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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 87

Changing Keys / Instant Costume Change
Rev. Philip Smith
Fort Worth, Texas

I like your web site very much; it makes me feel far less nutty than people probably think I am. I started a thread about reality shifting back in 2001 on another board and was called a pothead. I did not know what to really call what I was experiencing at that time. The day I posted one particular reality shift story, I had woken up to find my key chain had turned gray. My boyfriend and I always had identical key chains (actually they were the lock devices that came with our Jeep), and they were both black. When one of us picked up a key ring, we had to look not at the black device but at the collection of keys, because we had the same house, similar cars and other things -- so we had to look to make sure that the gold keys to my office were on the key ring or not in order to determine which set of keys was which. One day, I woke up after a fairl hard night of half sleeping, to discover that my key locking device was now gray. My boyfriend never remembers a time when my key chain wasn't gray, and he insists that a difference in color is the way we always told our otherwise identical key chains apart, which makes me think I also do not have the exact same boyfriend anymore.

I first experienced either a reality shift or missing time experience when I was back in the first grade. I was the master of ceremonies of our school Christmas play that year. I read Bible verses while the costumed characters acted out the nativity story. I remember the Holy Virgin wearing her coke bottle glasses. At the conclusion of the play, I was told that I had to wait until the remainder of the class had changed after the play was finished, but if I wanted to I could stay in my suit and tie, which I chose to do, I watched the other kids walk into separate boy/girl restrooms carrying their street clothes. I sat down on a stool backstage for what seemed like one second, when the entire class came from backstage (not the restrooms, that was in another area) wearing their street clothes. I remember at the time thinking to myself "That is impossible... how could they all change their clothes that fast?!?" but I was also of the naive intelligence to know that adults wouldn't understand what I was talking about if I were to ask this question aloud. One teacher told me "Thanks for waiting. Now let's form a line and go back to home room". I have been told that I was day dreaming and "fell asleep" and woke up at exactly the right time, but I have done kind of thing before, and this experience was nothing like that. This was more like a skip on the DVD of time, in which one scene suddenly became another.

Note from Cynthia: These are truly wonderful reality shift stories -- thank you so very much for sharing them! I especially love the way you include such thought-provoking observations such as, "I also do not have the exact  same boyfriend," and "one scene suddenly became another."

Bicyclist Appears on Bike
Stratford, Connecticut

There is a very nice man named George who rides the train with me from Stratford to New Haven to get to work each day. George always brings his bicycle on the train to New Haven, and then pedals to his job. He does this ninety nine percent of the time.... sometimes, if it's extremely inclement weather or he's tired or has back pain, he does not bring the bicycle. On one recent Monday, Goerge did not come to work because he was still on vacation. The next day, Tuesday, George rode his bike to the station, and then did something rather odd that the other folks who chit-chat with George and I noticed... George PARKED HIS BIKE AND CHAINED IT TO THE BIKE RACK AT THE STATION. He was apparently having some back or foot pain, and decided not to take the bike to New Haven, opting instead to just ride the bus from the train station to work. Again, George chained his bike to the bike rack at the STRATFORD train station. That Tuesday evening, when I was walking to the New Haven train station to the get the train back home to Stratford, George rode his bike past me on his way to the New Haven train station! I thought to myself, "Now wait a minute... didn't George park his bike at the Stratford train station this morning? Didn't he decide not to take it on the morning train?!?" The odds that he has another bike at his office are extremely slim.

Note from Cynthia: This is such a great story! I love this kind of story... the kind that makes you say, "Hmm?!" as the more you examine it, the more goosebumps you get of realization that something very strange is definitely going on!

Merging Accident Averted
Olympia, WA

I have had a few experiences with reality shifting. The most recent was on my Birthday. I had taken the day off to go get a tattoo in the morning, then later in the afternoon I was taking my kids into downtown so we could watch a special screening of a movie. At some point during the drive, I was prompted by a voice within that said, "Ask for protection, Now." I instinctively recited a few protection prayers to the angelic realm and the creator that I frequently use when I am traveling.

After saying them quietly under my breath, I looked in the rear view mirror to check on the kids. When I looked back in front of me, I saw to my horror that a mini-van similar in size to mine was merging into my lane without paying attention to what other vehicles where around. I instinctively slammed on the brakes... only my vehicle did not stop or slow down like it should have. Instead, the engine shifted. I could feel it shifting in the weirdest way, slowing way down but not as if the breaks had been slammed. There was no jerking or forward pitch of motion for any of us. In fact, the kids never even felt it like they would have and they never even commented to me for slamming on the brakes and jerking them forward into their seat belts. The seat belts never tightened, either. It was more like something had reached out and gently slowed the vehicle we were in while I watched as the other van drifted over and into the front nose of mine... only there was no grinding of metal or impact.

The two vehicles just seemed to merge very quickly. Then the van in front of me speeded up like it had been given a shove forward while my van was slowed down and held back. Afterwards, when my shock passed, I hit the horn in a delayed reaction, furious at the other driver and ready to get very angry over our close call, but the voice inside me calmed me right back down, saying "There is not need for all that; everything is fine." I felt at peace then, and let it all wash away.

It was then that another driver pulled up alongside of me. Apparently, she had witnessed it all and she had the MOST peculiar look on her face, kind of like, "Did I just really see what I think I just saw?!" I know it was a shift in reality. I've had other reality shifts before as well.

Note from Cynthia: This story is the kind of story that helps people understand the awesome power of experiencing a large-scale reality shift first-hand... witnessing the miraculous nature of things going incredibly right against all odds. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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