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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Helpful Shifts
Placerville, California

My husband and I have experienced a couple of reality shifts in the past in which the missing items turned up later in exactly the same spot from which they had disappeared. One item was a motorcycle key, which was missing for two weeks, and the other was a container of rice leftover from the previous night, which was missing for about a day.

A more recent reality shift happened last Saturday, just before I left for Florida, when my Italian charm bracelet had moved from one side of the bathroom sink (where I always keep it along with all my other bracelets), to the other side of the bathroom sink - for no apparent reason. But in this case, I was trying to create a reality shift, because I've had two dreams where I've died in Florida, and I wanted to change that before I left on my trip. I took the relocating bracelet as the first sign that I had succeeded in this. The second sign was when I got to the airport Sunday morning and was told that my flight was canceled due to the fact that the plane I was supposed to be on never made it to the airport because of fog. They had to put me on a different carrier, which also took a different route. The fact that I'm back and not too much worse for the wear is my third sign. :-)

Traveling Slippers
Chalfont, Pennsylvania

First, let me say that I really enjoy your ezine and look forward to the articles every month. This last Saturday I had an interesting experience. We had guests coming over for dinner and I had been wearing my slippers as I cooked and cleaned all day in preparation for them. As I was getting ready for my guests, I took off my slippers and put them in my bedroom closet and then put on some dress shoes. The next morning my dog wanted to go outside, so I got up and put on a robe. I decided not to get my slippers out of the closet because I felt that I would wake up my husband if I opened the closet door. I was thinking about the slippers because the floor was cold (it's winter where I live), and I thought, "I can stand this. My feet will only be cold only for a few minutes. After the dog comes back in, I'll go back to bed and get them all warm again." I sat down on the couch to wait for the dog to come to the door when I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw my slippers beside the couch. They were in a place where I would have tripped over them a few minutes before as I had let the dog out. So, they hadn't been there a few minutes before. Also, they were in a place where I would never take off nor leave my slippers -- and I distinctly remember putting them in the closet the night before and not taking them out. I took it as a reality shift and as a sign that the Universe is taking care of my needs.

Thank you again, Cynthia, for ALL that you do and the love and positive energy you are spreading!

Reality Shift Dream
Los Angeles, California

I am not sure how I found your website, but when I saw the link for reality shifts, I remembered a dream that has puzzled me for over ten years.

I dreamt one night that I was living in a space station orbiting Saturn. The view was lovely. One night, as I slept, I was visited by an invisible entity. I could not see it, but I knew it was there, and it was quite benevolent. It laid in bed with me and was talking with me telepathically, giving me information in giant chunks. In the dream, I understood everything. Later when I woke up, I could not remember the information. But the startling thing was, it took a quarter from the bed side table, put it on the sheet and then dematerialized it. A moment later, it re-materialized about two inches from its original location. Then, the entity told me that was a time shift and then flooded my mind with more information. It was an incredibly profound moment between us. Then I woke up.

I've never quite understood the dream until now, until discovering your website. Thanks!

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