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March 2024
Issue #295

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Play with Nature
Make friends with storms, ants, and coyotes

"This is the real secret of life--
to be completely engaged with what
you are doing in the here and now.
And instead of calling it work,
realize it is play."
— Alan Watts

This last weekend, I enjoyed a lovely book launch party for Stanley Krippner's newly published memoirs, “A Chaotic Life.” After listening to some fascinating highlights from Stanley's nine decades of life, I moved over to the kitchen area, when a sudden downpour of noisy raindrops began pouring down outside. Raindrops drummed on the windows and the deck outside, and some people who'd stepped outside came back indoors. A young lady who I'd just met and was talking to asked me, “Do you work with nature spirits?” I replied, “I don't so much work with Nature spirits as play with Nature spirits.” She raised an eyebrow, looking puzzled, so I elaborated, “I sometimes play with Nature, like with the wind and the rain, in storms. I can feel such a strong connection, and when I'm fully present and engaged, the weather responds.”

The typical human concept of work brings to my mind a sense of expectations, guidelines, deadlines, and linear thinking—whereas the way I feel when engaging in heartfelt collaborations in Nature is much more relaxed and playful. I experience a deep soulfulness and engagement with Nature, from asking plants in my garden how they're doing, to enjoying squirrels, birds, gophers, ants, and bees—with awareness of how special each connection can be.

My deep feelings of connection with Nature undoubtedly started in my childhood. I had a love affair with bugs ever since I was a little girl, delighting in finding tiny insects on the blades of grass in our garden. I loved to spend hours watching ants marching along their chosen paths, and I loved to sit inside a bottle brush bush that was buzzing with the steady hum of honey bees gathering pollen from the flowers. I felt great love for these little creatures, and I enjoyed drawing pictures of some of their imagined homes and subterranean burrows, where some of these creatures rested when not foraging for food.

The day after the book launch party for Stanley Krippner's book, I wanted to further explore something he'd mentioned about his relationship with a man named Rolling Thunder, and was delighted to find an interview of Stanley Krippner by Jeff Mishlove about Rolling Thunder. I most treasured the part where Stanley recounted an experience he had with Rolling Thunder one night:
    One of my memorable experiences was going out late at night. One night, he said, 'Stanley, come with me. I want to show you something.' So I just went out late at night, to see the edge of his property, where his property ended, and the woods began. And he became very vocal: 'Hoot-hoot-hoot!' I would never be surprised at anything Rolling Thunder did. Out of the woods came a hoot, and within a few moments, a pack of coyotes emerged from the woods, and the leader of the pack came right up to us, so close I could have reached out and patted his head. Which I didn't, but I could have—that close. And Rolling Thunder hooted back and forth for a few moments, and then the coyote went back into the woods. I said, 'R.T. What's that all about?' He said, 'Well, every so often, we have to renew our pact. We agree that we will not shoot and kill the coyotes. They agree that they won't raid our chicken coops. And for all those ten years, there was no coyote raid against the chicken coop, which was the main reason that farmers in the area killed coyote—because the coyotes were notorious for eating chicken.'
After listening to this part of the interview, I contemplated the agreements we make with plants and animals in nature. These agreements seem to feel most solid when made soulfully, with the full integrity of one's being. I was thinking about the importance of respecting all of Nature when doing some meditative weeding in my garden around a decorative border rock. As I removed some wayward blackberry shoots and tall grassy weeds, my weed-pulling disturbed dozens of small black ants. These black ants surfaced from their subterranean burrow, walking briskly in ever-widening circles. I remembered the agreement I'd made with the black ants who used to come inside the house every time it rained when I'd first moved into my home, decades ago. I had a conversation with them at that time, agreeing that I would not disturb these peaceful creatures in the garden, if they'd refrain from invading my kitchen. All these many years later, I'd kept my word to them, and they'd also kept their part of this bargain. I smiled with my heart and whole being at the ants, and after a moment of heart-felt appreciation, I moved on to work the soil in another area, continuing to send loving thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to the little black ants.

This year I plan to be at two in-person events, starting with an in-person Oneness workshop in Crestone, Colorado from May 24th through 26th. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming IMEC 2024 Mandela Effect conference, happening in Nashville, Tennessee November 7th through 10th.

You're always welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty-four years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, you can review some of the first-hand reports of reality shifts reported since the 1990s!

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson, Liz Larson, Bill McKenna
Manifesting in the Periphery
Cynthia Sue Larson
with Liz Larson and Bill McKenna

Mar 31, 2024
1 hour, 34 minutes
I have an amazing conversation with Cynthia Sue Larson of joining Bill McKenna and Liz Larson of CognoMovement for a fascinating conversation about manifesting in the peripheral, reality shifting, reality bubbles, levels of conscious agency, autism, concussions, and more!

Cynthia Sue Larson
Taking the Offramp from Armageddon
Cynthia Sue Larson

24 Mar 2024
11 minutes
Gregg Braden recently shared a video, Are We Following an Ancient Script?  examining biblical prophecies from Psalm 83.  Careful scrutiny, and study of this biblical scripture suggests that some of the specific indicators predicted are starting to come to pass.  There do appear to be affiliations between countries in the Middle East focused on war.  Braden asks whether it might be possible for humanity to choose not to show up for what seems to be a series of scripted battles, and wars.  Braden asks: “Do we, as conscious beings, as spiritual beings, have the right to self determination of our future?  Can we awaken into the point where we can have the thousand years of peace, without the Gog/Magog, without the tribulation, without the Armageddon war?” I love these questions that Greg Braden asks, because they invite us to imagine how good it can get even when we may be observing sequences of events that suggest we may be entering end times.

You can read the blog post article on this topic at:

IMEC Open Tables Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars
Signs in the Sun, Moon,
and Stars

20 Mar 2024
2 hours, 27 minutes
Join the IMEC team for a captivating discussion on the intriguing Mandela effects surrounding the sun, moon, and stars. Dive into the enigmatic world of cosmic anomalies and explore the fascinating shifts in our collective perception of celestial bodies. With experts at the helm, this conversation promises to illuminate the hidden layers of reality and ignite your curiosity about the mysteries of the universe. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this mind-expanding exploration!

Cynthia Sue Larson on Everything Imaginable
Everything Imaginable
Cynthia Sue Larson

23 Mar 2024
1 hour
I had an uplifting and fascinating talk with Gary about Everything Imaginable related to quantum jumps, reality shifts, consciousness, and the Mandela Effect. We also talk about my love for ants and bees, the amazing insights of Philip K. Dick's writing, and my past-life-in-the-future experiences in a possible (yet dystopian) future some 500 years from now.

Cynthia Sue Larson the Soul Traveler
The Way 126 Experience
San interviews Cynthia Sue Larson

1 Apr 2024
1 hour, 55 minutes
I had a fascinating conversation with San on Consciousness of the Way podcast, talking about ascending through levels of conscious agency, experiencing mind-matter interaction, finding myself inside the Mandela Effect, Tom Campbell's thoughts on the Mandela Effect and presentation as IMEC 2023 keynote speaker, and alchemy.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Oneness
Crestone Retreat
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Oneness Workshop

Colorado College Conference Center, Crestone
May 24-26, 2024
2 Nights/3 Days at Colorado College Baca Campus and on 5 acres
$250 / Limited to 60 attendees

Could immediate evolutionary improvements, instantaneous geographic changes, and miraculous spontaneous healing—including recovery from death—be providing us with clues to essential technology, just when we need it most? I'd love to see you May 24-26 at our Colorado workshop, “Oneness: Changing the Timeline & Raising Consciousness.” Join the conversation about the importance of Oneness in these changing times, and how we can harness our natural gifts to thrive individually and together, choosing the reality we need, love, and intend. Discover powerful tools for harnessing your natural quantum superpowers & help lead the way to creating a new world with me, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Shane Robinson, Chris Anatra, and Jerry
Hicks IMEC 2024
IMEC2024: Adventures in Consciousness
Tickets now on sale for IMEC 2024
Mandela Effect Conference

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Nov 7-10, 2024
3 Day Mandela Effect conference

If consciousness--rather than matter--is the foundation of reality, what kind of experiences are we having with the Mandela Effect, what have we learned so far, and what adventures are possible? Tickets on sale now:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Time Slip in Florida
Florida, USA

In case it's of interest, here's my experience which I think was a timeslip: I was on holiday in Florida, driving down a typical road lined with box stores. My friend and I were listening to the radio and having fun when we felt a heavy depressive feeling suddenly come over us. It was both something physical 'in the air' and an emotional feeling. It felt wrong. Right after this we noticed a rundown wooden shack along the road with a simple hand painted 'Post Office' sign outside. A man wearing very shapeless denim dungarees and a straw hat full of holes, at night, was standing on the forecourt staring out. We couldn't believe the building still existed, especially in the middle of so many modern buildings, so decided to turn around in a carpark to take another look. We drove up and down the same straight road 3 times but the post office had dissappeared like it was a ghost office! We were in shock and didn't know what to say. The man's clothes were so strange looking I remember wondering where a person could even find clothes like that, but after searching online later I did come across old black and white photos of American men wearing similar dungarees. I like to imagine the man on the forecourt was staring out into our time.

Note from Cynthia: Oh, WOW! This is super interesting! Yes, your experience in Florida does seem to tick all the boxes for a time-slip, with the physical and emotional sensations as well as a change in the post office building (that subsequently vanished) and the man wearing shapeless denim dungarees and straw hat full of holes.


John Astin alive again
John Astin Alive Again
Georgetown, Texas, USA

I am sure I read that John Astin died years ago. I think I was reading an article about Patty Duke who had been married to John Astin, and it said he had passed away. This is how this happens: I read an article, something like that is mentioned, and since it is not an essential piece of information the brain ejects the details surrounding it, unfortunately. I last remember liking an actor, Chris Cooper, in the movie Breach in 2007. I looked him up on IMDB and saw that he had died. A couple years later he was in another movie, and I was shocked! I specifically remember that one, but nothing more than he was now alive. We never know if something like IMDB made an error or not?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much! I'd love to find out whether anyone else also remembers this, along with any details. Those details could include what you were doing when you heard the news, how you heard it (via what source); how he passed away; how old he was at the time; cause of death; what was mentioned in his obituary; was there a long or short illness first; and any associated details of any kind.

Big Changes on my Regular Walking Route
Kearney, Missouri, USA

Almost every morning I walk over 4 miles to get my steps in before breakfast. I walk the same route every day in relatively safe neighborhoods, which is good because I walk alone. Because I have no one to talk to and because I walk the same route every day, you might think this would be boring for an hour and a half every morning. However, so that I don't get bored, I play a little game of trying to notice something every day that I have not noticed before on my walk. Well, over the last several days, the Universe apparently really wanted to get my attention! I have come to be fairly familiar with the houses, yards, and yard decor of so many of the lots in this neighborhood over the last almost 2 years of living and taking walks here. The ones that stick in my mind are the ones whose owners have taken the time to decorate their yards with distinctive items. There is a house about a block from where I am living that has a large metal star adorning the front, and a sign stuck in the landscaping with blue cowboy boots on it. They also have planted a tree recently enough in the yard to still feel they need the staked supports so often used in such cases. There appeared a few days ago very near the sidewalk a shiny new flagpole in this yard which was flying an American flag on top with a Kansas City Chiefs flag right under it. There was a light on top that I noticed because it was kind of different. It had an oval surface directed downward that, rather than being a big glaring, solid light source, had a surface with small openings in it diffusing the light softly. "Cool", I thought. They are proud of their country and proud that the Chiefs are Super Bowl champs for 2 years running. I saw it for the next two days. On day 3 of noticing it, I decided to look at the ground where the flagpole was installed. No fresh dirt was turned over near the base of the pole, that would indicate evidence of it being recently installed. In fact, grass (old grass with broad blades!) was growing right up to the base of the pole. I thought that was weird, but I like weird. It was standing there like it had been there for a long time, although I knew it had not been. Then things got weirder. After seeing the flagpole in that yard for 3 days as I walked by, my walk by that yard surprised me more than I've been surprised in a long time. It was no longer there! Well, that was weird. Why would they have taken the time to put it up, just to take it down so soon? On my next few days walking down that street, I decided to make sure I had not seen it in another yard and just become confused about where I had seen it. No flagpole of that kind anywhere! Not in that yard, not on that street, not on any street that I go down on my morning walks! So, because I'm still a skeptic, and always try to debunk any weird experience I have with logic and reason, I decided to look at the ground once more where I had seen the flagpole to see if there was freshly disturbed dirt from the unearthing of the flagpole. No disturbed earth in that yard or in any yard near the place where I had seen it! Instead, in the place where I had seen it was an old, rusty round water utility meter, looking as if it had been there for years! Now, the Universe REALLY had my attention! I take no prescription meds, no recreational drugs of any kind, and I haven't had an alcoholic beverage in more than 16 years! Could I be crazy and just hallucinating? Well, sure, I guess. I believe in many things considered paranormal because of personal experiences I have had. I believe in ghosts, extraterrestrials and a higher power who created this reality. I have no scientific proof of any of these beliefs. I believe there is so much more to this reality than can currently be explained by science. But science constantly expands on theories. Science used to say that everything in space revolves around the earth! I have a Ph.D in Holistic Theology, so my education DOES kind of support "woo-woo" beliefs, so in that I feel fortunate.I appreciate you taking the time to read about my experience.I wonder if you have heard of anything similar with a large object appearing and then disappearing?Thanks for your time!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience of witnessing big changes on your regular walking route.  Yes, I've heard reputable reports of large objects appearing and disappearing--such as buildings, mountains, and trees, to name a few.  Some people have noted a group of buildings change together, others have noticed a wonderful business (such as a restaurant or pub) is completely different, or completely vanished.  These kinds of first-hand reports are shared on the realityshifters site in the "Your Stories" section, starting on this page:


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
Two things: I want to thank the person who wrote to you about the Charles Eisenstein glitch. When I watched your most recent YouTube video, where the sound was barely audible, I commented that I could not hear without turning the volume all the way up and still could barely hear, but I had also wanted to tell you about the Eisenstein glitch, but I couldn't remember who the person was for which this occurred. I only remember that it had showed up on my Instagram feed, from someone I followed, but couldn't remember who. So I didn't mention that when I commented on the volume. But I am grateful for the person who sent you that info, because it was bothering me that even when I relaxed and quit thinking about it, I still hadn't recalled who that person was (normally something–a name or a word– will come to me when I quit focusing on it).
Second, I wanted to let you know what I know about asafoetida and when I learned of it. I first heard about this "spice" (called Hing in India) years ago in a cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey, titled Madhur Jaffrey's World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking, (1981). I recalled that it is very unpleasant smelling, that it is a resin, and that the common substitute for this ingredient to Indian cuisine was garlic (or onions, or the combination of the two). The book was published in 1981 and I bought it new around the time it came out. I got the book off the shelf after reading the letter about asafoetida being a mold that grows on cave walls. Since I've known about asafoetida since the early 1980's, it was news to me that this man was saying it was a mold and not a resin. Jaffrey does say in her book that only a very small amount is used, and that it was partly for its flavor and more for its digestive properties: that asafoetida can be purchased as a lump of resin, or in powdered form. The resin was preferable because it was purer than the powdered form; to break off a small chip from the lump of resin with a hammer, and smash it between two sheets of paper before adding to the pot. So, I'm just offering this as a timeframe in relation to the post on Asafoetida. What I re-read, today, was what I remembered reading originally from this book I purchased in 1981.
Thanks for all your research and sharing.
Kind regards,

Charles Eisenstein and Cynthia Sue Larson
Dear Cristina,
Thanks so much for writing to me, and for sharing how you'd seen the post from Charles Eisenstein noting how you were thinking of his video/audio glitches when posting a comment on my video that had an audio track that was too quiet.  I'm still dazzled by the high strangeness of Eisenstein's weird situation and mine--when both of us were talking about UFOs.  This meaningful coincidence is exactly what Paola Harris discusses in her book, "Connecting the Dots," so it feels to me like all of these synchronous events are being highlighted, to make sure we sit up and take notice.
With respect to the asafoetida, it seems most people here in America have no memory of it ever having been a mold found in caves--they all seem to recall the spice.  In any case, this does seem to be a step up for the previously lowly cave mold, to now be more of a household name and part of recipes and fine dining experiences!
lots of love,


Hi Cynthia,
I recently discovered your youtube channel and love your content. I am fascinated with learning as much as possible about shifting into my ideal reality. Unfortunately, I only have enough money to purchase one of your books at the moment and would like to know which one you personally recommend for someone to start with? 'Reality Shifts' or 'Quantum Jumps'?
Thank you for your time,

Dearest Dakota,
Thanks so much for your email, and kind words. My book, Reality Shifts, is written from more of a right-brain, intuitive point of view, and has lots of different types of reality shift examples included, with tips on how to benefit from these kinds of experiences.  It's a great starting point book. My book, Quantum Jumps, is written from more of a left-brain, analytical point of view, and provides tips on how to benefit from making intentional shifts in your life.  It's the more recent book, and includes a chapter of questions and answers at the end. I think you'll enjoy either one of these.  :-)
lots of love and thanks,


Hi Cynthia,
So we just lost a fish, Its a small black cat fish that kind of disappeared and it's been almost 2 weeks since we last spotted it. It's not small enough to miss if it was dead and in the aquarium. The mystery is that it just seemed to have disappeared in thin air (or water).
Any suggestions?

Dear Fatima,
Wow, that is super peculiar!  Perhaps between the time you wrote this email to me and today the fish might have returned--that is always a possibility when something--or someone--goes missing.  I recommend reviewing whatever you were thinking and feeling before this occurred, as there is often a rather surprising connection between thoughts, feelings, and reality shift events. Focusing with love on anyone missing can sometimes assist in their return.
lots of love,



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