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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 98

Traveling Magic
Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

I'm a longtime reader of your website, and especially enjoy perusing the stories from subscribers.

My story is from the Northwest Territories in Canada, north of its capital city Yellowknife, in an area called Rae-Edzo, a small Dene Indian community. I was visiting my girlfriend Matty there, and one snowy day we went out moose hunting with her two cousins and her grandfather. The old man tottered behind us, poking his cane into the snow ahead of him. I worried about him, and kept looking back to see if I could see him coming, but no one else did. He eventually arrived at our campsite and spent the day telling us about his hunting experiences.

The boys returned empty-handed and tired. We had a long trip ahead of us back home and I think grandpa felt sorry for them. The winter light was fading fast so grandpa started out walking ahead of us and we stayed by the fire and ate the sandwiches we girls had brought. As soon as we finished we set out to catch up with the old man. It didn't take long because he was walking so slow. He told us "I will walk ahead of you a little ways. Follow in my footsteps and don't look around anywhere." So we did that. I walked in his bootprints and kept my head down, just focusing on the snow. Pretty soon I felt kind of dizzy, like I was a little drunk. Everything went kind of hazy and then we were home.

That walk back home must have been at least five miles long, yet it felt like it took about half a minute. I wasn't tired at all when arrived back at the house. Matty told me her grandpa had travelling magic but no one knew how he did it. Even when the cousins used to have sled dogs, at the end of the day they would run all the way home because they were hungry and cold, but even though grandpa didn't get much of a head start, he would always beat them home.

How did he do this, do you think? And how was he able to include us in his reality shifting?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful reality shifting story... I love it! Accounts from people who have been able to travel very far in a very short amount of time are numerous here at RealityShifters, and while different people utilize different techniques, it does seem necessary to be fully focused on a goal of arriving somewhere by a certain time or in a certain (short) amount of time, or as soon as possible... and then whether the person is walking, driving, or as in your case, hiking through snow, they reach their destination very quickly. As to why and how others can be influenced by someone who is maintaining such a focus, it could simply be the combined intent of all the members of the group to stay together, coupled with Grandpa's gift for reality shifting to shorten trips.

Self-Starting Computer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have a second, old computer I keep. Monday, I heard a high pitched sound and found this computer's monitor on and making the sound. I turned off the monitor and the sound stopped (of course). I went out onto the balcony, for about a minute, and when I came in I heard the sound again. The monitor was back on again. I turned it off again (the phenomena didn't continue after this).

Note from Cynthia:I've noticed that some computers seem quite susceptible to people around them... sometimes switching on when someone else is hoping we'll check our email, for example... or when we're considering getting back on the computer.

Materializing Glasses
Jerusalem, Israel

We moved out of Jerusalem last week, preferring a village to the city. It is beautiful here, green, green, green, unlike where we lived before which was right up against the desert, so not very green. My daughter and her family live in the middle of the Negev desert, it certainly has it's beauty, stirring vistas, but different strokes for different folks. When my eldest grandson says we should move there, I tell him I need to wear two pair of sunglasses whenever we approach the Negev.

Another reason, crucial really, for wanting to leave Jerusalem was the swirl of thick energies at the center of the universe (as Kryon says) and I was finding it difficult. We had been living in Jerusalem for nigh on forty years.

Now to the reason for this message: Last Wednesday I had to drive into Jerusalem for final procedures in transferring our previous apartment. I was tense because I didn't want to go back, not so soon after leaving. So it can express itself in various ways. Mine was tension at night, and wanting to have my spare pair of glasses with me in the car. Sounds like I didn't want to be seeing the town. Not being the greatest navigator I wasn't even certain how I'd enter the town center where city hall is located. But on the way, intuition took over and I made turns without knowing why I was doing them. Anyway, when intuition was doing what it's supposed to I calmed down and even kind of enjoyed being in town.

So I wanted that spare pair of glasses with me in the car. But where could they be? The house was disorganized with tens of cartons all over. I made an attempt to find the glasses, but to no avail. I opened drawers but they weren't there. What I did do was pull out a yellow pad and place it on top of the chest. A few minutes later my wife called to me to say she'd found my spare glasses. ON TOP OF THE PAD I HAD JUST PULLED OUT.

Note from Cynthia: What an amazing reality shift story this is! Presumably you did not put your glasses on top of the yellow pad, nor did anyone else come along and place them there... meaning that somehow, these glasses showed up in such a way to make your search for them as quick and easy asĀ  possible. That's truly marvelous, and truly amazing!

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