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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 78

Changing the Past
Cooperstown, New York

Several years ago I was walking through the woods and I fell. As I tumbled downhill, I heard awful sounds coming from my knee and ankle. I remember thinking that my knee was shattering. When I stopped rolling, I immediately put my hands up towards my leg to start a healing process, saying over and over in my mind frantically, "back in time, back in time."

It was getting dark, so after five minutes or so, I pulled myself up to the main path so I could be found. If I had stayed where I was maybe my ankle would have healed completely right away. When I got to the top, I started the healing again. Perhaps at that point it was for my sanity. I had just finished my second chemo treatment, and I was determined to stay focused on not taking on anything else. Since then, a guide of mine has helped me see the big picture, and I've learned that it's very interesting what we can and will do to get a merit badge, or should I say Spirit Badge! ~@:)

The paramedics told me that it was probably just a sprain. I know they didn't think that I was in pain, because I was calm and quiet, but on the inside I was screaming with pain... yet focused on reversing what had happened.

In the Emergency Room, I was told that I would probably have to have surgery on my ankle, because of the type of break it appeared to be. A few days later when I went to see the orthopedic doctor, he was looking at the x-rays and turned and looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. He said, "your ankle is broken in three places. It looks as though I had already set it ... they are aligned perfectly." I've often wondered if I had reversed a knee injury and had started on my ankle.

Johnnyboy Alive Again RS story
Bobbie Wayne Fitzgerald
Philadelphia, PA

Hello Cynthia, I was led to the BTO audio launch center on August 21st while surfing the net looking for "stuff" that catches my attention. I launched the 24 hour audio streaming and heard you for the first time. You were speaking about reality shifts and how people that heard or read reports of someones death only to shift to another reality where they were not dead. You got my attention, to say the least. Please allow me to relate to you an experience I had from July 1969 through May 1970.

I was arrested for possession and conspiracy to import marijuana on July 29th, 1969 and I spent the next 10 months in a federal detention center in Philadelphia, Pa. Early in my stay I met a young man named John Cavalieri. John was a heroin addict and when he came in he was very thin. We became friends even though I had never even tried heroin. We talked for hours at a time and he explained to me how he was putting his mother through a lot of pain. I tried my best to help him get over his dependency and bring more joy into his life and his mother's. Over the next couple of weeks Johnnyboy, this was his nickname, gained weight and grew stronger. He was released after a few weeks and I supposed that I would not see him again. WRONG! It was a few weeks later and John was back. Again, he had lost weight, and had to spend the first few days being sick, going through heroin withdrawal. Again we talked, and I tried to help him with his problems as best I could. In a few weeks, he was released again.

During my ten months at the detention center, John left and came back two more times. It was a total of 4 times that I was able to witness him come and go. After the 4th time a couple of weeks passed and another inmate came to me with a copy of the Philadelphia Daily News paper and he showed me an article. I am paraphrasing, as this was 37 years ago, John "Johnnyboy" Cavalieri, was pronounced dead on arrival at St Lukes hospital in South Philadelphia. It listed his age. He was found at the bottom of his aunts basement steps having overdosed on heroin. The paper gave the date for the funeral service.

NOW! A few weeks later I was released. I was in South Philadelphia on Broad Street helping a friend move from an apartment. After bringing a box down the stairs and out to the truck I heard a voice call out, "Yo Bob". I looked towards where it was coming from and there, at the traffic light, driving a car, was John"Johnnyboy" Cavalieri. Being an epileptic, I almost went into a swoon. I ran tothe car with my mouth open and heart racing. I could not believe my eyes. I toldhim I read the article, I saw his name, John "Johnnyboy"Cavelieri listed. He assured me that it was not him and a few seconds later we said goodbye and he drove off.

What were the odds that there could be two John Cavalieri's nicknamed "Johnnyboy" of the same age from South Philadelphia, both being heroin addicts and one diesand one lives? I think they are high and your theory on "Shifting Realities"seems more plausible to me than reaching those odds. Sometime between the last time I saws him in the detention center and the time I saw him on Broad Street I experienced a "Reality Shift".

Thank you for clarifying this for me.

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