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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 92

Angel on the Highway
Rhodes, Michigan

I once heard about a woman in a nursing home who had a car for sale when my husband was gone fishing. It had very low mileage and looked good at an affordable price. My husband would usually have made the decision about the car's dependability, but he was gone and I was concerned that someone else might snatch it up before me if I didn't buy it right then. The woman's daughter was storing it at her house and needed it out of the way. I am a very trusting (gullible?) person. I found out later that between the time I looked at the car and went to the credit union to get the money, the woman removed the almost new tires and replaced them with older tires.

Two days after getting the car, a friend and I drove 350 miles in it to attend a church retreat. On the way back home, we were talking about how unpopulated the stretch of highway was, with only a couple of small towns spaced many miles apart. I was driving 70 miles an hour when the right front tire blew. I managed to get the car over to the shoulder without incident, and we sat there shaking and crying and thanking God that we had not been hurt. But there we were in the middle of nowhere, and this was before cell phones. I didn't know how to change a tire, or even if I had a spare tire, or where it might be. Our first thought was to pray that God would send a solution. After we prayed, I looked at my friend and said, "I guess I'm going to have to try to change that tire." I reluctantly got out and amidst my actions of opening up the trunk and not knowing what to do next, I heard the sound of a vehicle barreling down the dirt shoulder behind me. I turned around and beheld with amazement a truck being driven by a young man, who came to a stop 20 feet behind my car. I ran up to my angel and threw my arms around him, exclaiming, "Oh thank you, thank you for stopping!" He looked at me with an expression of bewilderment and said, "Lady, my truck ran out of gas." He changed my tire, we drove him to his house 15 miles away, called AAA and they directed us to the only garage that was open (it was Sunday) 30 miles further. We still had a long way to go and our spare was only a little donut tire. I intended to get a new tire and drive home. When we got to the garage, the man looked at the rest of my tires,whistled and said he would not have let his wife drive out of his driveway with those tires. He showed us where the threads were worn away down to the core and said we must have had angels watching over us. So, yes, I do know that... and I also know how to change a tire now. I took one of the old tires back with me to show my husband after that experience, and he said they were just as bad as the garage man said they were.

Note from Cynthia: What a fabulous story, indeed! I just love this one, and the way it turned out that both you and the man who stopped to help you needed each other's help. What a marvelous parable describing the ways we are all here to help one another.

I Became A Pillar of Light

I'd like to share a story that happened to me last year after the Harmony Festival in Northern California. The festival was great... the REALLY amazing thing happened on the way back as I was driving back south toward the peninsula. Right when I passed Mount Tamalpais (in Marin) I turned into light! For a brief moment my entire body, the car, everyone around me disappeared and where the center of my body would normally be... there was a pillar of light. I was more happy than I had ever been in my life. It was like this beam of light was me.. and was pure happiness and contentment.. I couldn't believe it.. it was a vertical beam.. and at my heart it was more like a sun.. beaming in all directions

When I came back to this physical realm I started yelling to my friend.. "Oh my God, I just turned into light! I just turned into light!" He was carsick so he wasn't that expressive, and he said, "It sounds like you just communicated with aliens."

Just before this happened, I remember feeling like my usual start of discontent... I've battled depression for a long time. When I was the light, I was just pure joy. I've never felt so perfect and content in my life. It was everything good without any knowledge of pain or misery. I wasn't even thinking of anything negative when I had that moment.. it was phenomenal.. and then when I snapped back I was really eager to share it with my friend. I was also wondering if any of the drivers around us saw that happen to me or if anyone else had ever had this experience and how to make it happen again. Immediately afterward, I was just amazed that I could feel something so perfect and happy.. and I felt like I must have done something right in my life to get to that point..

On the way up to the Harmony Festival my friend had mentioned to me at that same spot, "Hey, we're passing Mount Tamalpais.. this is an ancient native american sacred site" I read up more on Mount Tamalpais since then and I'm aware it's supposed to have something to do with a serpent; a lot of artists depict it as a mountain with a serpent coiled around it. I'm wondering if that serpent is supposed to represent something about kundalini energy or enlightenment.. either way.. I think that's definitely what I experienced..

Ever since that time, I have wanted to have the experience back.. A few times it seemed like the world around me was turning into a hologram... or that everything is light... but I haven't had the same experience since. It was amazing!

After reading The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot I remember thinking, "Life would be a lot better if we were all just a hologram, because there's so much pain in the physical world. If we were all holograms we wouldn't have things like physical pain... we'd only have to work on emotional pain" and now I sort of think physical pain is just emotional pain in a different form... maybe just the universe expressing hopelessness or a feeling of being trapped. Those were major things I had been meditating on for a while before the experience happened. At the Harmony Festival itself I was meditating on those things. I was also having fun trying to visualize every animal (human's included) in light form -- not their auras but their chakras -- and just thinking how intricate that rainbow would be... it would be like one of those psychedellic posters. My favorite book right now is The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World by Amit and Maggie Goswami, and they talk about consciousness being the subtance of reality.

I also think that the reason we have this illusion of multiples is because one infinite consciouness gets lonely and it needs to divide into multiples to give itself companionship. The irony is that if two things or beings were made up of something truly different, they could never fully empathize with or comprehend each other. But if they are made up of the same thing, then they can never fully be more than one, and one is the loneliest number. BUT when i was this light, none of that mattered. I was just soooo happy... I couldn't believe it... and I don't know what it had to do with the mountain!

Sorry I can't give you a shorter answer as to what i was thinking immediately before, and after. All I really know for sure is that during that moment... everything was perfect and harmonious.

Thanks for one of the coolest websites in the universe! :)

Note from Cynthia: Wow... I love the way you've described your state of mind leading up to such a beautiful epiphany.

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