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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 83

Creating Reality Shifts With Driving
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta traffic seems to be second only to LA and New York for congestion and speeding, so being able to create any sort of shift in that atmosphere is always welcome! One technique I've used for getting through traffic easily is before I set out driving, I bring to mind the route I will be taking as if looking at it on a map ... then I see that route conceptualized as a tunnel of light that I'll be traveling through to my intended destination. I completely release that image and drive as I normally would. In most instances when using this technique, I find streets have much less traffic even during rush hour, with every driver being very courteous as I arrive at my destination in record time without rushing. This technique works via the same principle as the "Parking Spot Fairy," and is especially beneficial to someone contemplating a road trip to assist creating a safe, uneventful trip to and from their destination. If anyone should sense hesitation when viewing that "tunnel of light" they might wish to consider a slightly different route or departure time then sense how that feels.

Note from Cynthia: This story reminds me of the many variations on the "Parking Spot Fairy" technique, including visualizing white light, working with archangels, visualizing the parking spot already there, and so forth... and this story is a wonderful example of how each of us can try new methods for ensuring safety and speed while driving. I love to work with Qi while driving, sending positive energy to all the traffic in the lanes ahead of me.

Burned Fingers Healed
San Anselmo, California

Alec was here to help me with the computer as he does weekly. I make dinner for us, and this time for dessert I had made two baked apples in a pyrex measuring cup that had been in the oven for about an hour at 350 degrees, ie it was very hot. Alec used the pot holder to take it out of the oven and put it on the sink. The handle on the cup was such a tactile invitation that without thinking I then grabbed the handle and picked it up with my right hand. Of course, I dropped it immediately! I was right next to the water faucet so I turned the water on cold and kept my fingers there--all five had been burned. They were starting to turn red. I asked Alec to help me heal and he agreed. I suggested that he ask whatever it is that he believes in to send healing energy down through his head, through his heart and through his hands with the intention of healing my fingers, just as you have told me. I had put my hand in cold water and we both focused on healing my fingers. We did that for a few minutes, I don't know how long. I kept my hand in cold water as we ate the baked apples (with my left hand!). Alec asked me if I saw any blisters forming on the right hand. The fingers got a little redder but then within 30-40 minutes, there was absolutely no indication that they had ever been burned, nor has there since been any sign of being burned since then. Every time I look at my fingers I see life another way.

Note from Cynthia: I am delighted to hear how quickly this situation changed from what initially seemed to be a typical touch-something-burning-hot-and-suffer-burns scenario into a much more interesting and inspirational story of recognizing an opportunity to heal... and making the most of the moment. Bravo!

An ESP Experience With Smell and Taste
author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays and Cosmic Chakras

I was recently at a local vegetarian restaurant in my town where I frequently go. At the meal I was served water. It had the delightful taste of rose, as well as the smell of roses. I was thrilled as I enjoy having rose water placed in drinks such as the East Indian sweet lassi. I was happy that they had added this special elixir to my plain old water! As I left, I thanked the staff for adding it. One of them looked at me with a comically blank look of "what are you talking about?". The lady who served the water stated that all that was added was lemon. No rose water--no rose anything!. I then realized that I had had an experience with two at once of what the field of parapsychology calls the "clairs" . We may be more familiar with the usual clairs: clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (empathic feeling) and claircognizance (psychic knowing). But did you know that there are two others a little more rare but becoming more familiar to us? They are clairgustance and clairsentist or clairalience. Clairgustance has to do with receiving a message from the spiritual realm through the sense of taste. You may be able to taste something that you have not eaten or even been near. Clairscentist or clairalience allows a person to smell a fragrance or odor from another realm. It is akin to the gift of clear taste or clairgustance. Usually it is one gift or another to experience at once. In my case, I got to have both occur together. An unexpected delight and a reminder that there are so many experiences beyond our normal daily events that we may tap into to enrich our lives!

Note from Cynthia: This ESP story is wonderful! I especially love the way it describes how such a seemingly small sensory experience can have such tremendous significance and meaning. On page 151 of my book Aura Advantage there is a chart of the "clairs" for all five senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolorance, and clairgoutance, with a few pages explaining what they are and how they are all part of developing intuition, ESP, and higher sense perception.

My Jedi Knight Moment
Milli Thornton
Ridgeland, Mississippi

I enjoy your newsletter. From the February issue, I printed out your story of the transmission repair job (and how you increased your income to afford it) and I re-read it often. Here's my story about changing my thinking to allow something better. I went to the Post Office to apply for a PO Box. As I walked toward the building, I started feeling the familiar dread about "three forms of ID" and all the bogging down that goes with it. I caught myself and subtly changed to something more like I'll have a good experience ... but barely put it into words; just a feeling. Standing in line, I spotted the bearded guy behind the counter (previous experiences with him had been gloomy) and hoped for the lady at the other end. But I got the bearded guy. I DIDN'T have the right ID -- I had my passport, my driver's license and my social security card -- but he wanted only one of those forms of ID plus proof of car insurance and a utility bill with our home address on it. I had neither with me. I remained relaxed and said I'd come back the next day. But then he asked for the name of our insurance company and then wrote it on the post office form. Instinctively, I pulled my checkbook out and showed him our home address. He said, "I will let this pass through" -- almost like the scene from Star Wars where Obi-Wan Kenobi does a hand signal to make the stormtroopers pass him by. Then he gave me a box with a number I really like: 2814. Twenty-eight is the day of my birthday, and 14 is Valentine's Day (the day a big healing prayer got answered for me).

Note from Cynthia: I just love those Jedi Knight moments! It feels great to see what a difference it can make where we direct our thoughts and feelings in the outcome of various challenging situations.

Affirmations Worked for Me
Newark, New Jersey

Last year there was an interesting discussion of affirmations in this group and someone posted the information about Scott Adams the famous cartoonist who had incredible results using them.

I was laid off from my job last year at the beginning of July. I decided it was now a good time to do some affirmations. I wrote 15 times a day, usually in the morning. A phrase something like this. "I am happy to recieve a check for $7000". The reason I specified a check was because years ago I did various techniques to try to get $10,000. I got a job that same summer which was very challenging. After the job was over (dot com went bust) I realised that maybe that was the response to my request for 10k so I added up my pay for the lenght of the job and rounded off it was $10,000! I did not want to work that hard again this time!

So anyhow, I think it was a few weeks after I began this affirmation. I answered an ad on craigslist. A lady wanted to go back to school to learn CSI type stuff. She was willing to pay someone with good credit to cosign her student loan. I still had good credit despite being laid off and after a lot of agonizing I decided to cosign. To cut to the chase, in September, I ended up getting $6,000 in cash and she got her loan! I figured that was close enough to my $7,000 affirmation! Took three months total.

I thought this was quite amazing, although I was doing other techiques to get money such as visualization, I think the affirmation did it. Well anyway, for a couple of months I did no affirmations because I was not sure what I wanted to affirm for. But my savings were steadily getting lower despite several business attempts, so I decided to go with affirmations again. My exact phrase which I gave a lot of thought to was. "I am happy to recieve 7,000 dollars with the greatest good for all" Since it was a little longer this time. I only wrote it out ten times a day. I have been doing this for about two months. Guess what! The same lady emailed me last Friday. She wants another loan for her final year and wants me to cosign again! Same deal as last time. I bet I could get $7,000 instead of 6K. I am not sure if I will do it. The very same day she emailed me I was told of a job opening. I went for the interview Monday and got hired today. As I said, I use other techniques beside affirmations. But I think they did work! By the way, at one time I started to request $100,000 but I did not feel comfortable with that amount, It seemed too high. Scott Adams said go with something you think is possible, even if unlikely.

Note from Cynthia: What an awesome manifestation story! I love the way the exact phrasing makes such a difference. This is something valuable to keep in mind, indeed.

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