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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

She Was Not There... Then She Was
West Virginia

The first reality shift I can remember happened when I was about six or seven years old. I was visiting a friend at her house, and after a while needed to go to the bathroom. When I came back from the bathroom, I couldn't find her where she was when I left her, so I walked through the house looking for her. I walked into the kitchen (which was empty) and looked out the window to see if perhaps she had gone outside. When I didn't see her outside, I turned around and saw her sitting on a stool at the bar. She said she had been there all the time, watching me! I know I had looked right at the bar stool I could see her sitting on, and it had been empty!

Since that early experience, I've had too many reality shifts to count or remember. I also have a knack for finding things... they are usually in a place where someone else says they have already looked, but not always. Sometimes I just seem to know to go to the exact spot the item is placed. I also receive "signs" which I am sure are of divine or supernatural origin. Many times I have prayed for myself or others, and then waited for a sign which is not long in coming. Usually the sign is some unusual item or animal which appears for me. One sign I distinctly recall is when my husband was about to lose his job. I prayed about it, and very soon saw an indigo bunting land on the grass in front of me. My husband was given a more secure job with a promotion! I have not seen an indigo bunting before nor since in my area.

Shift or PSI?

I enjoy your monthly ezines. The June issue seemed to focus more on psychic issues, which is confusing to me, because if we shift reality then what is really psychic?

Something once happened to me which I cannot easily categorize. I was visiting my nephew in California, who I had not seen in many years. He had just built a new house, and I wanted to bring a house warming gift to him when I came to visit. I thought a silk flower arrangement in a nice vase would be a pretty addition to his new home, but I didn't have a clue what color scheme to select to match his interior decor. When I asked the florist what she would recommend, she suggested something in neutral tones, but I kept seeing the flower iris in a purple shade. It seemed to scream out in my brain every time I would go to choose the flowers. I finally gave in and told the florist to put in a lot of bright colors, especially purple irises.

I arrived at my nephew's new home several days later after the flower arrangement had been sent. He and his wife were so excited and pleased. They took me to their room which had a bedspread and curtains by Laura Ashley decorated in "purple irises!" Did I tune in to their home's interior, or did reality shift this into my consciousness because it was one of the flowers I enjoyed in my grandmother's garden, or does this just prove that we are all so interconnected that long distances don't really exist?

Receipt Appears/Miraculous Road Rescue
South Dakota

I would like to tell you about a few of my reality shifts. One day I paid for a bill in cash, and got a signed receipt for the bill. About four months later, a representative from that company called me, and said that I had not yet paid this bill, and owed $120. I couldn't just say, "I gave you cash," because I was certain they wouldn't believe me, so I said, "I'll do some checking on it, and call you back. I have a basket I put all my receipts in." I was 100% sure that I would find the receipt in a matter of minutes and clear it all up -- but I could not find it. I must have gone through that basket 20 times, searching for the receipt. I finally decided to go to bed, because I was so exhausted from looking. The next morning, I got up and went to take one more look in the basket... and I was astonished to see that that receipt was right on top! I know it had not been there the night before.

One day, my car just stopped on me. I was so worried as it had stopped on a street which is normally very busy -- but at this moment, there were no cars around at the time. A man cam out of nowhere and asked if he could help push my car to the side of the road. I was so happy to have help, and said "Sure!" As soon as my car was off the road, traffic was everywhere. I got out of the car to thank the man and offer him some money, and he was nowhere in sight.

I have done many novena's to St. Theresa and I will smell roses or receive a rose, or see a photo of a rose on the television and behold my prayer came true. I am so glad I came across your site, as I didn't realize this happens all the time.

Mysterious Motorcycle Repair
© June 2002 - Rik Wellens
Antwerp, Belgium
Please see all the pictures and the full story at:

It all began mid April 1997, when I installed myself a pair of electrically heated handgrips on my Kawasaki 454 LTD "chopper" 1988 motorcycle which I had bought second hand one month before, fulfilling a childhood dream.

I was leaving on short notice to follow a therapist week- training halfway cold Holland, and intended to do the long trip with my newly acquired, black and chrome motorcycle. To ensure comfort, I searched and found a pair of heated handgrips which I installed right away, not aware I was going to make a stupid mistake.

The handgrips where dutifully installed with the wiring diagram in front of me. Unfortunately, in the frenzy of the last night before leaving for the weeklong training, I connected the wires and switch directly to the battery under the seat, instead of starting after the general switch (I had only had one month of experience with the beautiful machine).

When I realized I had made a mistake, it was too late to change it. So, when using the grips, I would switch them off separately to avoid exhausting my battery and certainly NEVER, EVER forget it! All went well, I invited several charming ladies for my daily cycle "walk" in the neighbourhood, and didn't once forget to properly switch it of each and every time in the cold April countryside.

During the next months, I didn't use the heated handgrips in the nice Spring weather. Then, at the occasion of the next maintenance of the motorcycle two months later in June, I asked the busy Kawasaki dealer and shop owner to rewire the grips to the proper electrical connection point. This guy ALWAYS has way too much work and, unfortunately, he just did the regular check-up but didn't touch the electric grips... "No time" he said!

At home, I checked again and saw that indeed, the grips were still connected in the old, "separated" way, as I had installed them two months earlier.

My life was undergoing hectic changes that Summer. I was in the middle of the preparations of my move, busy changing my life fundamentally and restarting my old therapist job as well. A few weeks later I met a nice girlfriend and moved, painted, and decorated. I had a thousand things on my mind. Mostly rather upbeat, interesting, loveable matters...! My life in those days felt like a waterfall of energy, motivation, love... and being "in the flow".

The handgrips where completely forgotten in the lame- duck Belgian July weather, until one really freezing night on an evening trip... You know it was just plain COLD for the season (estimate 8 deg. C. - 40 deg. F) and I used the heated grips for more hand comfort.

I enjoyed myself in the cozy atmosphere at my favourite pub and afterwards, on the trip home, talked to myself repeatedly OUT-LOUD: "CERTAINLY NOT TO FORGET to switch off the grips manually when home or I would find my battery exhausted at the occasion of the next ride."

Some days later when going off for my next trip, I turned on the key switch and saw at the same time lighten up the green warning lamp of the grips as well! I forgot to switch off the grips a few days before, and the switch had been active ever since. My battery was obviously NOT exhausted, and the grips where now seemingly connected BEHIND the general key switch and I understood really nothing about it.

Rik's Bike
The wiring was now installed in a completely different location

A week later, I curiously removed the seat and remarked that my own original wiring was completely gone from the battery section under the seat. The wires of the handgrips where instead much shorter now and connected - barely visible, but NOT reachable - underneath the gasoline tank.

I carefully moved back the almost empty tank as well, and only then observed the neatly connected wires, complete with professional plugs of a kind I never possessed and crimped with a special tool I didn't own! They where connected where they should be, yet nobody had touched them during the previous months!

I have told this tale a few times to some friends and usually hear the remark: "Oh, the technician did it but forgot it. You never used the handgrips during June-July, and just didn't notice the proper installation."

Look, I am a conscious, developed, careful and honest person and I know full well that I handled and checked it myself at least a few times in that period of time. The wiring was never touched or changed by my technician or me! Full stop!

My explanation: In the atmosphere of life energy, a new love, motivation to do the right thing, genuine need to switch off the grips, feeling in the flow, communicating with myself (out-loud talking)... a psycho-kinetic creative energy was formed to actively mount the wiring as I wanted it to be done. I think the rewiring happened during - or at the end of - that trip itself, fed by the overall energy level and the genuine feeling or need to handle it well. I was taking care of the situation as well as I could.

This feeling -- the honest, straightforward, simple need to find something back that I love -- was also the key to about ten to fifteen other, similar events in my life. It's remarkable to me that the conscious ego mind is always thinking and busy with something else while this kind of psychic power phenomenon happens. It takes place not because of the conscious, egoistic will but because there is some longing, a deep emotional quest, an almost magic desire to fulfil from another part of the psyche.

Are you curious about some of these other events? An old but beloved umbrella, a piece of a vegetable cutter, my wedding ring, a four minutes time lapse after a nice dinner with my 1st wife, a three miles (five Km) and 180 deg. displacement on a routine drive to the supermarket (normally just 400 yards), a life cycles matrix diagram found back two hours before the client unexpectedly calls... some tools I forgot and needed desperately, missing parts, books that resurface right on time. When the inner energy structure or "psychic power" is sufficiently "high" or open, things like these can happen with lots of people. Another striking phenomenon is that the place where the items return is "logical" and fits with the meaning of the items itself, and the timing is in some cases remarkable:

* The umbrella returned two weeks later with a loud bang in the back of the four-wheel drive, right on its place.

* The part of the vegetable cutter was just lying on the dish washing machine after one week - and two washes later.

* The wedding ring was found only after several months in the box with regularly used (round) coins.

* The matrix diagram was lost for almost a half year in the move and resurfaced while looking for something else. Just two hours later the client phoned for a new follow-up session, three months after her previous one when the missing of the diagram was noticed.

* The four minutes time lapse was discovered one day later on the occasion of the seasonal daylight savings time change when my accurate watch, always adjusted a few minutes ahead on purpose, proved to be one minute behind.

It is not true that these events happen only to psychics!

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