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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Vanishing Girl in Subway Station
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A few days ago, I was behind a girl, walking down the stairs, in the subway. Reaching the bottom, she turned right, around the corner, into a dead-end subway waiting area. I did the same and she was not there. I was about two seconds behind her, and there is no way she could have gone from view.

The experience with the disappearing girl is a first, for me, that has to do with a person. It's an interesting idea that I 'walked into another world' although I suspect it was more like drifting into a different version of reality and then getting back on track, with the normal established reality, at some point. It's as if pockets of reality change, like straying off the yellow brick road, of our perfectly correlated reality, and then getting back on it again at some point.

If you think about it, in many worlds, there must be many you's and many me's. But I suspect the other me's are like paths that my conscious mind can take, as I move from one me to another, as time advances. So if I have a choice to go through a left door or right door, for example, then the me's going though both doors are actually there (like zillions of movies on a giant shelf, called 'The Life Of Dave' each with a different ending) but my mind only follows one of those paths of the me's. So considering the subway girl, I may have accidentally jumped over into another path that didn't have the girl in it. But it also appears that I get back on the original path again, at some point, because things go back to becoming normal correlations (i.e. only pockets of reality contain shifts and can also, sometimes, sustain themselves without the need of past correlations -- and, at other times, past correlations shift with the newly shifted reality). Anyway, I think this idea is consistent with some paradoxes and anomalies in quantum mechanics -- although RSs aren't 'supposed' to happen.

But still the question is, where, in the meantime, was the girl? She must have been consciously experiencing a different version of reality then I was -- at least for a short period. It's possible that different versions of reality may be moving along, each with conscious beings in them - and worth considering; however, at this point I'll settle for the "pockets of reality shifting" idea for now.

Note from Cynthia: This experience with the vanishing girl in the subway station is most amazing, especially when you're absolutely certain there are no doors or other types of exits along the way... and when you're following so closely. This type of reality shift might indicate you've literally walked into another world in some way... possibly related to what you were thinking or feeling just prior to the shift. I share your take on the sense that sometimes we are choosing which reality "door" to go through. I write about this in my ebook Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and also in my novel Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web. The truth about reality shifts is that they can be fully expected to happen... just not all that often. Quantum behavior of large scale objects is something we actually do expect to occur on rare occasions... since quantum effects are a matter of probabilities, after all. From a typical observer's point of view, it's possible to be aware of as smaller scale reality shifts happening in a frame of reference we can grasp... from a shaman's point of view, it's possible to be aware of many possible selves experiencing many possible realities.

Disappearing / Reappearing Bank Card
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Here's an odd Reality Shift experience I had which started on this June's Friday the 13th. I'd taken my daughter to a movie, and paid for our tickets with my bank card. Two days later when I went to buy gas for my van, I discovered that the card was missing. I then paid for my purchase with a credit card. Later at home, I decided to clean out my wallet, so I emptied all its contents on the kitchen table. After discarding junk stuff, I put everything back in the wallet. Then I called the bank to report the lost card. But a couple of hours later I had occasion to open the wallet again. And there was my bank card, in the first pocket where it's usually kept! I've had a few Reality Shifts, but this one is so innocuous that I can't figure out its significance. Any suggestions? I've thought about the bank card incident, and think that it was meant to caution me regarding current expenditures. Specifically, I was being a bit careless with my finances, and was about to go beyond my monthly budget.

Note from Cynthia: Sometimes the significance of such a shift can be elusive... until one makes note of what was going on emotionally at the time. You can read and interpret reality shifts very much as you would your dreams... considering the symbolic import of various details as they are meaningful to you. So yes, this is a good interpretation... when you take this shift to be an attention-getter that helps you review your expenses in relationship to income.

TV Turned Off By Itself
Kingston Ontario, Canada

I mentioned before in a reply to John when we were talking about Chaos and all of that, how I somehow changed the programming on the TV without touching it...or a remote. Well, the same thing just happened. My youngest just left for school, and I was reading this LOA thingy on the computer. He had left the TV on this really annoying kid channel. I didn't want to stop reading, but the TV was so annoying. I was contemplating getting up and turning the thing off when I had a random thought of "it's so annoying, I wish it would just go away" and the TV completely shut off.

Note from Cynthia: I just adore your stories about your reality shift control of your TV set... they are awesome! This is the sort of thing that once people know it CAN happen, it becomes more likely that others can experience it. Just as we are better able to get those perfect parking spaces once we realize it's possible to get them... or warp time while driving so we always arrive on time... or have enough gas to make it to the next station even though technically we're running on vapors... this is the kind of reality shift that can fire people up to realizing they can reality shift control their TVs (and radios), too!

More Pennies from Heaven
Bluffton, South Carolina, United States of America

I really enjoy "RealityShifters", and have been a subscriber for several years. The letter about the 4-leaf clovers in the July '08 issue reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me a few months after my father-in-law passed away. The first time I found a penny on the ground after he passed, I thought of him and had the feeling it was from him or at least that he had caused me to find it. (I should probably mention that Dad was of Scottish heritage, and although he had a heart of gold, he was a thrifty guy who was never one to spend money foolishly, if you know what I mean.) After that, whenever I found a penny on the ground, I would think of him and thank him for it. Sometimes I would even say, "Thanks Dad" out loud. Well, one day my husband and I stopped at a favorite ice cream shop for a treat, and while standing in the parking lot I had an overwhelmingly strong feeling that if I looked, there would be a penny lying there. I experienced an almost physical pulling feeling that made me look down; I just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a penny waiting for me to notice and pick up. Sure enough, when I looked, there it was! I wasn't a bit surprised to see it since the feeling had been SO strong. At the same time though, it was one of those remarkable "isn't the universe an amazing place?" moments!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this marvelous reality shift story with me! That feeling you had of feeling certain you'd see a penny waiting for you to pick it up is fascinating, as so many reality shifts I've noted have begun with a similar sense of certainty that something marvelous and special was right there waiting for me. When there's a special connection to someone you love, like how you feel about your Dad, those kind of feelings of certainty can be much more noticeable, too. Yes, this universe is an amazing place!

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