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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 93

Disappearing People in the Park
Southern Hampton Roads, Virginia

I live across the street from an open green park that is surrounded by residental blocks on three sides and water on the fourth. So, I can see activity for quite a distance. It is the kind of neighborhood with lots of people jogging, walking dogs or babies, biking, etc. I know or recognize more than 75% of the people I see.

The following has happened at least four times to me. I've observed people... then I've looked down to do something... then I've looked up again several seconds later to see that they are no longer where I had just seen them a moment earlier. They haven't entered a house - as they were not close enough to one. They haven't had time to leave my line of sight. I haven't recognized any of the people who have disappeared.

The first time it really attracted my attention it was a group of three people that disappeared! I started paying more attention after that. Yesterday, I saw a Dad with a baby stroller vanish. All I did was look down to pick up a bag of grocieries from my car, look up again and he and the baby in the stroller were gone. I believe I notice more things in my neighborhood because I am a stay-at-home mom who keeps an eye on the neighborhood when everyone is at work.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful story about disappearing people in the park! Not only has this happened to me on various occasions, including people vanishing as I looked at them such as my story about the lady who vanishes in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. It's clear to me that just as we sometimes see objects like keys, shoes, wallets, and so forth vanish... it's every bit as possible for people to vanish, too. My experience witnessing a woman vanish as she walked toward me was truly eye-opening for me, as she was coming closer toward me. My husband was walking alongside me, preoccupied with talking with me and unaware of what just happened, but it was completely clear to me. I agree that it's such a good feeling to know you're not alone... particularly when feeling alone also often tends to make one suspect one might be losing one's marbles! :-) I agree with you that keeping an eye on things will tend to make it more likely that you'll observe these kinds of shifts... it's the people who are busy with lots of things going on simultaneously that less frequently notice reality shifts.

Bacon Burger & Lycos Reality Shifts
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I recently went to a favorite local pub, and ordered their house-specialty burger. It's common knowledge that I love bacon in all forms, and will often have it on my burgers. But I've never asked for it on this burger. It just never occurred to me to ask. When I got my burger, Poppy got her order of potato skins with peppers and broccolli and cheese and.... bacon. I stole a few small bits, and savoured the flavor. (smile)

A minute later, the cook came out of the kitchen and asked me why I hadn't ordered my burger with bacon the way I usually do.... Huh? Well, I've gotten smart enough to not contradict people who say things like that. :) Even Poppy swears she can remember me having bacon on my burger at least once. Now to be fair, maybe I tried it once and forgot I had done so, but there is no way it was a 'regular' thing... And frankly, if I had tried it, I probably would have liked it.

Later in the evening, I was playing with Lycos mail and noticed a 'setting' that allowed me to view the 'full headers' of the e-mail. I was very happy to see it because just the weekend before I had been very annoyed that there wasn't any way to view the full headers. I even went and looked online, and found web pages that said "Lycos doesn't let you look at this information, you have to contact them and get them to check their logs". So I reported to Poppy that they had fixed things. And she said that it had always been there, and that I had even *clicked* on it last weekend. She remembered all the fuss... and said that I 'ignored' that 'setting' when I was looking for the full headers. Now why would I 'ignore' something that was right where I LOOKED for it (logical location at the top of the e-mail) and it has the word 'header' right on it?

And a pill bottle in Poppy's room disappeared from its usual location. I'm√expecting it to 'return' sometime soon in an interesting place...

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing such great stories on the realityshifters list... I really love them, as they so brilliantly capture the flavor of an assortment of shifts, as well as the way they can sometimes come in waves... with several shifts occurring in a rather short span of time.

Two Time Shifts on the Same Day
Long Beach, Callifornia

I recently experienced two time shifts on the same day! I was attending a week-long art workshop on California's central coast last month. One day, I joined a female workshop participant at an outside patio table, near the cafeteria. After a few minutes of conversation, I excused myself for lunch. She remained seated, and would later confirm that she had a brief conversation with two women prior to her own entry into the cafeteria. As I entered the cafeteria, I went to the end of a very long cafeteria line (20-25 people ahead of me) . To my amazement, the very same woman I had been talking to outside was as the front of the line, having completely filled her plate with food! It was as though time had jumped forward 15 minutes. I was left with the feeling that I had slipped into a parallel reality running 15 minutes ahead. Later that afternoon, I showed up at the studio where my art workshop was being held. We started with a group discussion, followed by group "processing" of two artist's paintings. Afterwards, I looked at my watch. Under the impression that about 90 minutes at lapsed, I discovered that it had only been 30 minutes! I was so shocked that I spent a full minute just staring at my watch. It was so interesting to have two time slips in one day. Time shifted forward in one, and then backward in another. I'm starting to take some of this quantum physics stuff I've been reading more seriously!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sending me this wonderful description of experiencing two time shifts on one day. Until I'd experienced time shifts I did not full appreciate how it feels to live through one... and I love the way you mention having spent a full minute just staring at your watch... thinking about "What just happened here?!"

Breathing While Swimming Underwater
Chris Cade

My reality shift story is a little bit different than most. I have memories as young as two years old, and that includes dreams I remember and could easily distinguish from reality. Well, when I was around three or four years old, I learned how to swim. Part of what made swimming so easy for me, and so enjoyable, was that I could breathe underwater. This seemed normal to me until I heard that somebody else couldn't do it, so I told my mom "I can breathe underwater."

"No you can't. You were just dreaming," she said to me.

The next time I went swimming, I took my usual underwater breath and was surprised by the rush of water into my lungs. Fortunately, it wasn't damaging and I just coughed a bit. The real damage was to my spirit. I guess you could say that ever since that day my reality shifted back to "reality," I've been trying to re-learn how to breathe underwater again.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, Chris, I love your story! Reading this reminds me of when I was young, and noticed that rain would start and stop when I thought or said "rain start" or "rain stop." It worked perfectly every time... that is, until I went to demonstrate this to my mom, at which point it stopped working. I sometimes wonder just how many amazing things we could do if nobody ever told us we couldn't. Considering the phenomenal power of the placebo effect, it's clear to me that we can easily do much, much more than most people consider possible. I have a hunch that your story will help remind people of some of the marvelous things they used to be able to do... before someone told them they couldn't.

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