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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 75

Mother of Two
La Mirada, California

One of the strangest shifts I've encountered happened a couple of years ago, although the effect manifested as having happened seven or eight years ago. I was in some social service groups whose members included a woman I will call "Raina." She had no children, but wanted to have children, and had pretty much tried every possible option without success. Her distress at being around those of us who did have children was such that she left the groups we were in.

Just a few months ago, her name came up at a coffee clatch, and a few people commented on her immense desire and efforts to become a mother and her struggle with childlessness. Last month, I ran across her web site and the occupations she listed included being a mother, so I assumed that she had finally either had a child or adopted one.

On a Saturday soon after, I was at a large event and ran into "Raina." I commented that I'd noticed she'd mentioned being a mother on her web site, and she said, yes, both her eleven year old and three year old were fine. I kind of goggled, and because she is someone you can talk about odd things with did say that I had been strongly under the impression that she had not had children, but wanted them. "Nope," she said, explaining that she had the two when she wanted them with no problems whatsoever, and added, "You must be thinking of someone else."

I later saw another friend, "Marta" from the group, and she also still remembered "Raina" as childless and desperate. She was as dumbfounded as I was to discover that she is now a mother of two children and has apparently been a mother the entire time we've known her. "Marta" says she even thought she had a record in her journal of a healing prayer request on behalf of "Raina" for conception and childbearing. I wonder if she will be able to find that entry. Several other people have since confirmed having memories of "Raina" as childless.

Previously Opened Cheese Package Resealed
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

One of the most obvious shifts I experienced had to do with a package of cheese. One day when I looked in the fridge, I saw that the brand new package of cheese that I had just bought had been opened. I was so upset to see the package opened, and asked my roommate if she had done it, and she answered "no." I was getting frustrated, because I thought she must have been lying. I went to bed that night angry, as this was our first week living together and already we were fighting. The next morning, when I woke up, I went into the fridge and the cheese was sealed and unopened.

I know for a fact that the cheese was opened the previous night. It had been opened and just sitting there, so I had wrapped it in a plastic bag to keep it from going hard. When I unwrapped the plastic bag, there it was, completely unopened. It definitely creeped me out. I have experienced other shifts, such as with money, that have made it possible for me to attend a private high school in London Ontario.

I'm positive that the cheese sealed itself back up. I was awake before Helen that morning, and there are no grocery stores nearby that she could have snuck in and out of. Also, the cheese was wrapped up in a grocery bag and placed on a very specific place on the shelf. And all the time that I asked her if it was open, she had maintained her innocence. It was like it never happened, but I knew that it had, which is why I had wrapped it up in the first place.

St. Germain before
St. Germaine before

St. Germain Substitutes His Picture
San Jose, California

I recently was working on my new book, "Cosmic Chakras," getting it ready for publication. I was going over my previously written introduction. At the end of the section, I had placed a photo of St. Germain, as he featured prominently in it.

I had two different versions in my documents of a real photograph taken sometime in the 1800s . I do not know why both exist, but both are out there and about equally featured. The one with the lighter hair was the one I had on my Word document of the book. It was a Saturday evening, and I sat pondering the photo. I did consider changing it, but did not.

St. Germain after
St. Germain after

The next day, as I opened up the file, I had quite a surprise. The original photo in the book had changed to the other version! Sometime in the night, he went into my files to retrieve the newer version. I assumed he deleted the other.

Apparently, St. Germain prefers this photo to the one previously there. I have to say that I think it is a better photograph, and looks more like him.

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