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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 77

Manifesting Money
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I've finally gotten the hang of manifesting money! My paycheck was about $100 higher than it should have been, and when I checked with my manager, she said I deserved it and to enjoy it. For a student, a bonus $100 is huge! When I received my utilities bill, I was shocked to see that it was already paid for me, and that I had credit with Kingston utilities! I called them, and they told me that they had been accidentally overcharging me for the past few months, and that I had $146 worth of credit with them. Now that they're no longer overcharging me, and that I'm living with roomates, that much money should last me until at least November. On top of that, I went from being barely able to cover my textbooks with tons of surplus in my account!

I don't know what's changed, but money is just rolling in now! I even won a $10 gift certificate from the restaurant I work at for doing a good job tonight, so I can take my boyfriend out for dessert some evening. However, on the not so good side, I have had a hard time drawing a line between my dreams and reality, I've been in a daze lately, and my headaches have increased. Perhaps it's stress, perhaps it's lack of sleep, or maybe something else is wrong.

Now that I've gotten the hang of manifesting money, it's my goal to get a good grip of time so I can start making more time for my family and partner, both of whom I've been squeezing in whenever I can, but it always feels rushed. I don't know what the switch has been in my energy, but it's kind of cool! I can hardly wait to solve the migraines so that I can live my ideal reality! In the past month, I have manifested even more money, enough that I can take two weeks off of work to do my play and still be able to pay all my bills and cover groceries and such, which I wouldn't have been able to do one month ago. Thanks for everything, this is really cool with the instant manifestations. I've been doing it a lot lately and it's REALLY REALLY fun!

Pre-Existing Computer Record
Asuncion, Paraguay

One of my duties in my job is to evaluate students from other schools who want to join our program. Recently when a student showed up one day, I made the evaluation, then I entered the program in order to register my evaluation. I was very surprised to see that his information was already in the system and evaluated exactly the way I "just" had, except the date on this computer file was two days earlier. I asked him if he had come in before, and he said no. I checked the evaluator responsible for that evaluation, and was completely astonished to see that it was me! Neither of us remembered having met before, or having had the evaluation two days earlier, yet all the information was entered as I would have entered it into the system. Also, I have been seeing weird dates on my computer, from several years into the future, such as an offer I recently received to download a search engine for free, which was made in 2016 (or so it says). Are my computer and I experiencing some kind of time warp?

My Husband Appeared
Abadiania, GO, Brasil

The subject of seeing dead people is one I definitely relate to in several ways.

I think it is possible that ghosts are the personality aspects that a soul sheds when they move on from a life, doing the same things that people did when they were alive, such as moving through daily habitual routines going to work, and walking along usual routes. I saw my husband three months after he had died. I opened the front door of the house on my way to meet a friend for dinner. My husband was standing in the driveway, leaning against his car and looking down with an expression I knew well as one of patiently waiting for me to finish what I was doing in the house and come get in the car with him! By the time my reaction had progressed to an audible gasp, he disappeared.

For several months I lived in a community of mediums whose primary work was to clear disincarnates. Every day as I walked in the main road I encountered several of these "ghosts" but they always seemed distracted, not aware of my presence. Most of my other seeing-dead-people experiences involve discarnates that are hanging around houses or other places that need clearing. These dead-people apparitions appear yucky, decaying bodies, faces and voices crying in anguish, sometime in anger.

I've been taught to help disincarnates "go to the Light." I usually call on my main spiritual helpers and protection before engaging in dialogue.

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