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December 2023
Issue #291

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Imagine Heaven on Earth

"Imagination and faith
are the secrets of creation."
— Neville Goddard "

The best time to think optimistically is right now—and the best place to invite positive outcomes is right here. It's also fine to have moments of wondering if it is advisable or appropriate to be an optimist in what appears to be a troubled world. Every time I've considered the alternatives to optimism or started to speak or think pessimistically, I've come to the realization that I'd rather be feeling optimistic than anything else.

We can glimpse a sense of vast optimism when viewing Nature, and feel a sense of wonder and reverence capable of refreshing and recharging us at our very core. It seems this Cosmos was created with extraordinary imagination, and in ways that somehow magically and against all odds resulted in supporting the vast riches of life we see today. There is an astonishing degree of beautiful symmetry to be found on Earth and in the stars above, indicative of some divine kind of hidden order.

These can be days of miracles and wonders, when we take an active role in keeping ourselves open-minded and open-hearted. With such a fresh sense of wonder, we are free to imagine that even asking such a simple question as, “How good can it get?” might completely astonish us with what happens next. We can notice the difference between days when we live optimistically, and days when we don't—and decide for ourselves which we prefer.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, Paola Harris Schumann
Resonance masterclass
I've got exciting news about a couple of exciting events—the first being an online masterclass in January, and the next being an in-person workshop next May. I invite you to join Paola Harris, Jeff Machala, and me Sunday, January 21st at 8pm ET, when we will be holding a Discover Schumann Resonance masterclass that is dedicated to exploring the wonders of Schumann Resonance, and I'd love to see you there! Schumann Resonance is a natural resonance created by electromagnetic waves bouncing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The primary frequency of Schumann Resonance is around 7.83 Hz, with several harmonic frequencies, including 14.07 Hz, 20.25 Hz, 26.41 Hz, and 32.45 Hz. The frequency 7.83 has been called Earth's heartbeat; it is the prime broadcasting frequency for our body, mind, and cells. Every living thing on Earth is tuned to this frequency and its harmonics. Schumann Resonance is linked to the normal functioning of the human brain and body, including: improved cognitive functions, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced immune function, sleep function, and more. You can see the details and registration information for this event at:

I also invite you to join the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) livestreams, that we hold toward the end of each month, often on a Wednesday. When you join us live, you can ask questions and join in the fun with others interested in the Mandela Effect who are in the YouTube chat room for these events. And hopefully you know you're always welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty-four years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, you can review some of the first-hand reports of reality shifts reported since the 1990s!

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "... with your loving and non-judgemental help,
      I crossed the threshold from the world of victimization
      to the world of redemption and grace;
      a place where all wounds are healed
      and where all things are possible;
      a place where all things exist and do not exist--
      at the same time!
      I deeply appreciate your "midwifery" expertise
      that helped me to trust the initiation and unfolding
      of this process. Many blessings to you and all that you do."
      — Dea

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Schumann
Resonance master class
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Schumann Resonance Masterclass

Sunday, January 21, 2024
6pm MST / 8pm EST
$30 / Limited to 40 attendees

Schumann Resonance enhances the body’s natural healing processes and reduces stress and inflammation. One study concluded that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) have promising effects on wound healing by effectively modulating various phases. Discover our Oneness with Earth! Many of Earth’s wisest mystics tell us that reality is a dream. As you can see in the movie THE MATRIX, it is possible for a child to bend a spoon with a thought. I know, because I watched my daughter bend a fork by simply placing it over her wrist. While she rested her right arm on the armrest of a chair, the fork slowly draped itself down to fit the curved form of her arm, like a custom-made bracelet. Switching to another reality feels a bit like changing television channels with a remote control, where the program is the reality we are in, and our thoughts and feelings are the remote control. We need to feel both intellectually detached enough to choose a different program from the one we’re in, and sufficiently emotionally energized to transmit our intention. In that state of relaxed, energized detachment (with aligned heart and mind), we can and do change the world.
Bring your questions for a lively discussion! Limited to 40 participants.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Oneness
Crestone Retreat
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Oneness Workshop

Colorado College Conference Center, Crestone
May 24-26, 2024
2 Nights/3 Days at Colorado College Baca Campus and on 5 acres
$250 / Limited to 60 attendees

Could immediate evolutionary improvements, instantaneous geographic changes, and miraculous spontaneous healing—including recovery from death—be providing us with clues to essential technology, just when we need it most? I'd love to see you May 24-26 at our Colorado workshop, “Oneness: Changing the Timeline & Raising Consciousness.” Join the conversation about the importance of Oneness in these changing times, and how we can harness our natural gifts to thrive individually and together, choosing the reality we need, love, and intend. Discover powerful tools for harnessing your natural quantum superpowers & help lead the way to creating a new world with me, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Gwilda on Mission Evolution
Cynthia Sue Larson
with Gwilda on Mission Evolution

November 14, 2023
57 minutes
Change Your Mindset, Change Your World! MISSION: EVOLUTION host, Gwilda Wiyaka, joined me in a riveting conversation delving into such matters as: how to make quantum jumps; why the coming Singularity matters; and how we can manifest our best lives amidst extraordinarily challenging times.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Interspecies Evolution podcast
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Interspecies Evolution Podcast
with Ginny Jablonski

November 30, 2023
57 minutes
What do energy sensitivity, radical optimism, mind-matter interaction, reality shifts, and the Mandela Effect have in common? Listen to my conversation with animal communicator Ginny Jablonski to find out.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Quantum Living
Welcome to the Quantum Age
with Cynthia Sue Larson on Quantum Living
at the intersection of science and spirituality podcast
with Anna Anderson

30 Nov 2023
1 hour, 4 minutes
Are you ready to leave the Information Age and enter the Quantum Age? Join me in my second conversation with Anna Anderson of the Quantum Living at the intersection of science and spirituality podcast, talking about new logic, implications, and ways to engage with the quantum cosmos, how to utilize retrocausality, and what's coming next.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Live Your Best Life
Knowing you are Loved, Safe, and Divinely Inspired
Cynthia Sue Larson

4 Dec 2023
16 minutes
Can you imagine feeling safe, loved, and divinely inspired--no matter what is happening? While that might feel improbable or even inconceivable, it's good to imagine it being possible, and know that some of us are doing our best to live this way. This topic came up after I heard from my friend, Ross Pittman of Conscious Life News: "Dear Cynthia. I love your latest article and video that you did on my request. It makes perfect sense and adds to my understanding of the nature of reality. My quest these days is to understand the nature of reality as much as I can. Even more, knowing who I am. And more than that, living my life in a manner that reflects that knowledge. I'm so glad we met. It's truly an honor to know you and to call you a friend. You, more than anyone I know, seem to live your life from the non-dual space of your eternal self. Hey, that would be a good topic. Can you teach people to be like you?" Much love, Ross I received a couple of other related queries this past month, wondering how to return from the bliss of meditation into the relative chaos of daily life.  People who meditate know it feels great to attain blissful meditative states.  But how can we be our best selves when we're not in those pure meditative states? Meditate Daily Dedicate regular time and space for meditation, choosing a type of meditation that works best for you.  You can try out combining a favorite activity with a favorite way to focus your attention, such as walking in nature while clearing your mind.  Or you can breathe slowly while focusing on slowing your thoughts down until they stop, and savor the experience of no-thoughts for a while. With regular meditation, it can be possible to access a state of infinite, eternal, unconditional divine love, and a deepening faith that you are safe, loved, inspired, and protected.

You can read the blog post article on this topic at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Manifestation Meditation
by Cynthia Sue Larson

10 Nov 2023
10 minutes
This short, powerful meditation is about having faith in connecting with a new desired reality/ change/ to live your best life. This simple meditation can be applied to so many different areas of life. It can be beneficial in these fast paced uncertain times where change is required (and many times required quickly). How to trust those changes are/can contribute to your best life? How to connect with the right changes in the right timing? Even in seemingly impossible situations where flow is not (yet) seemingly happening? This specific meditation is a soothing gateway to develop the faith that this can and will happen easily, and to one’s greatest benefit. This is the meditation from chapter 25 of the Therapeutic Astrology Podcast; a listener requested it as a separate meditation video, so here it is!

IMEC Open Tables Moon Mandela Effects and Much More
Moon Mandela Effects and Much More
on IMEC Open Tables

29 Nov 2023
3 hours
The Mandela Effects just don’t stop. In this episode of Open Tables we discuss everything from the latest “mandanimals,” including fish and shrimp that live in trees, to the unique appearance of our moon, scud clouds and Trovants – rocks that grow and reproduce. Do you remember the half moon being diagonal or even horizontal in the sky? What about the aurora borealis having orange colors? Even the color of the some of the space shuttle crew uniforms have changed from orange to blue. We’ll also discuss what appears to be a different position of a cow’s udders. Have they MOOO-VED?


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Time Jumping Fun
Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA

I have experienced so many amazing things over the past years. I constantly have strangers come up to me and tell me they are supposed to talk to me, and I can help them --and I do. I keep a notebook of all the incredible experiences I have had. I wanted to share with you something I have experienced many times that relates to time jumping. I was in the car to go meet a friend for a Broadway show that was in town, and I was running late. We were meeting in downtown Nashville, and I was like about 30-40 minutes north. I looked at the car clock, and was supposed to be there in 10 min and I was 30 min away at least. I called him and told him and said I was going to time jump and be there early, he laughed, but he had seen me do so many amazing things, he didn't know what to say. I then told myself, I will not look at the clock again until I get there, as to step away from the reality I was in easier. I arrived in eight minutes, which was totally physically impossible. He was white as a sheet. I was excited, as I totally was expecting to, and had no doubt that is what would happen. I continue to do this here and there to keep my chops up! Intention is everything!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this beautiful experience!  I know what you mean about strangers approaching and trusting you to assist, or spontaneously share magical news; this also happens to me.  I love how you “called the shot” before driving farther in less time than seemed  possible, even though your friend had known you to time jump before. Yes, intention is powerful!  I love how you refrained from looking at clocks or time devices while driving, while maintaining positive, focused attention and expectation of your safe arrival time.  Brilliant!


Its Fall Yall
Spelling and Sign Changes
Westchester, New York, USA

Mandela Effect wise, not only did I notice we are back in the reality where Thanksgiving is the third Thursday of November (my mom's birthday), BUT I saw an article that spelled Defense-with a c?! Then shortly after spellcheck was correcting it to S as I jotted down this Mandela Effect. Also -I’m glad we’re back in the reality where surprise and other words have the S again, I thought it was bizarre when it was a Z (although may make sense as the word Prize is in there). Also a personal one relating to this picture, that “fall” sign (that I’ve had for years) now has something it never had—that extra random curly Q little tail it has, at the beginning of the first A (in the word “Fall”). That it doesn’t even have in the second word (“Ya’ll) (Because at one point I thought perhaps that’s just how the lower case cursive “a”’s are for whoever made this sign) -but NO! Seriously bizarre! And yet so typical of a Mandela Effect we'd see universally.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous reality shift!  For me, Thanksgiving is still (very strangely) settled into its newly "always-been-this-way" 4th Thursday of November, which seems truly odd.  But you saw it on the 3rd Thursday this month?!  Wow!  Sometimes these change and then flip-flop back again.  Those spelling changes you've been noticing are fascinating.  Those are truly annoying to me whenever they crop up, and this is the first I've heard of someone noticing these particular changes, to "defense" and "surprise."  Your personal reality shift / Mandela Effect with the word "Fall" having some really curly element going on is really interesting!  How odd that the word "Y'all" doesn't also share the curly-que on the letter "a" and how intriguing that this is not the way you remember this sign having been before. 

Quantum Jumps ebook appears
Anna Anderson
Thank you for your book, Quantum Jumps. I’m reading it just now on Kindle. It gives me tremendous inspiration. The thing is, I don’t recall purchasing it or reading it before. When we did the interview early this year, I was going to purchase it, but somehow never got around to doing it. I may have read some excerpts from it on Amazon or elsewhere online before the interview—that’s it. I purchased a few books on Kindle several years ago, yet nothing since then. As I needed to read a book for my upcoming interview with a new guest (The Quantum Age episode on the Quantum Living podcast), and there was no time to buy a physical book, I decided to get it on Kindle. Since I bought my current PC three years ago, I had to download and install Kindle for PC on it, which I did today. When I opened the Library, I saw there 16 titles, with few I don’t recall purchasing. In those titles is your book, Quantum Jumps. I started reading it, and realised that I have not read it before. I did not purchase it; if I wanted to, I would have bought a physical book, which is my preference. So, there you go. I think you can draw your own conclusion as to what happened! LOL This book is AMAZING so I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing with me your experience with finding that you somehow had a copy of my book, Quantum Jumps, in ebook form, that you would not have ordered, but somehow possess in your kindle book collection.  Wow!  That’s really wonderful and amazing!  Especially since you don’t recall ordering nor reading it previously, and you would have ordered a paperback version, if you did purchase it.  Very cool! Also, I love your blog post about The Cucumber Effect, too!  Yes, this mystery of how there can literally be something arriving seemingly out of nowhere is a big deal, and also a completely normal part of daily life as quantum beings.

Large Wheelchair Ramp Appears on House
New England, USA

Along the road going to my doctor's office, there is one smallish house with a small front yard. I have passed it a few hundred times over the years. On Friday October 20th, I went to an appointment and saw that house was the same as ever. But on my way home again it suddenly had a large wheelchair ramp taking up nearly their entire front yard. I stopped and looked closely. It had a concrete foundation and looked somewhat old as though it had been there a long time. I don't see how a ramp with a foundation could be built so fast. Let alone look old. When I went to my doctor's appointment on another morning, I saw that the wheelchair ramp is still there in the front yard of that house. On close examination, the ramp seems to be connected to the foundation of the house, rather than having it's own independent foundation, Even then I wonder how anyone could have installed it so fast and be gone before I made my return trip. It still looks old. On yet another occasion recently, I passed the house with the wheelchair ramp, and saw that it is still there. In some places there is corrosion on the metal railing. At one spot there is lawn and sod grown up onto the top of the ramp. It had to have been there for a long time, but I had not seen until writing to you.

Note from Cynthia: What an intriguing observation about noticing a seemingly old and well-worn "new" wheelchair ramp taking up such a large portion of the front yard of a smallish house near your doctor's office. Surely this is the kind of thing you'd have seen on other occasions, so it does seem like the kind of reality shift so many of us notice from time to time. This kind of reality shift is right in line with so many other similar first-hand reports of buildings, signs, trees, and even mountains being completely different or in different positions or locations. With your confirmation that the wheelchair ramp is not only still there when you've visited the area again, but clearly apparently connected to the foundation of the house, it does seem surprising that anyone could have installed it so fast and be gone before you made your return trip--plus it looks old. I've had such experiences happen to me, as I describe in my book, Reality Shifts, where my friends and I observed an old-looking gigantic concrete sun dial rising up in front of us at the Berkeley Marina where we'd walked together many times before--and it even had a plaque, describing how it was a gift from decades earlier from a sister city in Japan, yet we'd never seen it. I've also witnessed a leaf guard system be fully installed on my next door neighbor's house—then gone—without ever hearing any construction crew working away to install and then remove it. So I do know how strange and surprising these shifts can be.

Oslo Munch Museum and Book Changes

We have exchanged a few emails before on this subject, but I just need to share with you my last experience of Mandela Effect that I still can't wrap my head around it. In January, I visited a new Munch museum in Oslo, and the architecture of the building was shining black. I was there again yesterday and the building is grey. The person I was with claims that it always was grey. Later that day, in a book shop I was looking for a book I knew about, and was holding it in my hands a couple months ago. I found it yesterday, and it is half the size. I asked the person working if this is some new edition and the answer of course was no, the book always looked the same. I really cannot make much sense out of it.  If this is about time lines and I am the one who is shifting—but why would I shift to a timeline where the museum looks worse than before? Or maybe it has something to do with a person I was with? I was on her timeline. Because the first time I was alone and in a very good mood, and the museum colour was beautiful. Does this make more sense to you now, after all the research you did and all the experience you had so far?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing your recent experience noticing the difference of details in coloration of the Oslo Munch museum, and the size of a book you'd seen fairly recently.  These kinds of changes can sometimes seem nonsensical, or annoying--such that the current versions of reality are somehow less enjoyable than the way things had been before.  This definitely serves to catch our attention with such certainty that we know something has changed--whereas if there were slight improvements (things turning out better), we might dismiss fleeting thoughts that we're experiencing a reality shift or Mandela Effect.  When things definitely seem to have changed for the worse, we can know for sure this has occurred, and there's little doubt.  And it seems to me that a large part of the reason so many of us are noticing these reality shifts and Mandela Effects at this time is precisely to get our full attention, without us assuming we must be misremembering.  The other part of the reason can indeed be directly related to mood, and vibratory frequency.  When we are feeling loving, joyful, grateful, or ecstatic, we're much more likely to experience some of the things that have happened in my life, including:  the laundry was done (by itself); kitchen floors were cleaned (nobody cleaned them); money has appeared in my wallet and bank account (out of nowhere); food has landed on my kitchen counter and in my refrigerator (that nobody purchased); and much more.  Yes, all these things are possible, there can be tremendous miracles evident in our lives each and every day when we live in a very good mood.

Walt Disney Mirror Mirror
Walt Disney says “Mirror, Mirror”
Cathedral City, California, USA

In the ongoing debate about "Mirror Mirror" vs "Magic Mirror," here is Walt Disney himself speaking the magic words on "The Walt Disney Christmas Show 1951."  This clip was recorded from a documentary called "Christmas with Walt Disney" currently running on Disney Plus. This was just a decade after the words were spoken in "Snow White," the movie that catapulted Disney Productions into the big leagues and became the foundation of everything that came after.  I don't think he would have misremembered the line!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this evidence that Walt Disney himself referred to "mirror, mirror" on the Walt Disney Christmas show in 1951--how amazing!  Indeed, this was filmed rather soon after the animated movie, "Snow White," came out, so Walt would not have misremembered that line!  This truly seems like strong evidence of a reality shift/Mandela Effect involving this dialogue line being remembered by Walt Disney the same way so many of us also remember it.  Brilliant find!


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi there!
Hi there! I found an article on attributed to you, entitled "We don’t all share the same physical world." You hit on one of my favorite subjects, theoretical physics, and I felt compelled to write. Indeed, all human perception is unique to the observer. The easiest way to understand this is to consider identical twins with mostly identical life experiences. Even if they were truly identical, the twins could never experience the same stimulus in the same way (hat tip to Wigner). Thus, no one's reality can be the same as someone else's. The Mandela Effect is a workable construct for envisioning cascading permutation of events through time, but the effect *requires* time to develop. Observation, in the context of reality, requires no perceived time at all as it can form an impression in as briefly as a single thought iteration, even though each iteration could present a still-frame progression of the Mandela process. Perception can be nearly instantaneous and is ever-changing. In my little world, reality is a shared space, a place where we all agree (or somehow know) to meet when we need to deal with the physical world. The rest of the time we are free to exist anywhere we like, as far from reality as we like. I believe that what we call reality is a mechanism of the "collective" espoused by Carl Jung, available only to sentient beings (gotta be conscious to discern reality). Other mechanisms might be remote viewing, psychic abilities, mother's intuition, prayer, or picking the right horse at the track, each producing usable information about the "real" shared space or even altering it. In fact, one's reality can change seemingly randomly as our perspective adjusts with each successive iteration of observation. Could go on but won't. Not expecting a reply or anything, just wanted to share. Thanks for your hard work and open-mindedness!

Dear Fred,
Thanks so much for writing to me after seeing my article in BeforeItsNews I didn't realize they'd picked it up, but I found it, sure enough, at:
I like your observations about reality being a shared space where conscious agents somehow know to meet when observing and dealing with the physical world.  It really does seem like that, yet the illusion can be rather persistent that some objective singular physical reality exists. 
With love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
Do you see a future for democracy?

Dear Nathaniel,
I see there is steady and ever-growing desire to attain and maintain privacy and sovereignty for personal individual rights, with public transparency of governing bodies. As long as citizens continue to hold these values highly enought, there can be a future for democracy.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I continue on my strange journey of life and wonder if you have already done a podcast or newsletter on the topic of / with people who experience seeing all the dots connected ahead of time, almost permanent deja vus, warning people, being called insane and things coming to pass anyway, as in is it creating or (as I feel) remembering? And how could living such a life that feels like a memory - rather than, I am here to create anew - is at all possible - especially as my insights are so accurate for all things global humanity, yet give me no support in my personal life. I'd love to read/listen to any material that you might have on this.
Warm regards,

Dear Teresa,
Yes, I've heard of people tuning into and previewing world events, yet feeling unable to do much about it. Some of us sense world events about to happen, and before they come about, go into meditation/prayer and subsequently don't encounter some of those (catastrophic) events.  Each of us is so very unique, that those of us who receive clear advance insights and information work with this information as uniquely and differently as we are.  I work with some clients to fine-tune their abilities in these areas.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I wanted to send out my thank you & a suggestion informed by this thank you. I always listen to the talks and interviews that you do across a wide range of content sources (and usually connect with them by those that you you post in your Reality Shifters newsletter). Having recently listened to your interview on Therapeutic Astrology podcast 10/17/23… my thanks is ongoing for how you make complex topics simple and share such valuable information. Specifically the meditation process you did on the end of the  call about having faith in connecting with a new desired reality/ change/ to live your best life—I’ve listened many times to this simple yet powerful meditation. It can be applied to so many different areas of life. It feels beneficial to me in these fast paced uncertain times where change is required ( and many times required quickly!)  for many people. How to trust those changes are/can contribute to your best life? How to connect with the right changes in the right timing? Even in seemingly impossible situations where flow is not (yet) seemingly happening? This specific meditation is a soothing gateway to develop the faith that this can and will happen easily & to one’s greatest benefit. My suggestion is that you consider releasing this particular meditation as an mp3 on your website (excerpted exactly as it is, the sound quality is excellent & the energy coming through is profoundly helpful). If that is not possible for whatever reason, re-record this for specific release as a downloadable digital file mp3. It is general yet can be very specific for each potential user. I just have a sense that it can help so many people from all walks of life, for whatever they are going through. Absolutely brilliant! I’m using it to claim more faith in navigating job search options & staying positive through what is a challenging arena many people are facing these days. If you can send some extra reinforcement of this strengthened faith for this concern my way I would appreciate it very much. And I’m so happy to provide this suggestion to you with my deepest thanks.
Highest & Best Always,

Dear Deb,
What a delightful and wonderful idea! Thank you for your lovely email, and I've reached out to Mannah, to find out if she'd be interested in creating a mini-sode of that meditation to bring out separately.  I think it's a great idea! 
Yes, it's a brilliant idea, and it's viable, and it's done! I've posted it at my YouTube channel:
and it's also up on Mannah's channel:
lots of love and blessings and a thousand thanks,


Hi, dear Cynthia,
Just found you on youtube while you were speaking in a documentary called Enlightenment. Ever since, I found your YouTube channel and other interviews that you are doing. Many thanks for all that you bring into our world! I also just decided to read your website testimonials today and they are great! Now, my question is regarding these people who did shift their reality through meditation. Was it daily? Twice a day? For how long? I wish we had a bit more info on the personal work that each one does so it could help people like me who meditate about 10 minutes or 20 minutes per day—and not every day understand what's the best technique. So I guess, my suggestion is—I would really appreciate it if in the future your testimonials would include a bit more details on what they do to have their reality shift? Also would you mind telling me what you'd recommend as a practice so I can succeed too?
PS : Just bought High Energy Money and maybe you refer to that there—Which other book would you recommend (written by you)?  Many thanks!
Love n light

Dear Banu,
Thanks so much for your email, and kind words, which are very much appreciated! I also appreciate your suggestion to include details that are more specific.  Most endorsements are just written in the moment, including whatever people feel inspired to share.  Some additional information with more specifics is sometimes included in the "your stories" section of the realityshifters website, which you can read in each month's newsletter, or the archives at:
For daily practices, I suggest trying out some meditations until you get one that works well for you, and sticking with it.  I post meditations from time to time on my YouTube channel, and just did one recently you might appreciate:
Manifestation Meditation
I also wrote an article (with embedded companion video) on combining a favorite activity and favorite mental focus for creating enjoyable personalized meditations:
A couple of other books I wrote that I'd recommend would be: Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps.  :-)
lots of love and blessings,


Hey Cynthia,
What do you think of my theory that there are actually a lot of timelines and they are slowly merging together?

Dear Amr,
Yes, I agree with this theory, and wrote an article about it, "When Consciousness Changes the Physical World." One of our biggest opportunities at this time is to realize all of reality is a dream, and we are the dreamers; this special state of consciousness of being awake while dreaming is known as lucid dreaming. I once had a lucid dream in which I reclined on a grassy green field on a sunny day, gazing up at the sky. I noticed that the sky seemed different, because instead of seeing a full moon in the sky, I was looking at a full planet Earth. I thought to myself, “If I'm looking at a planet Earth in the sky, what am I on right now?” Clearly I was on planet Earth, so how could I be seeing another Earth? I then watched in awe and wonder as I saw hundreds of planet Earths converging in the clear blue sky above. This was a slow transition, about the same speed as a solar eclipse, as these planets moved closer together. “What is going on?” I wondered aloud in the dream... realizing as soon as I asked this question that I knew the answer. This is a time of convergence, when it is as easy to walk between worlds of intention and attention, from one reality to another, as it is to cross a creek by stepping from stone to stone. We select the worlds we walk through in accordance with our state of consciousness—our emotional attitude and intellectual mindfulness—bridging the gap from one space-time to the next. People encounter positive conscious reality shifts when in alignment with matching intentions, from their heads down to their toes. A sense of clarity comes from holding such a state of alignment, as one becomes more honest, compassionate, and aware of observing the roles we play in human dramas. Anyone sustaining such energetic alignment while simultaneously energized and relaxed can experience life as a waking lucid dream, in which everything they think appears around them in the physical world. In sharp contrast to such a life of instant manifestation, many people operate more like a funky radio frequency, broadcasting three or more conflicting signals in a noisy jumble.
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