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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Missing/Reappearing Slipper
New York City, New York
copyright 2001

I've been aware of reality shifts for years. I always say about the missing things, "Well, they've popped off into the other dimension again."

Just the other day, I was looking for my slippers. I'm chronically neat, and I had just one. I don't ever wear just one slipper, so I looked under the bed, the most likely place to find the other one. I found three other pairs, but my favorite was missing. We then scoured the entire house (a small one!) to no avail.

Later on, I decided to check under the bed again. And there it was, in plain sight. This happens to me constantly. Although I'm not Catholic, I often ask Saint Anthony for help, among others, and he never fails.

One thing missing for a long time has been my wedding ring. That would be a scary one, except for this fact: we had just gotten two kittens, and one of them (mine, of course) decided she liked some of my things so much she had to have them. I went to sleep with my ring on the night table (it doesn't fit too well, and I always worried about it falling off in my sleep) and in the morning, my engagement ring, which I wore everyday then, was there, but not my wedding ring, which is still missing to date.

Now, though, after a year, I know my cats and their likes and dislikes. Gabrielle likes butterflies, as do I, and she's taken many a hair clip, ring, or what have you. The other day she took a small pewter one filled with flowers I really liked. I asked for it back and told her it could be hers, but could we share it where I could see it, and she brought it back.

I lived most of my life without cats or any pets or pests who could move my things, and what you write about is an everyday thing to me. I'm highly interested in it, and was so glad I found your site. Have you ever noticed that there are two kinds of synchronicity? The good kind, that tells you that you are on the right path, or the bad kind, which to my mind means something is wrong, to rethink my reality.

I think the more people realize this, the better (or, worse), the world will be. I seem to be on a good roll now, and it's my Saturn seven year, if you know astrology. I'm glad you're finding recognition, and just wanted to know how much I appreciate your making people more aware of this. Hopefully, the "good" people.

Magically Appearing Muffins
Perth, Western Australia

One day after I'd had a healing, I stopped in at the local bakery on my way home. I saw some yummy muffins under a dome on a plate, and noticed that there were only two left. I said to the girl behind the counter, "I'll take the last two", while thinking to myself, "I wish there were more muffins, so I could take one for my husband."

I turned away to look at my young child, and as I turned back, I saw that the girl behind the counter had put the two remaining muffins in a bag, yet there were still two more muffins on the plate. I was aghast -- and asked for the other two that had materialized.

The most amazing thing about this story is that the young girl looked incredulously at me and asked, "Where did I just get these muffins from? There were only two left!" And then she asked me, "Is there spirit in this room or something"? I just smiled and nodded knowingly, and she and I will never forget that day and those muffins, I'm sure!

Meaningful Synchronicities

I was walking along the sidewalk one day on my way to Concodia University, thinking about the nature of Reality. I said to myself, "Give me a sign if it's possible to control reality." Just then, I heard the sound of something striking the ground ahead of me. There, five feet away, lay a pack of cards. I picked the pack up, and saw it had Air France written on it, with French symbols (such as R for Roi or King). The pictures were beautiful and the deck was full. Since I didn't see it land, I don't know where it fell from. Perhaps it fell from the sky? Or did someone in a passing car throw out the pack? Does a pack of cards mean we can play our "hand" however we wish? We make our luck?

I've been working on a novel who's main character is named Reinhardt. The funny thing is, I see that name or variations of it wherever I go -- such as on an olive oil bottle, books, or a passing truck. I've developed a keen desire to learn German and listen to German music. It's very difficult to find German music here in Montreal, so I prowl used book and music stores looking for it. One day, I entered a rundown store and almost stepped on a record that lay in the center of the floor. Ja! The singer's name was Reinhard Mey! I looked through the entire collection (3000 at least) in hopes of finding more of his records. Not one could I find! How come there was just that one which I almost stepped on? When I was at the cashout, a girl came in with some cassettes she wished to sell. I asked her if she had any cassettes by a man called Reinhard. She said she had never heard the name, but she let me look through her collection. I found two cassettes, which I bought on the spot. One was by a guy called Django Reinhardt, and the other was Reinhard Lakomy. Question. How come she didn't know she had them?

Cadbury Castle Shift
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

The November issue of RealityShifters News puts me in mind of an experience of mine. Back in 1977, six of us from a local earth mysteries group went down to Somerset and visited Cadbury Castle, a large earthwork that is one of the main contenders for the site of Arthur's Camelot. When we arrived there, we each found ourselves going off on our own and getting into very separate spaces. For myself, I went up to one corner of the rampart, the highest part of the perimeter, and stood there facing into the wind. I then tried to imagine myself back in the period when the historical Arthur (if there was one) probably existed - either Iron Age or more likely 6th century CE. I stood still there, focussing, for a considerable time, probably getting on for an hour, despite the strong wind. During that time I was aware of one of my friends coming up and sitting down to meditate, facing me about five yards behind.

Eventually I came 'back to the world' and turned round. My friend nearly jumped out of his skin, and asked me how long I'd been there! He was flabbergasted when I told him that I'd been aware of him arriving behind me some time before and wondered why he'd decided to meditate so close! Apparently he'd not seen me at all, though standing on the skyline so close to him I should have been pretty hard to miss!

Shortly after that the group found itself spontaneously regathering - Cadbury is large enough for people to lose each other quite easily. One of them, sitting in a tree diagonally opposite my position on the rampart, remarked that he had been hearing strange sounds, like carts moving about, shouting and domestic animal noises from the direction where I'd been standing, though there was nothing on the hill, and I'd not heard any such noise being borne on the wind. I think we each had some kind of shift that day at Cadbury - and that was mine, and wasn't to be the last I had in connection with Cadbury Castle, though that's another story.

Transported People/Appearing Quarter
Fairborn, Ohio

I have become increasingly aware of the subtle reality shifts that seem to occur. In April my sixteen year old son was in the hospital for a serious illness. His room was three doors down from the back end of the corridor, and one evening as I sat in a chair reading, I observed the floor nurse go into a room at the far end of the corridor. As I turned the book page, I was abruptly startled as the same nurse came out of a room right in front of where I was sitting and six doors down from where she went in a room. I was so startled that I retraced my reading to where I was when I first saw her. I had only read about three sentences! There was no way she could have gotten to where she did in the time frame involved and without my having seen her.

In October 2001, at 1:30 in the morning, my wife who is a nurse was going into a patient's room. As she entered the room, she saw her supervisor (with clipboard) coming down the hallway. My wife motioned to her to stay, and said she would only be a moment. When she came out, her supervisor was gone. No one else had seen her. At 5:30 the supervisor was doing her rounds and my wife asked her why she didn't stay earlier. The supervisor stated, "This is the first time I have been on this floor tonight." When my wife explained what happened and that she had looked right into her eyes earlier, they got goosebumps. Because of your writings and the things I have discussed with her about reality shifts, she was excited and said to me, "I've had one of those reality shifts you talk about."

While preparing for work in August, my wife asked me if I had thrown a quarter at her while she was in our kitchen. (I hadn't) A quarter had appeared in mid-air and hit her shoulder and dropped into the dog food dish. Life is surprising!

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