I certainly have heard several songs prior to their official release dates.

Stories Missing from Books
Torrance, California, USA

What baffled and mystified me so much, as I described in my first email to you, is finding information or stories missing from a book when reading it a second time some years later.  Finding Your Element – How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life, by Sir Ken Robinson, PhD (Viking Book Group, 2013), includes several stories gathered by the author about people who transitioned to new careers or livelihoods that were in tune with the individuals they were. When I read the book the first time in 2013 or 2014, one of the people I read about was a concert pianist who realized she was no longer happy with being a pianist, and was happier being involved with books.  This woman left her long-time concern pianist career and transitioned into being a book editor where she was much happier.  Author Ken Robinson also mentioned this woman and her career change story in a TED talk I later found on YouTube, and I remembered reading it in this book.  Now, here it is a few years later – 2017 – and I readFinding Your Element again, from cover to cover, and – that concert pianist woman’s story was nowhere in the book!  Even when I finished reading the book the second time, I even went back through the pages searching for this woman’s story, and it wasn’t anywhere!  It was one of the stories in Finding Your Elementthat I was thinking about, and was looking forward to reading about again, when I started reading the book a second time. One book of mine that I read for a second time was State of the Union – Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Jerry Oppenheimer (Harper Collins Publishers, 2000).  I bought this book and read it in either 2004 or 2005.  This book delved into the earlier lives of both former President Clinton and Hillary Clinton.  After finishing law school at Yale University, where Hillary also went, Bill Clinton, who was already in a relationship with her, went back to his home state of Arkansas, where he began starting a political career in the 1970’s by running for a congressional seat.  Other natives of Arkansas worked on his campaign, were his political supporters, and he became close to one of the campaign workers, Marla Crider.  Hillary found out, and had both her brothers, and then herself, go down to Arkansas to keep Bill Clinton from going further in his relationship with Marla Crider, and to stop Marla from seeing Bill.  Hillary was just as interested in getting to the White House someday, as Bill Clinton was in becoming President, which is why she wanted to link her future and her goals with him, so the Marla relationship was a threat to her.  Hillary even wrote a letter to Bill Clinton about it, reminding him of the White House goals they had agreed upon while still in law school.  The book pointed out that Southerners in Arkansas did not take well to Hillary, and were turned off by her.  Bill Clinton’s own mother, Virginia, liked Marla very much and would have liked to have had Bill marry her.  What I had read in this book, the first time I read it, is that people who knew Bill Clinton from that time, in looking back later on, believed that if he had married the amiable fellow Arkansas native, Marla Crider, that it would have been a boon for him, and he would have moved along faster in his political career and reached the Presidency much earlier than he did in 1992.   I always remembered that part about Marla Crider in this book, and had not read or heard this elsewhere.  But when I read State of the Union the second time around this year, this piece about Marla Crider being a more suitable spouse for Bill Clinton now was not there or anywhere else in the book!   As in the story of the woman in Finding Your Element, this bit about Marla Crider in State of the Union, was something I was thinking about and looked forward to finding again, when reading these books a second time.  But these stories, or parts of these stories, just were not there during the second time I read the respective book. All I can say about my experiences with books, songs, or with vanished items, is “What?” or “Huh?

Note from Cynthia:I've also noticed some books and movies missing the very scenes or sections I'd most wished to see again--so I can strongly relate to the surprise you felt when re-reading Finding Your Element and State of the Union. What makes these kinds of experiences especially startling is there typically is no other explanation for why we'd be so certain the currently missing parts used to be there. In other words, there usually is no other similar or related book or movie that we might be getting confused with--and more to the point, we generally recall pretty much exactly where in the given book or movie the mysteriously omitted part used to be. These types of reality shifts have thus been some of my most personally convincing ones, since there really isn't any explanation for what happened to those missing bits.

Dead Cat Seen Alive Again
Torrance, California, USA

Many years ago, one of my old friends buried a cat she and her mother had, who had been run over out in the street.  According to this friend, she went ahead and buried the cat.  It wasn’t long before another cat happened to come into their yard – and it was their cat that was alive and OK – so my friend and her mother went around telling everyone that they had apparently buried another cat.  (But they originally believed that the run-over cat was their cat, which is why they gave it a burial). 

Note from Cynthia:Thanks for sharing your experience hearing about your friends burying a cat they were sure was theirs, and later seeing their cat very much alive. It does seem unlikely that someone would be so confused about their cat that they'd bury someone else's. I wonder just how much time passed between their burial of a cat and the cat coming back, and how often that cat used to be gone for such periods of time. 

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