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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 79

Cordless Bungee Jumping
San Carlos, California

I really like the 'Your Stories' section and I wanted to share a story! I was sitting at home one day, thinking to myself about reality shifting, and thinking how cool it would be if I had a bunch of friends who could bend reality. I thought we could have a cordless bungee jumping group where we simulated the bounce of a bungee cord but were just making ourselves bounce up and down in the air without a cord. I know that sounds crazy but I was just daydreaming about how funny that would be. The thing is, I thought of us having a really crazy slogan. I figured we'd try to teach more people how to do it by saying, "cordless bungee jumping, why not, they do it with cell phones!"

So I didn't think anything of it. Then about a week later I went to Santa Cruz with my friends. We were walking down the street, when all of a sudden a guy yelled out, "Who wants to go cordless bungee jumping?!" Then he turned right towards me, got even louder and said, " Why not, they do it with cell phones!"

I know this is weird. I wanted to stop and talk to the guy but I was just too shocked and I didn't know what to do. Plus I figured that even if I didn't stop and talk to the guy, somehow my life was going to keep getting cooler anyway.

So now I feel that mind/consciousness really is the substance of everything and that that I'll be able to start controlling the nightmares in the world around me for more positive results just like I'm working to control the nightmares in my dreams at night!

Thanks for the coolest website in the universe!

Disappearing / Reappearing Pendulum
Sacramento, California

A few days ago, I lost the pendulum I always carry with me and it upset me much more than I expected. I have lost pendulums before; I make my own and have spares; but I continued to search with no success. Yesterday I was doing some things at my desk and listening to your CD when my wife called me to dinner. After eating, I washed the dishes, did my teeth and returned to my desk, and there was my pendulum! It was beside another pendulum used to check my disks and it is absolutely impossible that it was there when I left to eat. Each pendulum has a piece of withe sea shell the size of a quarter and are very visible. I was shocked, overwhelmed with disbelief and wonderment, yet there it was. This must be a reality shift, but so what and now what? My dreams keep telling me there is a new life in store for me at a much higher level than where I am now. Is this part of it? I have decided to play your CD every day and I keep your card smiling at me on my desk.

Stolen Briefcase & Money Appears

One year ago, my husband and I took a business trip across the country. On the return trip we had an item, a leather briefcase, that was stolen out of our checked baggage. I really liked this briefcase and have never seen another like it. After this happened, I contacted the airlines and reported the theft, but nothing ever came of it.

A few days ago I was relaxing, and my thoughts kept going to my stolen briefcase, which I was still lamenting over. Today as I was making preparations for a trip, I went down to the basement to get a suitcase. When I opened up the suitcase I almost keeled over. Inside of it was my briefcase that had been stolen out of my baggage a year ago! The briefcase was a bit scuffed up and worn on the edges, as if it had seen much use since I saw it last.

Even though I have had so many reality shift experiences in the past I am still totally amazed when it happens. My favorite experiences are the ones where I have manifested money out of nowhere. One time I was meditating and when I was done I arose off the floor and there were two brand new five dollar bills laying where I had been sitting. I'd like to have that happen more often!

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