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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 96

Four Leaf Clovers & Lucky Pennies
Morristown, Tennessee

My mom, my little brother, and I just came back from Winston-Salem, NC where we were on vacation. My mom and I kept finding pennies on the ground outside our hotel rooms. Many of them had significant dates (to us)on them. I went out to walk the dogs at night and kept walking over the same patch of pavement and yet I kept finding more pennies where I had just walked and previously picked up one or two. My mother found so many pennies in the hotel parking lot outside her room (one with the year of my birth on it) that she asked if I were dropping them for her to find. I answered her truthfully, "No." While walking the dogs on two other occasions this week, I found two four leafed clovers. We got back home today and while dog walking I found three four leafed clovers outside my neighbor's house. My mom asked me what was wrong with us that we kept finding lucky pennies and four leafed clovers. I told her the question was what was right with us.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks for sharing your story in the realityshifters list at yahoo... I love it! I loved reading about how you were finding lucky pennies and four leaf clovers in great profusion! Your story beautifully captures that delicious feeling of excitement that comes from such seemingly simple pleasures. What a great reminder to look for the little things that are so much bigger than they seem. It seems people are really noticing those four leaf clovers recently, so your question, "what is right with us" to keep finding those lucky pennies and four leaf clovers is delightful!

Vanishing Kayaker
Norfolk, Virginia

My husband and I were walking on the beach one morning, when we saw and noted a lone kayaker floating in the water. We walked a little ways further, as I looked down at the beach searching for shells. I'd say a little over a minute passed, when I looked up, and was surprised to note that the kayaker was gone. "What happened to the kayaker?" I asked. We looked, and looked. My husband said, "He didn't have enough time to leave our line of vision."

So what happened? Personally, I thought it cool that my somewhat serious husband got to witness this. I tried to get him to talk about it a little while after it happened. He seemed reticent to talk more about it... just shrugged.

Note from Cynthia:This story about the kayak reminds me of so many similar experiences I've had, such as the time a woman pedestrian was walking toward me across the street from me, and she vanished in mid-step before she even reached the place where she'd be exactly across the street from me.... and numerous times when I've seen cars on the highway vanish when they did not slow down, change lanes or exit. It felt to me like the before and after realities are both equally familiar and seemingly normal.... so it leads me to suspect that when these types of vanishings occur, we are witnessing a changing from one probable reality to another.

Cloak of Invisibility
Dianne Evans

My partner used to think I was nuts. Well he still does, but not because of the invisibility thing any more. After I saved him from a couple of speeding tickets, including one where the cop had U-turned to come after him, he has since learned to do it for himself.

In the beginning, it was almost a two step process for me, because I had to get my emotions under control before I could become invisible. I think that what happens is that I just become uninteresting to those I've targeted, so they don't realize that I'm there. If I'm afraid or worried about being seen, then my emotional signature is too strong to hide and I'm sure to be spotted. Later after I gained confidence in my skill, it was as simple as saying to myself, unobserved, unobserved, unobserved.

In the first step I would take a few moments to notice if I felt at risk of getting a ticket. I would just, kind of check in with my intuition and see how I felt about it, and then I would say, unobserved, unobserved, unobserved, and imagine arriving at my destination quickly and happily. Then every time I would see a police car I would repeat my trigger word, unobserved, two or three more times and just project a blankness.

My skill got better when I forgot to check in with my intuition and then saw a police car, but decided to try it anyway. Sure enough it still worked, if I could get my emotions back to neutral.

Then I told my partner about it. He gave me the ol' horse laugh, but consented to let me try working my magic on him. Mostly it was while he was driving around town. Then we got in, a couple of hours early on a 12 hour cross country drive. I'd been practicing while he raced the long straight stretches of road at 120 mph. He was still skeptical, but willing to consider I 'might' have done something.

A few days later on the way back, he was speeding when a police cruiser pulled a high speed U-turn behind him and he panicked. I had to yell at him to calm down and punch him in the shoulder to get him to pay attention to me. Then I did my thing and after the cruiser followed us for a few miles, he took off and left us be. That convinced my partner I was on to something, and he started practicing it too. Neither of us has had a speeding ticket in years now, but we don't drive any slower.

I have found that this works the same for any of the senses. I've used this to get very close to animals in the wild, or to pass, unobserved, by obnoxious people or dogs.

Note from Cynthia:I love the technique you describe here, with a focus on maintaining emotional balance and the belief that one is truly moving past others unobserved. Invisibility is such a fascinating variety of reality shift, since usually those going invisible still see themselves... so it's almost like moving to another reality slightly... or perhaps even a bit like slipping into a state of being more energy than matter. I sometimes wonder whether in all such invisibility states, I've actually achieved full invisibility to all observers, or some kind of necessary invisibility for a particular situation. In any case, this is a highly practical type of reality shift at times... thank you so much for sharing your experience, and your technique!

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