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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 95

Finding Four Leaf Clovers
Norfolk, Virginia

When I was a young girl, my grandfather and I used to hunt for four-leaf clovers in his backyard. I was about 20 when he passed and took it hard. I am earthy and enjoy spending time in nature. On occasion I will think of my grandpa, look down, and there will be a four-leaf clover!

Anyway, I was feeling really upset the other day. I went outside to ground myself in nature. I bent over to touch the earth, and decided to look for 4-leaf clovers to make myself feel better. In less than two minutes I found four! I thanked the universe and grandpa, smiled and felt a little better. A little later I found five more, very quickly. I can't help but chuckle and feel watched over. It also makes me feel like things will be looking better soon. :)

One of the many things I learned from my Grandpa, is that spending time with a child doing simple things has a much larger impact that just buying a child things and handing it to them.

Note from Cynthia: Four leaf clovers are indeed wonderful to find... and usually rather rare, too, so this story is truly delightful! The connection to your grandfather with the four leaf clovers makes your experiences much more special. What a wonderful way to continue to feel his loving presence in your life!

People Disappear & Reappear at Greek Temple & Cistern Sacred Sites
Lisa Rafel

One day while writing in my journal as I rode on a bus in Crete, my hand began to do an "automatic writing?." The words that were written were, "would you like to change your life?" I said yes, and my hand wrote a ceremony for me to do in the Temple of Athena in Delfi, Greece. I was instructed to be alone in the temple when I did the ceremony. Soon after that, I was in Delfi. I was sitting beside the stadium above Apollo's temple when it felt like the right time to go down to the Athena Temple, which was a little way down the road. I walked up to the guardhouse, and I was quite surprised to see the guard walk away. In fact, all the people in the temple area walked away, which meant that I was completely alone. I performed the ceremony, and just as I finished, the guard came back to the guardhouse, and the tourists began walking in. A week after that ceremony, I was at a touristy site called the Cistern, in Mycenea. The cistern is like a long tube angled downward. Before getting to the site, someone said that being inside of it was like being inside a snake. I also was told to be careful, because there was a drop-off at the bottom of the tube. I imagined that the Cistern would be a wonderful opportunity for a ceremonial way to signify my freedom, and I envisioned myself walking down the tube to the bottom in the dark, as if walking through the body of a snake, and jumping off the edge into the darkness.

I arrived with my group and saw that the cistern was full of noisy tourists busily waving flashlights about in the tube. I said to my friend that I needed to do a ceremony through the tube, in the darkness, with no one there, and felt despair that it would not happen. He suggested that I come back at another time, but I felt that this was the time it had to be. I closed my eyes and felt a shift. Suddenly, there was no one in the tube. No lights, nobody. It was completely black and empty. It felt like a "pop" in the fabric of my reality. At one moment I was with everyone in the "normal" world, and then, I had entered a different world where I could walk where they had stood. I put both arms out and touched the walls, holding my arms out and letting my fingers feel the walls as I walked all the way down the tube, about 20 yards long. My fingers felt where the wall fell back, and I felt with my foot that there was the expected drop-off. I had no idea how deep the drop off was, but I knew that if I jumped off, I would be fine. I jumped. I fell through the air for about 4 feet. At the bottom was soft sand. At the moment my feet hit the sand, suddenly everyone was back in the tube - just as they had been before, waving flashlights, and talking loudly. They literally re-appeared again. The sound also changed through this experience. Where the tourists had been loud and talking in the normal reality, in the "other" reality there was a complete vacuum - no sound at all except a kind of acute awareness in my ear. When the people re-appeared, it appeared as if they were still doing what they had been doing before the event. It was jarring to see everyone, and I felt fine, like somehow this was all OK. My friend met me towards the bottom as I was coming up. He said that I disappeared right next to him at the top, and he immediately went in after me, but didn't find me until I was coming back up. He said it was impossible for me get to the bottom so quickly with the crowd there.

I have participated in other parallel events when I am in sacred sites and I follow instructions from guidance. It seems that I open and close a parallel doorway from this reality to another time, and then when we are finished with the event, we return to present time again. Others witnessed this as it happened. The witnesses that participated with me reported their own experience of the event, and then, in dis-belief, they said something like, "what happened - that's not possible." When I engage in these kinds of events, I learn more about possibility, the nature of intimate connection, and about the vast and incredibly beautiful world in which we live, seen and unseen. I believe these events happen because we are supposed to be dimensionally capable of shifting reality through our ability to occupy specific frequencies. I am told the Aboriginals and Shamans do this. I only have my own experiences and I am my own teacher in this. I know these events happened, and to me, they are sacred.

Note from Cynthia: I love your insights about the human ability to shift reality that shamans can do on a regular basis... as this indeed seems to be the case. It's also increasingly true that more and more people are experiencing reality shifts on a regular basis, and I feel it helps others tremendously when they can read about experiences such as your Cistern reality shift experience of being alone when you needed most to be alone... even though the sudden changes seem extraordinary when we stop to consider what just happened. I love the way you describe how even though the change seemed jarring, you "felt fine, like somehow this was all OK." This is such an apt description of most all reality shifts I've experienced, too...  like we are simply walking between parallel possible realities.

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