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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 81

Smiley Face Inexplicably Changed

I have had a few very unusual experences which I suppose could be explained by reality shifting. Once I had a presentation to give in a graduate school class which was important to me, and I wanted to attend well to every detail. I got to class about 40 minutes before anyone else so I could set the room up the way I wanted and write some information on the chalk board.  The last thing I drew on the board was a big smiling face. An odd, uncomfortable feeling passed through me as I made the left chalk circle eye. I paused to reflect on the unusual feeling and act. As I looked at that little chalk eye I realized I wasn't content with it, so I erased it and drew it again. The very strange and strong feeling I had while drawing the left eye was so out of the blue. That feeling caused me to stop, look close at the left eye, erase it, and redraw it. I'd never had a feeling like it before or since. Up until then everything had been very ordinary; my mind was on preparing for my presentation. The smiling face was not planned or part of the presentation, just a last moment addition. Then, with great effort, I shoved a large and heavy desk over to the side and up against the chalk board, right in front of the smiling face. Content that I had every detail in order to give my presentation I decided to get my self something to drink. This was a night class in a basement and the building was near empty. There were no carpets on the floor, so sounds of someone walking down the halls were hard to miss. The drink machine was about 20 feet down the hall, still within earshot of anyone entering or leaving the presentation room. I got the exact change I needed and left my purse, because I knew I'd only be gone from the room for a few seconds. I never heard or saw anyone come or go during the time I left the room. I walked back in the empty room, and instantly my attention went to the big smiling face on the chalk board. The left eye had about 5 big lines drawn through it. I still get chills when I think of it. What? How? Why?! How could someone go unheard and unseen and slip in very quickly to go over and painstakingly moves a heavy desk out and back just to put a few lines through a chalk eye? It makes NO sense. A shift in time perhaps? I was paying close attention to details.

Web Site Synchronicity
New South Wales, Australia

I have a very small story of synchroninity which happended just when I thought about contacting you this month. I was scrolling through archive books and shows on a website ( which features spiritual and science subjects and I was attracted to a featured book about William Tiller and I thought I might like to visit the website - Next I clicked on to your site and looked up the latest news - your January 2007 newsletter - and the Reality Shifters award for website content and design was for William Tiller website.

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