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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 84

My Jedi Knight Moment
Milli Thornton
Ridgeland, Mississippi

Wanted to tell you of a fun and synchronistic follow-up to having my anecdote published in Reality Shifters News. You had chosen the title "My Jedi Knight Moment" for it. At the time I thought that simply matched what I'd heard the bearded post office man say - "I will let this pass through" - which, as you know, reminded me of the hand motion that Obi-Wan Kenobi makes in the movie to get the stormtroopers to pass him through. But, yesterday, as I was yet again standing in line at the PO, I looked over at the bearded man and noticed a poster right above his station. Your local post office may be featuring the very same poster, as the USPS is currently using a Star Wars theme to advertise certain services and even offering a range of Star Wars postage stamps. Among the designs, they're using a Jedi Knight (I think it may even be the young Obi-Wan) for their Express Mail services. There he was, almost as large as life, in Jedi Knight battle stance, light saber in hand, on a poster immediately above the bearded man's regular station. Thought you might enjoy hearing about it.

Note from Cynthia: This is such a great follow-up to your Jedi Knight Moments story! It seems rather remarkable to me that no sooner did we publish your story in the April issue of RealityShifters News than post offices all across the United States began sporting Jedi Knight posters and pictures! Mere coincidence? I think not! :-)

Manifesting the Man of My Dreams
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Awesome newsletter, Cynthia, and once again, very timely to what is going on in my own life. As for living the story I most love, I spent a long time focusing on one aspect of my life, and that was financial freedom. I am now truly financially free, and I don't have to work if I don't want to right now. I'm pretty happy to have all of those areas of my life settled and stress free. The one area of my life which was out of whack was the romantic area. When my marriage ended and I had a really bad romantic encounter, I was turned off of romance and couldn't see how it would ever happen in my life. I decided to do just what you said and wrote a story. I pictured the perfect man, just the way I wanted him. The first qualifications were that he have a good job, his own car, be able to take care of himself financially and be in roughly the same income bracket. Once these basics were described, I figured out what I wanted physically in a man... dark hair and blue eyes, and 'easy on the eyes' with strong, muscular defined arms and chest and a nice butt. I wanted someone who likes kids and can deal with them when they're always running and involved with so many things. I wanted someone who loves outdoor activities like camping and fishing and canoeing, and who doesn't mind picking up at a moment's notice to go for a barbecue and fishing by the lake. Entertaining is also important to me, and I wanted a singer or entertainer, so he could understand my involvement with a number of charitable events. I wanted someone loving, caring and kind who I could connect with in total honesty who could understand my children and I and who I could understand. Someone who wasn't a leaver and is like me and willing to go down the ship... who is compatible with me sexually and spiritually. I wrote a whole story including everything from emotions and feelings to interests and favorites. After I had written all that down, I started writing stories about us in different situations, from how we met to songs we sang on stage to each other, even down to me singing, "Crazy for You" while dancing nice and close. I saw him singing "Try" to me, and saw us hiking, camping and having fun with the kids... lying in bed on lazy Saturday mornings, swimming in the lake, driving with the windows down and the music loud. I saw us together in 20 years, and 30 years, and saw him standing beside me at my daughter's wedding and my son's graduation from basic training. I even saw him handing me our first grandchild, which is going to be a little girl.

Now what is the point of all this? I wrote it down, and it's happening. He's everything I wanted financially and physically. The first time I laid eyes on him, he was singing, "Try," and the first song I sang after that (and I don't get to pick the songs I sing) was "Crazy for You." He's an entertainer and the best friend of a really good friend of mine, is close to me in age, is a responsible oldest child of his family, close to me in age, and with a great chest! Most importantly, that connection and honesty is there... I'm able to be completely open with him and we're on the same wavelength. I understand everything he says. There's no double talk or misunderstanding... it's awesome! A lot of the other stuff hasn't unfolded yet, but I just KNOW it's going to unfold the way it's written. I can feel it, and interestingly, so can everyone else that's around me. Right from the first night, both of us have been getting questions from friends of ours about each other. :-) Now I just have to figure out which area of my life I'm going to choose to write and escalate next! Thanks, Cynthia. I'm so grateful for your newsletters, and for you!

Note from Cynthia:I'm so happy you shared such a wonderful story with us, Donna! The concept of "write it down, make it happen," is powerful, indeed, and this story is such an excellent example of how to write down an intention with so much love and so many visceral details that your entire being is involved in the process. We can all take a page out of your book when it comes to making time to keep a dream journal!

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