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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 91

I Arrived Where I Started
Orange County, California

Hi Cynthia. I love what you are doing here! I especially love your analogy about pinning down the butterfly or letting it fly - that makes so much sense. I had a funny reality shift the other night I thought I'd share with you. On my way to the store, I turned down the same road I've turned down many times before. After diving for several minutes, instead of arriving at my destination, I arrived back where I started! The road I was traveling on was a straight shot. The only logical / linear way for my experience to have occured would have been to make a complete u-turn, which I am certain did not happen.

I was in a meditative state of mind when this reality shift happened. With two small children, I often find the only real time I get for meditation is while driving. About a year back, I began noticing a feeling radiating from the top of my head while in my semi-trance driving state. It was definitely a feeling of connectedness to a higher self. After experiencing this for a little while, I could picture it as a beam of white light extending from the top of my head upward. I feel this quite often now -- most frequently while driving, but not always. About a month or two ago, I began listening to some telecalls which are meant to help prepare us for the new Earth. They spoke of a 'crystal light organ' located just beneath the surface of the skull on top of the head that activates your connection to the higher dimensions. I believe this is what I've been feeling. So, I guess it's no big surprise I would experience a reality shift like this while driving.

Note from Cynthia: I really love this reality shift story. What you describe here is exactly the kind of thing that probably happens to a lot of people, and reading your story will give their memories a jog so they can experience a kind of "aha!" moment of recognition. It's not just a matter of spacing out, either, as some skeptics might purport.

Who Says You Can't Go Home: Driving Reality Shift
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Small Realityshift here. Earlier in this month of January I drove into the city for a Reiki healing session. The day was bright and busy in the city. After leaving much more relaxed and at ease from the medical building, i found myself on a busy road that was leading me past roads that showed my wrong direction and how I was continuing to drive further out of my way. I wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the large city, and the rush hour traffic made it hard to turn around. Just wanted to go home... wishing to myself for a road that would be easier to get home. LOL... this is when i was just there on the right road... no time interuptions, or any changes that I could tell. As I was realizing my great fortune to have come to be on such a well known road as I sat in my green car, to my left was an apartment complex I used to call my home at one time in my life. At the same time while looking at my old home my favorite recording artist, Jon Bonjovi started singing out from the car radio, "Who says you can't go home."

Note from Cynthia: I love this realityshifting story. It's the kind of thing that will likely resonate for a lot of people, who will recognize in this story a sense of having experienced something very much like this while driving... yet it's the kind of thing that feels so weird it can be hard to tell people about, since some folks would likely say, "Are you sure you didn't just space out?" As these types of driving reality shifts are becoming more and more commonly observed, people will feel more comfortable talking about them with others.

Missing Diamond Returns
Ludhiana, India

Dear Cynthia Larson along with all realityshifters, I reside with my wife, fourteen year old daughter and seven year old son in the Northern part of India known as Ludhiana in Punjab State. I used to wear a diamond ring in gold since a long time in my right hand. One morning around five months back, I noticed the diamond missing out of my ring. Our entire family searched for that precious stone, but all in vain. The members were dis-heartened, but I told them, "Let us pray God. If it is again ours, it will definitely be back," and I started a daily prayer twice a day for 1-1/2 hours every morning and the same in the evening.

The UNBELIEVABLE result was that one afternoon after nine days, I received a call in my workplace from my wife that she had found the diamond from the bathroom which we were using for our daily needs. Just before the vision, she had just washed her hair on the same spot. That is the magical Power of Prayers. So on that day, I instructed my family with proof that we may trust God and he will definitely come to help us.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sending me this wonderful story about your diamond coming back to you! I love the way you describe what happened, and how you share the way you began daily prayers twice a day... and how the diamond returned. This story is inspiring because it shows that when something precious vanishes, it might still return!

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