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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 76

Helping People Learn About Shifts
Hamilton, Ontario

I had a customer phone my help line, and tell me that he was having a heated debate with his spouse about this 'strange new payment' he was making for an internet account she had 'never heard of'. I was able to verify for him that yes, it was *HER* Visa card used for payment last year, but I also took the time and trouble to explain to him about Reality Shifting and how her memories could be *changed*, and that this could even include her originally checking her Visa statements and 'not finding' the payment from last year. When I mentioned such items as car keys disappearing and then reappearing, he completed the analogy for me, saying "And they reappear in the same place ten minutes later."

This is, strictly speaking, a complete stranger to me. Someone who is just a number in my database, but by the time I finished that phone call, he was thanking me for reassuring him that he was not going insane with this stuff.

I cherish every one of you that spends their days mainfesting postively with LIGHT to reach out to the 'normal' people around you. Watch for 'signs' of shifting influencing their lives, either trivially or in important ways. Help them understand what is happening. Teach them to trust from a deeper place when the superifical basis of trust seems lost.
Love to all!

Remote Control Appears
by Patricia
New York, New York

I was having a problem with the mute function of my TV. When I called the cable company, they thought it was something with the remote control button and asked me if I had the original remote control that came with the TV, not just the one the cable company gives. I knew I hadn't since right after I got this TV, I had a service call from the cable company and the cable guy had given me a fancy remote control and took the one I had gotten from the TV. I remember this because I sort of made this whimpering noise when he took it, unsure that he should take it.

So back to my problem... I told the customer service rep that I didn't have the original. The next day, I went out for about two hours and came back into my bedroom where my tv is, and there, sitting on my dresser, right next to the cable remote was the original remote. Two remotes, side by side. I had not looked for it because I thought it was long gone.

For a minute I was puzzled and then just chuckled, looked skyward and said thanks!

Money Changes with Changing Situation
by Patricia
New York, New York

Last Sunday, I was having a bunch of plants and flowers delivered for my garden. I live in New York City and the florist was around the block. What I bought would take one trip by two men. I decided I would tip them $10 -- five dollars for each which I thought was appropriate. To get ready, I put a $10 bill on the hallway table with nothing else on it but my purse. When the doorbell rang, it wasn't two men, but the owner of the shop's college-age daughter who told me (in a friendly way) that she would have to make two trips. As she returned for the shop the first time, I started thinking well, since it's the owner's daughter, maybe I should tip her more -- maybe I should give her $20.

I went to the table to exchange the $10 bill for a $20 bill and there was no money there. I didn't really give it much of a thought except thinking in passing -- Oh I guess I didn't take the ten dollar bill out of my wallet after all. (Although, of course, I knew I had!) I got distracted with something and then started thinking that ten dollars really was enough money to tip her and when I went to the table to get the ten dollar bill out of my purse, there was the orignial ten dollar bill laying there.

I know if this hadn't happened, I would have tipped $20 since it would have been out and ready -- so this is how the universe saved me ten bucks!

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