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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 85

The Ultimate Reality Shift
Raul daSilva
Hamden, Connecticut

While the mystical experience that I reported on this site some years ago entitled, "The Whimsical Nature of Space and Time" tossed me, in 1967, on a path of searching for answers it was by far not the first such experience in my life. Indeed, like many others who for various reasons step into the Twilight Zone from time to time my mystical life actually began at age four. The result of this has been a lifetime of searching for answers. This included pursuing spiritual teachers and others reputedly at a higher level of consciousness. This was put to me many years ago when I asked the mystic, Dr. Raynor Johnson, a physicist who wrote the first parallel between quantum physics and Eastern mysticism, (The Imprisoned Splendour) Do we need a guru (teacher) on our journey of seeking? His immediate response was, "Would you attempt to climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa Guide?" Thus my search eventually brought me to Mother Meera some 16 years ago and a plan to attend her darshan in Germany where she lives. To that end I began saving money and planning. In 1991 I had read her book, "ANSWERS" and requested a photograph of her to keep near my work area. In April of this year (2007) while her photo had served as a light and a source of peace for some reason I was compelled to glance into her eyes. This resulted in my turning to my computer to Google her name, something I had not done in more than a decade. The first thing that came up was an announcement of Mother Meera's coming to the United States for April through the end of May. Immediately, I reserved a seat at her Northeast Darshan as she moved across the country, seeing thousands from California to New York. The result of being in her presence was what I can term, an "induced reality shift" because while unexpected like all the others I have experienced it was not exactly spontaneous. Upon entering the room one hour before Mother Meera was to come in and as hundreds of people slowly filed into the large performing arts hall in Purchase College, New York where she was to hold darshan, I felt a strange peace very much like one from a very old memory when I was quite young at time when my own mother held me in her arms. Whispering, I quietly related the feeling to my companions who had come with me, sitting nearby. Another thing I realized later as I began to analyze my experience is that I stopped thinking quite easily even though I am not a meditator. There was no reason to think and no desire to do so. Within my being the only desire was to be. I wanted to simply exist; period! Time collapsed. When I finally rose to go and sit in the line to await darshan the thoughtless period continued. By the time my turn came and I kneeled with my head down before her and felt her light touch on my head break to turn toward her eyes and look into them I had been free of thought for close to three hours. Not at any time in my life had I ever been able to accomplish that, and it was without the slightest effort to do so. Upon gazing at Mother Meera's eyes I noticed they changed colors from the normal brown to blue to hazel then back to brown. In this moment I felt a powerful moment of great peace unlike anything in memory. The feeling did not fade when I left to return to my seat in the auditorium. On recollection the auditorium ceased to exist or to matter. Even Mother Meera's presence was momentarily forgotten. What came was a feeling of totality, of completeness. I considered this the ultimate reality shift. In fact the reality that I was plunged into defies description.

Note from Cynthia: This is a truly lovely story! I consider your experience to be an acknowledgement of both the powers of meditation and the way our energy fields can profoundly influence one another, so that a noted meditation master can imbue through her presence alone a sense of such deep peace and tranquility.

Angels Are My Life
Berkeley, California

Blessings Cynthia. I am wishing to share a little story of one of the many miracles that occurr in my daily life. I had been dating a man for nine months and very often feeling that I should get out of the relationship and that he was not good for me. Because there were definitely some good qualities about him and about our being together, I would find that I had mixed feeling about this. Sometimes I could see us staying together and sometimes could enjoy things for what they were. During one of the weeks when our relationship was much on my mind I found myslf praying a lot about it, and asking for God's intervention in the matter since I was having such a hard time deciding things for myself. During this time I also found that I had develped a bad habit of forgetting to take the parking brake off in my car - and so would be driving down the road with my brake still on. Needless to say this isn't very good for the car, and I was getting very angry with myself because I kept repeatedly forgetting to do this I porbably forgot to remove my brake ten times in two weeks. Anyway, I got this brilliant idea of putting sticker signs in my car reminding me to take my brake off. So one day I hurriedly wrote the signs "BREAK OFF" and put them in several strategic places. A few days later, my boyfriend was riding in my car, noticing the signs, and mentioned that I had spelled the word brake incorrectly... I had spelled it "break off" like something that you would do to a relationship ... like "break off a relationship." Two days later I had gained the strength and clarity to end my relationship with him... that was the last time he has ridden in my car, and the signs fell off on their own very naturally within a few days, and I no longer have the problem of forgetting to take off my parking brake before driving. Never again since. I have the angels to thank for this... they have succeeded in their mission.

Note from Cynthia: It is very good to remember that we are constantly receiving information that can help us straighten out our lives according to what we really most desire... and it is reassuring to see this example that when we need some help getting back on track, it is there.

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