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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Human Invisibility
Albany, New York

For years I thought I must be imagining that people couldn't see me. My parents thought (and still think) that I made up unbelievable excuses about not managing to get the receptionist, store-clerk, bus- driver, lunchroom-helper, ticket-seller, or whoever to notice my presence when I had gotten to the front of the line and really needed help!

This has worsened, and become more frequent, as I have grown older. I tend to avoid things that involve waiting on line or asking for help, because most of my invisibility moments tend to happen in these situations.

When I married, my husband Malcolm laughed these stories off at first. Then one day, Malcolm and I found ourselves the sole customers in a small-town train-station at Kingston, Rhode Island, urgently needing to purchase a ticket to Boston. Malcolm said that he would watch our luggage while I went to buy the ticket.

I told Malcolm that I'd rather have him buy the ticket, explaining, "I have a feeling that the ticket-seller won't notice me." Sometimes I do have a feeling that the invisibility will happen, and when I do, the feeling normally proves accurate.

"Oh, you and your 'being invisible'," scoffed Malcolm. "You just have to learn to stand up for yourself a little more and not to fear such a simple everyday thing as buying a train-ticket."

So I went up to the clerk at the ticket-window, smiled, and said, "Excuse me, I'd like two tickets to Boston." The clerk, making no reply, continued to gaze in bored fashion at the wall behind me. I pulled out my purse and extracted the cash. Even if the clerk doesn't respond to me, I thought - he certainly should respond to the faces of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington! Still, nothing happened. I repeated my request. Then I repeated it again a little louder. Then again. Finally, in desperation, I began to wave my arm at him with money in hand. After ten minutes of that as I kept repeating my request gently, but louder and louder. "Please, sir, I need two tickets to Boston."

Then I stood patiently, and consoled myself. "If worst comes to worst," I reasoned, "he will eventually have to leave the ticket-booth to use the restroom or whatever. Perhaps then I can get in front of him and he will trip over me." People do eventually notice me when I'm invisible when we come into accidental physical contact. But they don't see me until they actually bump into me. All the while, Malcolm quietly, incredulously watched to see what would happen -- or not happen.

About an hour after we had entered the station, the train came roaring in. Three minutes after that, as the train sounded the boarding-signal, the clerk finally noticed me. "Where to, lady? Hurry up or you'll miss your train!" I paid my money and ran onto the train.

Since then, Malcolm has never laughed at what we call my "Star Trek cloaking-device." He thinks that I should find some way to control it, in fact, as it might then prove useful.

Interesting observations:

(1) Sometimes, when I walk with a person, the other person seems also to share the same "cloud of invisibility." For example, at times Malcolm has waited on line with me in stores and the clerk didn't see either of us!

(2) Sometimes, also, other people waiting on line do note my presence and try to call my existence to the attention of the person in charge, saying something like, "Hey, Mister - why don't you wait on the lady? She's been standing here for fifteen minutes!" But these helpful efforts of others seldom, if ever, have worked. I simply have to wait for the clerk to see me in his/her own good time - even if I lose my entire lunch-break just trying to get the guy in the fast-food place to PERCEIVE me!

What (if anything) has worked for people who need to "de-invisibilize" themselves so that others can see and interact with them?

Missing/Reappearing Appaloosa
White Wolf Retreat, eastern Washington

I was really excited to find your website from a link on the Meta Tech site. We have been experiencing so many reality shifts here on our land since September 11th... more so than before.

I'm in the process of updating our website with all the new occurrences and sightings here, but I can fill you in on just a few that have happened lately. We have horses, and when my husband was going down to the corral to feed them a few mornings ago, he only saw one of our horses there; the other was nowhere to be seen. The one that he saw was Mia, our white Arabian Mare.

Well, he looked down at the ground for just a second, and when he looked back up again -- there was Pocahantas, our Apaloosa Mare standing right next to Mia. There was no way she could have come from anywhere else in the corral without my husband seeing her. This has been going on now for a few days and we don't know what it means. We unfortunately had to put one of our mares down last week, and I have a feeling that Pocahontas is "visiting" her.

We have lots of other realities "incidents" going on here, so it doesn't surprise me. We've witnessed portal openings and lots more including Fairy sightings and other things that we can't explain.

Getting to the Store Before I Did
Wild Rose, Wisconsin

I just finished watching your video, and found it very interesting. Now that I know what you are all about, I can add something of interest. While living in Sedona, AZ where I had a business for two and a half years, I had quite an experience as I drove to my store one early morning in 1988. We lived in Oak Creek Canyon five miles north of the town. I happened to glance to my left and up at the sky. It was a very clear morning, blue sky, no clouds. I know what I saw, as it is still imprinted on my mind like a blueprint. As I watched this incredible happening, I also had to watch where I was driving, as the canyon is full of curves. Up in the sky there was what resembled glass panes. They were very large and almost square, but not oblong. One was laying flat with another standing up, with another on top of that one -- like stair steps. I saw a figure of a human reaching for the second level. It actually climbed up on top, then reached for the next level and climbed on top of that one and stood up and raised its arms towards the heavens. I was so filled with elation as I intuitively knew this was me. It disappeared as quickly as it had formed.

Now here is the clincher - I think you will understand this - I got to my store before I did. What I mean to say is I was sitting behind my counter as I walked in the door. I was suddenly very sick to my stomach, and had to sit down as I was also very dizzy. I went behind the counter and sat on the very stool I saw myself sitting on. It seemed then that 'we' welded together and the nausea left.

I did not make this up and this is not my imagination. It was very, very real. Have you heard of this happening before?

The Amazing Appearing Groceries
Salem, Oregon

I found this web site after mentioning to a friend that I was suffering from 'oops'es--those dratted disappearing keys, earrings, wallets, etc. I found my missing keys in a rolled up sock that came out of the dryer when I hadn't put it in there in the first place, and I was actually kind of fed up with the whole thing.

Then I read about reality shifts, and the amazing part to me was that you mentioned things APPEARING by themselves. I asked my angels to experience this, and forgot all about it. About five minutes later, I went into the kitchen to make breakfast -- and when I opened the pantry I found groceries that hadn't been there before! Soymilk and cheerios -- perfect for breakfast! Now I have extra -- and next time, I'll ask for cash! :)

A Man Appeared and Disappeared
Wild Rose, Wisconsin

I have another incident that took place in my store in Sedona. I was behind the counter of my store - it was a gourmet coffee and tea store in a shopping mall. A man walked in using an unusual staff, though he was not crippled. He had a beard and it was hard to tell his age. I always offered free coffee to those that I felt were wanderers. There was always many of these in Sedona. The unusual thing about this man is he just suddenly appeared walking through the doorway. I spoke with him for a few minutes, he drank his coffee and before I could blink my eyes he just disappeared! He was like suddenly there and then suddenly gone! There were no other customers in the store so I was not distracted and I didn't turn around so as to take my attention away from him. The empty cup was on the counter, so I know I was not imagining this! I have often wondered about this, but because of your input and reading about what you wrote and watching your video, I finally can understand what happened. Keep up the good work.

Mysterious Door Latch and Video Tape
John V. Panella
Silver City, New Mexico
Author of the Gnostic Papers- The Undiscovered Mystery of Christ

Greetings! I was sent to your site by a friend, and found it interesting. I wanted to share an experience I had earlier this year while still living in Silver City, New Mexico.

We had been living in a trailer for about six months, and there were a few problems with the trailer. The bathroom door lock did not work properly, so I had taken the doorknob off to fix it and also removed the door latch or metal bracket that connects to the inside wall of the door mount to the door itself.

I did not think anymore of the doorknob after I went to the store to buy some parts. I recognized I had the wrong fitting, so I did not work on the door right away as I originally planned to, and it just stayed that way (disconnected).

A little while later, some mysterious events began to take place. I had been watching a series of video tapes, and one tape had two movies on it. I used to forward to the end of the second movie and would tape up to two hours of video that was remaining on the six hour tape. This had been going on for weeks until the strange events occurred! I began once again like I had so many times taping at the end of the second movie. I was taping another movie that lasted about 120 minutes. I knew it would be close, but I should have gotten most of the movie anyway, based on the time remaining and other shows I had taped successfully.

To my surprise, the tape shut off after about 15 minutes of taping. I went over to the tape, and began fidgeting around with it for some time, until I finally realized that was all the tape I had left after the second movie. I knew this had to be impossible, though, because I had regularly been taping at least an hour and forty five minutes if not two hours. I never had a problem with it until this particular time!

I checked everything from possible tape speed problems to going back and fast forwarding through the original two movies. The two movies were there, but there was only 15 minutes remaining on the tape. I could not understand what was going on!

The same day I went back to the bathroom and I shut the door without the knob or metal latch. I usually placed a cloth between the door and wall to keep it shut. When I was about to leave the bathroom, I looked at the door and noticed that the metal latch I had removed was connected to the wall with all its screws intact! I sat there scratching my head, saying, "This is impossible, I removed those screws and the metal bracket it was impossible for them to be connected!"

Later on, I went back to tell my wife what had taken place, and then I went back to the bathroom door to show her. The latch was off as it had been originally. At that moment, I knew there was a dimensional shift of some sort that occurred. It was quite incredible for both the tape and the door to have revealed that things were not as I had expected.

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