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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Paint Bottles


This is my own little reality shift or oddity that I can't explain to myself. I bought two small containers of paint for some dollhouse furniture and a dollhouse that my daughter won in an auction and we are selling on ebay. I mention this because I don't paint and don't buy paints, so I don't have other containers of paint around. The containers are two ounce plastic craft paints that I bought at Walmart in the craft department.

So, a couple of days ago, on Friday or Sat., I painted the outside of the dollhouse and used the white and brown paints I bought. It was touch up for trim and window shutters. Then the next night, I went to paint some of the unpainted dollhouse furniture and the brown paint container had not been opened. It still had the plastic seal around it and I could not open it without removing it.

Inside the top of the container was clean like it was brand new, too. No spots of paint anywhere. No paint on the applicator/spout. None inside on the flip up cap. It was one of those things where you doubt yourself and think, I did paint with this didn't I? Also, the container was full. I looked at the brown I had painted on the dollhouse, bewildered. There are no other containers of paint around. This paint cannot be opened without removing the plastic. It is the type of plastic like is around some vitamin bottles. Sometimes they can be opened by twisting real hard and not removing the plastic film, but not this paint. It is another thing I checked. I thought long and hard as I painted, what a skeptic would ask. I cannot think of anything to explain this.

A Reader in California

A few years ago, while doing camera work at a public meeting, I managed to trip over a piece of equipment which another technician was moving. I felt myself falling in slow motion, then landing "softly" on the floor.

When I got up, a few people who had not yet left the meeting were staring at me strangely. I said, "Hey, didnt you already know what a klutz I am?" and laughed. One man said, "I cant believe it -- you seemed to be falling in slow motion." A lady said, "Ive never seen anything quite like that." I said, "I guess things like that do happen sometimes..." and they nodded with bemusement.

I think all of these incidents are relevant, if only to illustrate how just about anything and everything is possible when it comes to reality shifting.

Conscious Healing Book1

Sol Luckman

As a younger man, I was a "golden boy." My senior year of high school I quarterbacked, headlined the school play, sang solos with the choir, and was valedictorian. I won a major academic scholarship and finished near the top of my college class.

At twenty-seven life came crashing down. One day I was playing basketball three hours on end, able to eat and drink whatever I pleased; the next I was gripped by a mysterious illness that took away the foods, drinks and sports I loved, even--in the way chronic illness has of stripping you clean--many people I loved.

My first stop on a journey into the Wonderland of complementary therapies was at my mouth. A holistic doctor suggested I'd been poisoned by metals leaching from my dental work, so I spent a fortune getting my crowns and fillings replaced with supposedly benign materials. This provided me with almost total symptom relief--for several months.

When my problems with Candida and chronic fatigue returned, they were joined by a bewildering array of seemingly unrelated symptoms that defied medical diagnosis. After discovering that my dentist had replaced my metal dental work with other metals, I underwent the nightmarish experience of having it all redone! This time there was no "spontaneous remission."

Three hours of qigong a day over the course of the next year got me back on my feet, but I was still far from healthy. My problems with Candida continued to fester, my diet remained limited, my gums were receding. Two years later I was teaching high school when a round of abscesses hit me and I was forced to take antibiotics that wrecked my fragile immunity. Overnight I was practically bedridden. I slept fifteen hours a day and had to quit my job.

At this juncture I discovered the remarkable world of energy clearing, specifically Dr. Devi Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET employs muscle testing to determine allergies--a term encompassing various sensitivities that derange the immune system and contribute to many "incurable" ailments. The goal is to treat chronic conditions by removing allergic "blockages" that keep bioenergy from flowing properly.

After a year spent making my living with a therapy derived from NAET, I realized that a shortcoming of this type of energy clearing is a typically "Western" focus on the physical--even though these employ pure energy! I became interested in addressing the body's electromagnetic blueprint: the governing auric fields, which might be thought of as an interlocking set of high-frequency "force fields," each responsible for the proper functioning of a particular gland, organ, etc. The critical concept here is that disruption of the bioenergy fields creates disturbances in the body's blueprint that underwrite all disease processes.

I came to believe that the nervous system, used in NAET, is inadequate for carrying the vast number of signals required to "reset" a damaged blueprint. After nearly seventy energy clearings, I still suffered from many debilitating symptoms. But encouraged by my ideas about auric fields, I committed to developing the technique I was already calling Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning.

My partner and I moved to South America where we could perform research. With her help I healed myself first, which took several months, then began working with others. Our approach was to use sound and intention to activate the latent intelligence of DNA. This allowed us to work noninvasively across the body-mind-spirit continuum of the electromagnetic fields to stimulate the body's self-healing potential. This method has been experimentally proven by the Gariaev group in Russia whose research reveals DNA can be activated by radio and light waves (sound and intention) keyed to human language frequencies.

Potentiation employs particular combinations of sounds embodying positive healing intentions that are remotely transmitted to the recipient's DNA, initiating a domino effect of electromagnetic repatterning designed to reset the bioenergy fields. This is done without altering the individual's basic DNA by simply activating a genetic potential that already exists.

In my own case, Potentiation was a metamorphosis. The journey was challenging as my body-mind-spirit healed at an "ener-genetic" depth I hadn't imagined possible. But there can be no doubt as to the profundity of my transformation. At thirty-eight I can swim two miles at full speed, my problems with Candida and leaky gut have disappeared, I can eat and drink whatever I please, and--though no longer exactly a golden boy with my hair starting to silver--I'm like a fine wine, getting better with age.

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