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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 90

Bathroom Tissue Reappears
Fairborn, Ohio

It seems our "pixies" have been active lately as we have noticed some missing and reappearing items around the house. I recently bought an 8 pack of bathroom tissue which I had set it by the kitchen table. Later, I came out of the bathroom to retrieve it, thinking ( ahem ) I really do need that bathroom tissue, and was surprised to see that it was gone. I searched the hallway closet, bathroom and even opened the garage door leading out of the kitchen. Nothing. Then as I turned around ( and I AFFIRM this happened), the 8 pack of tissue reappeared in front of my eyes, on the floor just where I had set it earlier. I busted out laughing and just said out loud, "Thanks guys; I'm glad you're around." What a strange and wacky wonderful world we live through! Perhaps it was so funny because the trick was on me. And it did reinforce the thought of looking for and keeping the miraculous in mind every day.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! Many people do attribute missing and reappearing items to the activities of unseen yet very present elves, fairies, or pixies... and there are a lot of folk tales from around the world attesting to the ubiquitous presence of little people who occasionally interact in the realm of human affairs.

Vanishing Lady at Bus Stop
Tulsa, Oklahoma

One time I was driving my car and I could see a lady at the bus stop. I passed the lady and when I looked in my rearview mirror she was gone. But there was no bus or vehicles around the bus stop at all. It was only a second that had passed. One time I was sitting in the park and I felt a rush of wind and heard a strong whooshing sound and the jingling of keys. It felt like a vortex of energy drawn toward me. I felt it was a relative of my boyfriends. I also heard a dogs claws on the pavement outside my apartment building and when I turned around there was nothing there. It was a dog named scamp that had crossed over. I have just lots of them! They were really strong when I first started meditating. Since I had cancer this year they are not so strong. Do you know of any reason for this? I thought it was because my body is still not completely well.

Note from Cynthia: Your story about the lady vanishing is a classic reality shift story, in the sense that one moment a person is there... and the next they are completely gone with no obvious way they could have instantaneously vanished. I've seen a woman vanish as she was walking across the street toward me... and I've seen cars vanish as they were driving behind me... and in both cases there were no exits -- they just vanished! As to why reality shifts seem more likely to occur after meditating and less likely to occur if one is healing cancer, I'd agree with you that it has a lot to do with how energized and relaxed one is. When your energy field is healthiest and most vibrant, you'll be most likely to experience reality shifts. They can be incentive to do your daily energy work, which will also help keep you in excellent health!

Missing Drivers License Appears

During the chaos of my daughter's recent move to Florida as she was moving her and her roommates belongings into their small appartment, she misplaced her driver's license. She and her friend both turned the place inside out looking for it... shaking blankets, moving boxes, emptying her purse several times. It was just nowhere to be found. Since my daughter was going for a job interview, she needed to find her license both for driving her car and also for her job application. After some time of fruitless searching, she called me up, crying I prayed with her over the phone, and suggested that we both thank God for exposing hidden things. After this prayer and as she was getting ready to hang the phone up, she stopped mid-sentence and dropped the phone on the floor. I could hear her crying and exclaiming with relief, joy and amazement in the background. She came back and picked up the phone to tell me that as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw her laminated license lying on the bed -- right in plain sight so the very first thing her eyes fell on was this small plastic card. It would have been impossible to miss it before, as she picked it up from the very same bed she had searched thoroughly over and over many times.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sending me this wonderful story... it's simply fabulous, and I am so pleased that you had the presence of mind to suggest to your daughter that you both get calm and focused on positive results by taking some time to feel grateful to God for exposing hidden things. What a wonderful prayer, and what fabulous results!

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