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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 74

North Texas

I recently went to pick up my raw milk and cream, when something unusual happened. I was in line, and girl at the table looked at me and went to the back of the truck and came back and said, "We are out of eggs." I replied, " I didn't ask for eggs, just my milk and cream." She looked puzzled, as three people behind me said, "You asked for eggs." I took that as a sign I needed eggs in my diet.

It was certainly a "head scratcher" most of that day. I rarely eat meat; only dab of chicken or seafood every so often, so I was probably needing some protein. As I told my husband Jay, I would have bet money I didn't say "eggs," but since there were witnesses saying otherwise, I conceded to the event as described.

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Cynthia Sue Larson
Excerpted from Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World

I've experienced another kind of reality shift in which a person I'm talking to either hears me say something I definitely know I did not say, or I hear them say something they know they did not say.

I was walking to see a movie with my husband one day in 1997 when he remarked "there's a bathroom here in this diner... you can use the bathroom here". I assured him that I didn't think I even needed to use the bathroom, and he told me that I'd told him that I did just a few minutes before. I certainly didn't recall saying anything of the sort, and furthermore, I really didn't feel like I needed to use the bathroom! After a little more grumbling, I decided to be a good sport and go to the bathroom, where I discovered with great surprise that I actually did need to use the bathroom after all because my period was starting! I wondered why my husband had been so certain I had told him I needed to use the bathroom when I not only had no memory of any such conversation, but didn't even think that I needed to use the bathroom. I was deeply impressed by this incident, because I know how observant and reliable my husband is... so if he tells me I said something, then I believe that he heard me say it. I also know for sure that I did not say anything about needing to use the bathroom.

A similar incident occurred with me and my older daughter at Disneyland in February 1998 when I pointed out a bathroom to her, because just a few minutes earlier she had looked me in the eyes and told me she needed to use the bathroom. She stopped in her tracks, astonished, and asked me, "How do you know I need to use the bathroom?!" I told her she'd just told me she did, and she replied she definitely did not! I told her how dramatically she'd spoken to me, pulling me aside by the paddleboat steamship to tell me in confidence that at the next possible opportunity, she wanted to use the bathroom. This was a highly memorable conversation to me, yet when I reminded her of how we'd just been standing over by the paddleboat talking, she had no memory of that at all! I believed her when she told me, "We never talked about that!", and I gained a whole new insight into what had happened to me at the diner bathroom with my husband.

My husband had definitely heard me say I needed to use the bathroom... even though I know I did not say anything of the sort to him. I now found myself on the other side of the experience of the unspoken words with my older daughter, which allowed me to more fully see the experience from both sides.

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