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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 86

Astounding Results with Love
Stratford, Connecticut

I am learning that reality shifts do come when I am in a loving place. When I say loving, I don't mean that I am completely free from sadness sometimes... everyone has sadness at times... passing of a loved one or pet, watching a sad story on the news, loved ones moving away, or breaking up with a lover... but I have learned that the difference lies in not being hateful or allowing negativity to wash over me. I am not as boiling angry with hateful resentments like I used to be. I used to be very vengeful at times and I learned that you are so right... extreme anger and "I wish so-and-so would fall flat on their face after what they did to me" or "I wish what I am experiencing would happen to someone else" only attracted further anger, further frustration, more resentment, and more jealousy, and quite frankly, physical sickness into my life. Not to mention further experiences of outcomes seeming to go against me. Now, if someone or something makes me angry, I really try to stop....and take a deep breath... even if it hurts a little... and just say "I am filled with love... God is filling me with love right now." I don't think it means we should never feel angry about anything If a certain "positive" type of anger comes about, such as knowledge of child abuse, or cruelty to animals, or any kind of prejudice or injustice, or lack of care for those creatures who need it most, then it can motivate me to be helpful and to get involved and to make a positive difference. But the most important thing is to feel love! And to give it where I can! Now, when I see someone who seems to have what I want, instead of letting jealousy of that person wash over me, I stop and say "I love that person and I pray for their health, well-being, and love!"

And the results are astounding! I feel better all over, and that opens so many different doors of all kinds. Sometimes someone who may have hurt my feelings will suddenly apologize to me, and reconciliation always feels good all over. Or suddenly, I will find something I thought was lost... or an unexpected nice surprise will just pop up... or my three little nephews will come down and all of them will come running up for big hugs! I just seem to experience more abundance... .mental, spiritual, as well as material... when I am operating from a mindset of being loving. It's like, when I let myself brood or feel jealousy or resentment, I slam all the doors shut... mental, spiritual, and material... and when I am feeling loving or at least telling myself to be loving, the doors open back up again... even ones that I didn't know existed!

Note from Cynthia: I know exactly what you mean about how things just get sooo much better with love. Particularly with those "little things" like smiles, hugs, kind words, unexpected support, encouragement from strangers that together, add up to so much. Your story is an excellent reminder that we live our lives for love.

Small Maple Tree Appears
Stratford, Connecticut

In our garden, there was a spot where I SWEAR there was nothing....there was only pachysandra.. and I am not drinking or on drugs, and haven't become delusional or senile, but one day when I walked by that spot there was a small maple tree! I HONEST TO GOD SWEAR THAT TREE WAS NOT THERE, CYNTHIA! When I asked my mother if she noticed the tree, she said she hadn't noticed it before. And I asked my sister, but unfortunately, she didn't remember a tree or not because she has been so busy with her three boys. Some trees grow fast, but not within a matter of two days! My "inner skeptic" says "No, that's ridiculous.. I just never noticed the tree before... I've been busy lately and I just never took the time to see it." Well, no one in my family has had time to garden lately, and I doubt anyone in the neighborhood would want to sneak into our yard and plant a tree just for fun and because they had nothing better to do!" (Even though planting a tree is ALWAYS a nice thing to do.) And I swear there was no maple tree there before!

Note from Cynthia: This is a wonderful story... and such an excellent example of how we can change the past as if by walking into a completely new reality where a tree appeared which could not possibly have grown to such size in two days!

Backwards Shifts in Time
Ontario, Canada

I've been noticing backwards shifts in time. A couple of nights ago, I looked at the menu on the TV, and noted that it said 12:38... and the menu had moved to the 12:30 mark. I went back to watching my show, on the next commercial, I looked again, and it now showed the time to be 12:27 and had moved back to the 12:00 mark. This type of thing has happened at least six times in approximately the last month. The time shift is always backwards.

Note from Cynthia: Your story fascinates me because it is similar to experiences Ive had in which time has gone very, very slowly or stopped almost completely. It is good to notice what you are thinking and feeling when these time changes occur, to see if you detect any patterns.

Vanishing Egg Cups
Prince Edward Island, Canada

I have a story about some egg cups. I had an egg cup, and one day I used it. Then the next time I went to use it I could not find it, so I used another one. When I went to use it again, I could not find the second one. I bought two more egg cups that were the same as the first, with little feet on them. I used one a couple or more times. One day, I looked in the cupboard for something, and one of the egg cups was gone. Why egg cups? I have since cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards and did not find any of the missing egg cups. I had the first two egg cups for a long time before they disappeared. Thank you for your interesting emails. Namaste. Pearl.

Note from Cynthia: This is a most interesting story, as it seems your egg cups are vanishing one by one... and not returning. Have any of them ever come back, or do they just seem to disappear? Keep in mind that most reality shifts seem to operate like itinerant magicians... first taking something away, then returning it later... so perhaps you'll find that some of these egg cups are indeed coming back... perhaps even in some place you haven't looked and wouldn't expect. Please do keep us posted!

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