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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 94

Instantly Ripe Avacado
Orange County, California

I want to tell you how much I love your book, Aura Advantage. I've read a lot of books on all kinds of esoteric subjects and yours covers all the bases better than anything I have come across. It's very intelligently written, yet still comprehensible to the average reader. You have such a gentle way of guiding us through these rapidly changing times - it's really an extraordinary work.

Also, I wanted to share with you a nice reality shift I experienced yesterday after reading some of your book. I had made salsa and wanted to make guacamole to go with it. I sliced into the avocado but found it difficult to cut - it was clearly not ripe enough yet. I went ahead and cut it up and was only able to use about 1/4 of it for the guacamole. I thought to myself (not at all thinking about your book or shifting reality), 'I wish this avocado were more ripe so I could use more of it'. I continued prepping dinner and about 5 minutes later I went back to my avocado. For some reason instead of throwing away the unused portion, I tried mashing it up with the fork again. To my amazement, the avocado was now perfectly ripe - I could use almost all of it! I've had a lot of experience with avocados and anyone who has knows they have to be almost at the perfect state of ripeness to be any good. And they don't go from being so hard you can barely cut them to perfectly ripe just by sitting on a plate for five minutes. OK, now I think I'm starting to get it - this is really exciting! This is what co-creation is all about. Love & thanks for a really great book.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my book, Reality Shifts! I'm delighted to hear how much you enjoy it. I love your avocado reality shift story! Now this is a simply wonderful example of a practical, down-to-Earth reality shift that truly improves the quality of one's life in small, yet surprisingly delightful and life-enriching ways. Just think how wonderful all our food could be if we took but a few moments now and again to wish for it to be nutritious, enriching, and not too fattening!

Brown to White Bread
Toronto, Ontario Canada

I always buy white bread from the grocery store, which I prefer, but this time I bought whole wheat (brown) bread because that's all they had left. I opened the cupboard today and, to my confusion, there was the loaf of bread but it was white bread.

I checked everything out and, yes, no confusion in it not being a different loaf -- the whole wheat bread turned into white bread. The color of the bread is different and it's white bread packaging. I handled the original loaf several times -- buying it, putting it away, etc. -- and no mistake, so either I'm going nuts or it's a genuine RS. Not earth shattering, but I've got to admit that I was freaked out a bit.

Note from Cynthia: What an amazing experience this is! I love the way you so carefully examined the bread before purchasing it, so when a change occurred it was pretty obvious that reality really had shifted.

Changing Bumper Stickers
Kia H
Chattanooga, Tennessee

While driving back from the store today, I got behind a white truck. On the back windshield there were two stickers in the bottom corners. The one on the left was a white outline of a buck with antlers. The one on the right appeared to be another buck, but in the colors of the american flag. There was a toolbox in the back of the truck that was covering the bottom of the one on the right. I was curious to see if it was actually a deer, or some other thing with horns. So, I changed lanes to pass the truck.

When I got up even to his back windshield, I was surprised to see that both of the original stickers had disappeared and were replaced by a single large sticker in the center with the letters "PC" and the words "Primo Customs" written underneath the letters.

I thought, "Wow! Those stickers just disappeared." Self doubt set in, and I thought maybe I had taken an unusual amount of time changing lanes and perhaps was looking at a different truck. However, by that time I was in front of the truck and I glanced back in my rearview mirror to see the same red white and blue buck design covering the entire hood of the truck, with the same driver behind the wheel. I guess the stickers wanted to switch places! It made me wonder if maybe I needed to "switch places" and get a different perspective on some issues I've had with a friend of mine. I guess I'll try it and see. ^_~

Note from Cynthia: I love your story of the changing bumper sticker... and it's one of those fascinating types of reality shifts that grabs your attention and doesn't let go, since the whole reason you were moving closer to the vehicle with the bumper stickers was so you could read them better. Changes like these are real attention-grabbers, because it's much less likely that we can think of some reason why we must have been mistaken or confused! I also love your insight regarding asking yourself the question about the symbolic significance of the changing images and words. Yes, indeed, it seems to be time for a shift!

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