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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 72

Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband is a pilot, so we've moved a lot and lived in several other countries. He jokes with me that my prayers went back to the past to keep him alive after an accident so that he could be my husband. I had believed that even the "dry bones" could be raised up to be sent the right husband, and had felt inspired to make this prayer. I did not have a conscious awareness of a connection to my husband in the past. I know God was big enough that, if need be, He could alter the past to answer my prayers. Thus I made the "raise up the dry bones" prayers which were inspired by the book of Ezekiel. Since meeting my husband, both of us have had an awareness that we are soul mates and have shared other realities. My husband said he rolled his car off a cliff and had to have a helicopter rescue, however there was someone at his side the whole time. There was no way someone could have crawled down the cliff to him if rescue workers couldn't reach him. He's convinced it was an angel. He showed me the spot, and I'd have to agree.

Dollar Bills

Sacramento, California

I know you may not remember me, but I attended your first class in Sacramento with Alijandra. I have read " Aura Advantage and have listened to your meditation CD; all of these materials have been very useful and fascinating. About a month ago, over $1,000 mysteriously appeared in one of my desk drawers. It appeared in an obvious place, so I don't think I could have possibly "over looked" it. This was a truly remarkable reality shift. In smaller ways, other shifts in reality are constantly happening around me. Books which I have found interesting regarding the "mysterious" appearance of things are the three "Oversoul Seven" books of Jane Roberts.
Sincere Thanks for being You.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm a registered nurse who is married, with three children, and I've had many instances of food appearing in the refrigerator when we needed it. It happened once, before I was re-married, when I was in-between jobs and had little money. I acknowledged that I was totally reliant on God to supply my needs. In my pretty empty refrigerator one day, I found a container of yogurt, which I definitely would have noticed if it had been there earlier. Another time, in Tonga (a Pacific island), we'd been living on beans and bread for weeks... and then one day I found a pack of meat in the fridge.

The other night, my husband called from the store and said he thought we needed milk, since the milk carton was only a quarter full after giving my daughter cereal. I thought, "Then make it full." My husband decided to go ahead and get milk. We had a good, joyful laugh when he got home to discover the carton in the refrigerator was now full! I know some of this, if not all, sounds made up. Having read of instances where it's happened to others, I think it makes it easier for me to believe it's possible for God to do these things. I applaud you dedication to sharing and helping people change their reality.

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