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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Amazing Experience
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I've been going through a lot over the past two years, and recently, things really started to get to me. I recently contacted a lightworker, Charles Trenholm Well,imagine my surprise when I found out that he works by going back into your past and shifting things around so that they affect a future outcome. Retrocausality! I just had to bite and have a session. Interestingly, this man had never heard of retrocausality, or reality shifting, or even how his gift works. So I was able to give him some information as well. The one thing he did say in our first phone call when I called to set up an appointment was that this is something he feels that everyone can do -- that everyone can reach back into the past and affect future change.

So, I had my session. We worked on what would help me most in my life right now. He says that he is able to access the concious and the subconcious, as me, and hear what's going on there through a lifetime. Well, he certainly did that with me. It was downright amazing how he reached deep down into this life experience and he drew out all the pain, emotions, feelings and words. As he was saying these things, I was able to access exactly where these feelings and words were coming from. I was at the exact moment in this lifetime where this was happening. I could feel it, I was experiencing the emotions, and the best thing of all, I was doing this with total clarity and understanding. I could see exactly where/how my thoughts and feelings had developed, why I thought and felt the way I did, and best of all, it just didn't matter. There was a point when I actually felt reality shift. It felt like I was looking backwards, and there was a zig-zag line. When it shifted, I saw that line snap into a straight line. Now, this is the really interesting part, I had memories of stuff that had happened over the past few years...the last year especially...but none of those memories made sense, it's like they were there, but they were unreal in a way...after the line snapped straight, all of those memories made sense. I knew it was a new reality that had been put into place, that before this happened, that this reality wasn't there.. vague non-sensical memories are now strong and clear, and it's like this reality has always existed. And the best thing of all? I feel wonderful.

I'm such a skeptic when it comes to things like affecting change in the past. I honestly wasn't expecting this man to be able to affect change in my present and future by reaching back and changing my past, but that's exactly what happened. It was absolutely amazing and fascinating. Since the healing, I notice I'm more self-confident and willing to let things go by allowing the Universe to take care of them. I've re-evaluated the roles of several people in my life experience. Some I've decided to release with unconditional love because the only thing binding us was anger, hurt, etc. Others I decided to fogive and allow to be closer. Then there's the weight thing which i had just about given up on. Since the healing, 35 lbs has just vanished without diet or exercise. The biggest change has been in the career/job area. I decided that I want to work and the time is right. I had a wonderful employment coach fall into my lap and I've been utilizing her to the fullest. I can't believe how much skill and stuff I actually have and the wonderful jobs that I'm qualified for. Oh, and my children... I have tons more energy, we're doing a lot more, and I've really been cracking down in regard to boundaries and unacceptable behaviour. My guilt over the children being fatherless is completely gone now, much to the kid's horror! LOL They now have Mommy-naggypants to contend with!

Note from Cynthia: This is just wonderful! I love it, love it, love it! This is one of the ways healing can feel, and you describe it so magnificently here. There are many psychologists using therapy which involves revisiting and reframing past experiences in a way that helps people come to terms with traumatic experiences, so it's probably a lot more common than people generally realize. I've been hearing about it for years, although most people generally don't say flat out that they are changing the past, other than shamans, of course. This is the nature of soul retrieval, and it's the basis of many client sessions I've done over the years as well. Some people do some of this work on their own, using journaling techniques... kind of like "write it down, make it happen," but in the sense of retrocausality... it's more like "write it down, and it happened."

Missing Pendant Returns... With Knots!
Fair Oaks, California

Just felt the need to express my gratitude for you and all the teachings of this site. Your latest monthly email came at a perfect time.

Yesterday, I lost the pendant I recently purchased. It was not expensive, costing only $10.00, but I enjoyed wearing it as it had a small healing type stone suspended from a fine cord. I looked everywhere, and finally came to the conclusion it must have slipped off that afternoon while I was at the grocery store. Feeling resigned to having to purchase another, I looked at the website, but didn't place an order.

This morning I found your latest monthly email along with the link for Six Tips For Finding Lost Things. I eagerly opened the article, read the words you had written, and immediately applied them to finding the pendant; then I let it go, and started doing my regular routine. I walked into a room where I had a stack of clothing to put away. As I leaned over the couch to pick up the clothes... I saw the pendant! Just sitting there, waiting for me. I picked it up and gave "surprised grattitude." Once I asked for my lost item's return, it came instantly. The lag time of a couple minutes seems as if it was only because it took me that long to turn off the computer and go to where it was waiting. Kind of incredible if you think too much about it, so I try not to.

But I did notice something kind of strange about the pendant, as it's cord was tied in several small knots?! As I worked to untie the knots, I wondered about them, knowing they were not something that could happen by accident! I then almost put the pendant back on, but decided not to. I instead looked at the small barrel type closure the cord ends were attached to, and noticed small stands sticking out of the ends which I softly pulled. Well... the cords just frayed and fell away from the closure pieces. So had I put the pendant back on, most likely it would have easily become lost again!

I felt as if not only did the universe return my pendant within a couple minutes of my request, but even tied the series of knots to let me know that the knots that had been holding the pendant to the closures were faulty! I also happened to find a piece of thin satin ribbon laying around that works just great, and was careful to tie strong knots. This was not the only time I've experienced reality shifts, though the first time using your method to find a lost item.

Note from Cynthia: I love the bit about how once you asked for the lost item's return, it came instantly. Yes... that is wonderful! I love it, love it, LOVE IT when that happens!

Car Flashed By on the Road
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I discovered your fascinating website today, thanks to Jean Hudon and the ERN! When I read the story about the cars, where one slowed down and the other sped up, I recalled a similar incident which happened to me. In March 2000, I was very interested in learning more about Aura-Soma Colour Therapy and was co-ordinator of a spiritual festival to be held in my home town. I invited one of our Aura-Soma teachers from another city to give a talk at the festival. I had not met the lady before, but when I collected her at the airport, I immediately knew who she was.

The next morning, I drove four of us to the festival venue. Just before reaching the venue, there was a turn to the right which took us across the road and oncoming traffic. I am a careful driver, so I checked to make sure that there was no oncoming car in sight before I proceeded to turn. Suddenly, a car flashed past us on the left hand side (we drive on the left in my country) -- missing us by inches! Where the car came from, I have no idea. It was so close that I should have seen it and it would have hit us side on if it had not flashed past. It all happened so fast that nobody in the car even took fright or screamed. In fact, nobody said much of anything, as if we all knew it was just okay. I had the distinct impression at the time that "something" had definitely shifted the two cars past each other, as with a repelling magnet.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful story. I'm glad that even though the event happened so very quickly and was so surprising as to almost feel unreal, you have taken such care to record your recollection of how unusual it felt at the time. I can relate to your description of how people didn't even comment on the situation, as it happened so suddenly and was so shocking that it's almost like it didn't happen. Amazing!

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