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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 89

Missing Time & Lost Time

Once I had woken up and lost twenty minutes as a person tried to wake me. I remember sitting up and staring for a second, and in that second, twenty minutes passed. Missing time? This was a huge chunk, but I remember a time when I was two years old and playing in sand. Suddenly, I wake up from my sleep and I'm standing out in the family room, now six years old. I really faded to black and can't remember anything in those years. Not even faint traces. I also heard from a relation of mine while they were teaching that they went out for lunch break. She said she was standing outside and noticed it was completely empty, so she walked back inside the class room... to see the kids were all lined up, and she was several minutes late.

Note from Cynthia: I am so glad you shared these experiences with us. If I hadn't personally experienced time shifts, I would think they sound pretty far-fetched... but I have seen time come to a stop on two separate occasions, and I have also had numerous experiences in which a chunk of time seemed to be skipped over completely, or when I could drive somewhere in far less time than should be humanly possible... without speeding!

Disappearing / Reappearing New Underwear
Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia

Reading about the missing egg cups in the August 2007 ezine reminded me of my ongoing reality shift, which has been happening to me for years. Whenever I buy new underwear, it seems to disappear for awhile. I put it in the drawer, and when I go to wear it, I find it has gone. I search the draw, pull everything out, but never find them. Days, weeks and sometimes months later I will open my drawer and there they will be, innocently laying on top of the pile, as though nothing has happened.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you describe this, particularly because your experiences match my own with all sorts of things... not just underwear. We can take this idea and allow ourselves to expect all kinds of missing things to return fresh and new... today underwear... tomorrow, the world!

Crystal Cluster
Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia

I guess one of my best reality shifts concerned a crystal cluster that I had recently bought. It was on my bedside table and just disappeared. Weeks later my partner was getting some bean seed to plant, and when he opened the tin, he found the crystal inside. The tin had not been opened since the spring before. He hasn't been the same since, as he doesn't have the same acceptance of things that I have.

Note from Cynthia: Hopefully your partner will remember this experience, even though he may currently have no place to file such an odd experience in his memory files. Most of us initially notice reality shifts without knowing quite what to make of them, so it can take several such incidents before some of us even consciously acknowledge that there is something rather peculiar going on around here.

Teleporting Crucifix
Stratford, Connecticut

The other week when I went to take a shower, I removed the crucifix that I wear around my neck, and put it on the counter around the sink.. When I stepped out of the bathroom to get the shampoo I had just purchased, it was still in the bag... and I got back to find that the cross was gone. But it was in my pocket! Cynthia, I KNOW I put that cross on the bathroom sink....of course, "inner skeptic" says "Oh for heaven sakes, Kevin, you just put it in your pocket... you just THINK you put in on the bathroom sink... perhaps you're tired and need a vacation." But I KNOW I put it on the sink, and when I looked and it wasn't there, but it was in my pocket, I was amazed!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, Kevin... you are a Magician! I love this reality shift story, as it demonstrates that sometimes, things really can move around without anyone moving them. What fascinates me is where the cross reappeared... in a handy, safe place where you would be sure to notice it. This story definitely has similarities to my own experience this month with my missing ring... I also found it by touch when least expecting it!

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