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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

My Cat Helps Me Find Lost Things
Jacksonville, Florida

When I was a kid we could count on silverware disappearing from the silverware drawer and then a day or two reappearing. For example, we'd have two butter knives after the dishes were washed and put away one day, and six two days later. As far as I could tell, no one in the family was hiding the silverware. It just left and came back on it's own.

Now, as an adult, my husband and I have developed a habit of asking the other to go look for something, whenever one of us can't find something. Quite often, we will look in the place the other has just searched, and there it is. These lost items are often fairly large, not likely to be unnoticed.

One day when we were traveling out of state, I couldn't find my license at one point. My husband looked through every compartment in my wallet, because he couldn't believe it was lost. We both searched and agreed that definitely wasn't in my wallet. Finally, when we were on the way home, I took out my wallet to get a credit card, and saw my license!

But the oddest thing started happening a few years ago, when we got a new kitten. Every time I'd search for something that had disappeared, my kitten would come with me, and act like she was looking too. Jokingly, I would say to her, "That's right, you find it for me." Whenever I did that, I'd immediately find the item. To this day, when we lose something, I call the cat and ask her to find it. I always find the item soon after. Maybe asking her help assists me to focus, or maybe she has a connection with whatever parallel dimension the item has disappeared into. I don't know which.

A Mystic Gas Cap
Palm Springs, California

I was working at a Buddhist temple in California helping temple members cross the road near a busy intersection. Then, when there were no more members going to the temple to pray, I just stood there relaxing. I looked under my feet and saw that there was a gasoline cap lying near the curb. I picked it up and looked it it. It was brand new and shiny. I just kept toying with it.

Then, out of the blue, a car pulled over and parked near where I stood. Two people walked out of it and headed somewhere ( obviously not members of the temple). I then noticed that the car had a gascap missing. I then took the gascap I held in my hand and tried to screw it onto the gas tank. It fit perfectly.

As soon as I put it on, the two people returned, got into the car and left. The whole thing just took about five minutes.

The Greatest 40th Birthday Celebration
Palm Springs, California

I turned forty not so long ago, and was kind of sad that nothing much was happening to mark that year of my life. I was hoping that my life was going to give me something for my birthday.

Then, a few months later, I was offered a job in Kuwait. I went there and started working as a teacher. Months passed, and then something remarkable happened. I started seeing the number 40 everywhere I went -- on posters, on flags hanging from buildings -- everywhere. Then I learned that it was the 40th anniversary of Kuwait's Independence.

As weeks went by, the country changed to a very festive mood. Skyscrapers had windows lit up in sich a way that a number 40 would be formed. Electric garlands were all around the city. Fireworks were being shot into the air. 40! 40! 40! I had pictures, placards and billboards scream at me every place I went. I was 40 years old, on the other side of the world, walking around in daze among the biggest birthday bash I could ever have.

I did not know anything about Kuwait before I went there, much less that our birthdays coincided.

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