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February 2021
Issue #257

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Rise Above Drama

When we rise above the merry-go-round of drama
we see that we need not stay stuck
in patterns of sadness, anger, or fear.
Sadness can transform into vulnerability;
Anger can transform into assertiveness;
Fear can transform into care.

This past month I was asked to create a blog post and video to address the kind of stress people are feeling recently. These are times when we might feel drawn into some kind of emotional drama when we watch the news, or when we are conversing with friends, family, or neighbors. I wrote a blog post and created a video for YouTube, and share some tips I find helpful when feeling stressed, to remember to rise above the drama.

Another great way to rise above stress is to focus on things we can do that keep us feeling joy in being alive. With that in mind, I'm delighted to invite you to join the live premiere of our first episode of our first season of a new show called “IMEC Open Tables” on this Wednesday, February 3rd, starting at 4:30pm Eastern Time. In this first episode of IMEC Open Tables: The Golden Timeline, we will discuss some fascinating Mandela Effect implications of recent mysterious monolith appearances, and share thoughts about coverage of the Mandela Effect in HBO's "How to Improve Your Memory" episode of How To with John Wilson.

Another bit of good news, if you enjoy shopping therapy, is that all love-related designs at Ka Gold Jewelry are on sale through this February 14th, in celebration of unconditional love. Jewelry designer David creates each design by hand, infusing each piece with positive intentions and love.

My favorite question, "How good can it get?" provides an open-ended invitation to invite reverence into our lives. We've reliably witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I hope you will feel free to browse through a few issues, and restore your sense of wonder.

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      (2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films
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      (4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      "You helped me regain myself, to become grounded.
      I was in a state of fear and panic, a real crisis,
      that had been ongoing for several weeks, and you helped me
      to reconnect to myself and to hear my spiritual guides. Thank you!"
      – Traude

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
Feel Anxious? Sad? Angry?
Shift to a Positive Perspective

29 Jan 2021
I was recently asked what people can do to survive the current weird environment.  This query continued: "We really need to shift our reality away from negativity and fear.  It’s funny because as I type this you are saying in the background on YouTube, ask the good questions."  When we feel we're in a weird environment, full of negativity and fear, we can shift to a positive perspective.  We can take a deep breath, acknowledge the vastness of the Cosmos, and our connection to it, and we can raise our level of consciousness to a higher dimension.  Through this raising of consciousness we can experience sadness transform into vulnerability; anxiety transform into caring; and anger transform into assertiveness.
You can read the companion blog post to this video in its entirety at:

Grant Cameron
Contact Modalities with Grant Cameron
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Grant Cameron about consciousness, UFOs, and contact modalities.  Grant shares his personal experience with the “wow factor” of seeing UFOs, and describes the value of contact modalities.  Just as Paul McCartney received his song, “Yesterday” in a dream, some of the top scientific discoveries and artistic creations come through in the form of direct knowing and inspiration. We can learn to get in the field by utilizing any of a number of some dozens of contact modalities, such as meditating, to quiet the left side of our brains. Grant describes how UFO experiences have changed over the decades and centuries, from wooden ships seen in the air in the 1800s to modern-day experiences with orbs, mists, beams of light, and triangles.  Humanity now has an opportunity to experience what a difference our beliefs can make, when we recognize the foundation of reality is consciousness–and not physical “nuts and bolts.” Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. Grant has authored numerous books and presented findings from decades of research in interviews and at events held around the world, as well as in TV documentaries and nearly a hundred radio shows. Grant’s website is:
You can listen to this audio interview at:

Cynthia Sue Larson with Jimmy Satva
Zero Point Truth Radio
with Jimmy Satva and Cynthia Sue Larson

Take a unique and deep dive into the nature of reality and how we really do cause and create our experiences and reality in each and every moment. This conversation includes Jimmy Satva providing an Introduction to Mind Mapping, and an awesome conversation with Jimmy and me discussing the nature of reality and reality shifts.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Appearing / Disappearing Coffee Cup
San Mateo, California, USA

Happy Multi-Dimensional New Year Cynthia! I loved your Reality Imagine Shift experiences. Funny, this type of lost and found happened at the same exact time for my mother and me. I made coffee and couldn't find my to go coffee cup. We bith looked all over the kitchen. We went outside to have coffee (i had gotten a different cup). We both said how strange it was missing and know it was just there. Then Mommy said she had her favorite lighter in her pocket and checked again to assure me it was still missing. We went inside, and saw that there on the sink next to the coffee pot was my to-go coffee cup—and mommy looks in her pocket, and there's her lighter. We both acknowledged that we just had a reality jump. I had told Mommy that I had mentally scanned the kitchen for cup. I then wondered if I had taken a picture to prove my cup was gone, if my cup would show up in a picture once it was found. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't crazy and that the cup was not in that spot. Love you and all you do and are! Blessings to finding our hidden treasures.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experience with your coffee cup disappearing and reappearing within such a short time.  Thank goodness that you had a witness, and also that both of you observed it subsequently showing up in such an obvious way and place that there's no way that you or your mother could have missed seeing it, if it had been there earlier when you were looking for it.  And how amazing that your mother's lighter that she'd just noticed was missing from her pocket also returned at the same time!


Cloris Leachman
Cloris Leachman died—again
Nora Yolles-Young

I just wanted to report that I've seen Cloris Leachman die for the second time! I think the first time was a few years ago. I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan and I loved all of her work in his movies. I grew up watching Cloris as the formidable and hilarious Nurse Diesel in “High Anxiety,” and the disturbing Frau Blücher in “Young Frankenstein.” I loved her. Such a huge talent. I recall being saddened by her first death, and so when my husband told me that Cloris Leachman died this morning, I knew I had to let you know. I am curious to know if any others are seeing this Mandela Effect.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your recollection that you've seen Cloris Leachman die, a few years back.  Cloris truly was unforgettable in her roles as Nurse Diesel and Frau Blücher, so I can completely believe that she's been 'on your radar' and someone who you'd really notice hearing that she'd passed.  While this particular case isn't one that I noticed, it seems quite likely to me that other people will also have memories of Cloris having died previously, as well.  She truly was a brilliantly talented actress with enormous charisma!

Glitch in the Matrix
Austin, Texas, USA

Last night my husband, Jerry, and I were watching a show we'd recorded earlier. In one scene, a woman took out a record album showing only the back of the album, and she exclaimed how it was “Henry Mancini,” and she turned the album cover so we could just briefly see that it was red on the bottom half and white on top, with “MANSINI” printed in red letters; then she turned the album to remove the vinyl. I was shocked, remembering his name as “Mancini.” After a few seconds, I paused the recording, and asked Jer if he remembered Mancini’s name as being Mancini. He said, “Yes.” I even looked it up, to see if this was a Mandela Effect. No, was Mancini online. I then asked Jer if he saw the album in the show with the spelling of the word “Mansini,” and he said no, that she never turned the album cover around! I was in disbelief. I rewound and replayed it, and the scene that I know that I had previously seen was missing! She only turned the album cover a fraction, just enough to see a bit of red at the bottom, but not enough to see any words. I was stunned, because I know I saw it! Later, she turned the album toward the camera to read the back, and it was red on the bottom half, but the word MANCINI was in all different colored letters! The C was in yellow, for example, and it was in a different font. Mind blown. I am a very observant person and I know I did not imagine this. Was a shocking experience and I was glad I had the benefit of the program being recorded. There is no way I would have imagined Mancini being misspelled, which I why I was so shocked seeing it misspelled, and then more shocked that Jerry had not seen it and then even more shocked that it was not on the recording. What do you call this? Why can two people see the same recording differently? How good can 2021 get? Asking for a friend. haha.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing your recent experience watching a show you'd recorded in which you saw a scene that did not play again when you went back to replay it. There is a neurological term, "pareidolia" for our human ability to find familiar objects or patterns in unrelated or random scenes. Stage magicians make use of this well-known tendency—yet sometimes, what we see truly was seen, and not merely something imagined. Since what you saw was actually a misspelled word: "MANSINI" it would seem that this is a word you actually saw, rather than a word you imagined and that your mind created, possibly begun by that bit of red at the bottom of the screen. Within the realm of reality shifts, there truly are times that one person will observe one set of events that are different from what others see. So I'd call this a reality shift, with your experiencing different subjective realities—unless you have reason to suspect that your mind took a flash of red and "ran with it" to create an oddly misspelled version of the word "Mancini."

Jenefer Smalley at the Peanut Trail
Magical Experience on the Ski Hill
Jenefer Smalley
British Columbia, Canada

The other day I bought these novelty signs of ski run names from the ski hill: I bought one “Freefall” and one “Peanut Trail.” I was on the fence about purchasing the novelty signs, because although I ride all double black ski trails now, like freefall, we always used to ski the peanut trail as kids. However, those are the signs that I bought. The woman who sold them to me held them for me, so I could still snowboard for a while. All the while I kept thinking to myself, “No, I have to get two peanut trail signs.” When I came back to the shop I was surprised to see that there were two peanut trail signs! It blew my mind! Of course I had doubts after, thinking, “Oh, maybe I had changed my mind at the teller,” but I was literally in shock when I saw it. I had no memory of choosing two peanut trail signs! And yet, there they were! My first instinct was to think that maybe this was a parallel reality? What would that have been from a quantum perspective? It felt like pure magic when I opened the bag! The teller was new, so she didn't share in my excitement, haha, but nevertheless, I think this was the first time I consciously noticed this! Well that sure was a special experience. The mountain and the peanut trail sign were already nostalgic, happy memories from childhood, and then to have that happen! I was thinking about it for the rest of the ride, and reminding myself not to forget to pick them up, and to exchange freefall dbl black diamond for the lil peanut trail. How cool! I swear this has happened before; I just never noticed it. But since learning about you, it's on the radar now.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this fun experience!  I can just imagine your surprise to return to check your selections, and discover you'd somehow already selected exactly the signs you were wishing you'd picked!  Yes, this kind of reality shift definitely can (and often does) happen when we're feeling energized with strong Qi (as I'm sure you were, while snowboarding), with awareness that something is definitely needed, loved, and desired. We pretty much always get what our high self knows we need, though sometimes that's different than what we have in mind--and it really does feel like we're moving in the form of consciousness from one possible reality to another.

Vanishing Granite Candlestick
Andreas Lindmark

I received a candlestick made out a pink granite stone that weighs about 1 Kilogram and is about 1 decimeter high, made for tealights, as a present from a friend about 2 years ago. Since granite is not transparent and I had it on my sofa table, the tealight kind of disappeared down in the bottom of the stone, so no light was visible, which was annoying. So finally one day I found a cylindrical silver metallic candlestick for ordinary candles in a second hand shop that I bought and took home. Funny thing I discovered was that the cylinder foot of the new candlestick perfectly fit the hole in the granite candlestick, so I put it in the granite one and woohoo! I had made a new candlestick from both of them :) . Anyway, I only had my "new creation" for 2 weeks or so, when I one day lifted up the metallic one from the granite one to remove a drop of candle wax from it, scraping it off over an ashtray placed about 50 cm next to it on the table. Scrap, scrap with my thumbnail, candle wax fell down in the ashtray, and I move my eyes 50 cm back to the right to put it back in the granite one. BUT IT'S GONE ! (Getting goose bumps now typing this.) I didn't even move my feet, just moved my hands and eyes to the ashtray next to it for a couple of seconds, and it had vanished in thin air. I had to go to the PUB and have a couple of beers to calm my nerves immediately after to calm my nerves. Have you heard of something like this before? I live in a small flat in a building from 1937 for almost 30 years now on my own (no other have keys to my flat), and I'm used to things disappearing never coming back from time to time over the years. But not a heavy granite stone (almost) in front of my eyes. Here are some examples of things gone missing: A pair of glasses, a mobile phone, a "bettskena" (translation missing in English) a dental plastic thing you get from your dentist to prevent you from grinding your teeth while sleeping, a wallet once disappeared only leaving the bank notes still on the table! (that was a strange one, id-card, credit cards and the wallet was gone but not the bank notes in it), notebooks, pens, cutlery, (this morning I was missing a tea spoon, come to think of it), clothes, and a plastic part of my coffee maker, (had to fix it with tape). None of the things going missing ever come back, unfortunately. The only thing that ever had materialized out of nowhere is that Iraqi passport, I wrote about that in another mail to you, 2-3 years ago. It's very hard to try explain these things for friends and family, you are probably the only one in the world that believe me. My heart feels lighter now, thanks for reading this far. Love and peace!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing more details with me about the vanishing pink granite candlestick.  I think I've seen similar kinds of pink granite candle holders here in the USA, cut so that a tea light candle can be placed inside a bored-out hole in the granite.  I love your idea of putting something in the hole in the granite so that the candle light could be seen better--that's brilliant!  With regard to the matter of my having experienced something vanish right in front of me, in a closed environment with nobody else around and in a matter of moments--yes, I have experienced such confounding events.  I often find the missing item returned to me, though sometimes the return happens a while later, and sometimes I have seen items seemingly teleport.  The greatest distance was when a magazine that I'd purchased and brought home to read in my house vanished from my home and apparently immediately appeared at a friend's house in a different city.  I mostly experience lost items returning, and I credit this lucky streak with my guiding intention to find out, "How good can it get?"  For me, this seems to keep my reality shifting experiences primarily very positive and enjoyable.

Email Flow Timeline Shift
Los Angeles, California, USA

I believe I had a timeline shift experience this past week. Back in September, I changed departments at my job and was removed from their email distribution list. This was good, because I routinely would have 200+ emails a day. The email flow in my current department is much less. A few weeks ago, I noticed that emails from my old department were appearing again. Not that many, just a few here and there, but still odd. I ignored it at first, but it began to increase. I finally asked the manager of that group to remove me from the distribution again. She replied saying I was not on it, and even sent me a screenshot to prove it. The emails continued to increase. This past week, the floodgates broke, and I was back up to 200+ emails a day within hours. I checked the distro list, and saw that my name was indeed on it! I had to request that the IT department remove me because nobody else seemed to be able to do so. So, what's that about? (hahaha) Very strange. Thanks very much for listening! My experience in that other department was emotionally charged, and I had an emotional reaction seeing those emails start to appear, like "What?! Get thee behind me." (haha). Perhaps that made them appear more because my attention was riveted on them. That's quantum physics in action, right? I hadn't thought of it that way. Cool!

Note from Cynthia: What an interesting experience with the sudden and inexplicable return to being back on the overwhelmingly active email list.  With reality shifts, it's always good to first see if there might be some plausible explanation for how you might start getting first a few and then a flood of emails from your old department.  Most theories that come to mind would be able to address your suddenly being deluged again, but the gradual onslaught really is bizarre. Sometimes when I notice reality shifts, I can think back to what was on my mind and in my heart at the time of a change, and find some surprising evidence of the ways that what I was thinking about may have had something to do with what I subsequently observed--as if we're constantly engaged in an on-going dialogue with the Cosmos, without being consciously aware this is the case.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you for another wonderful issue! Maybe I can help Mary from Toronto out. She's absolutely correct, the movie is called Holiday Inn. And it's where the song 'White Christmas' comes from. It was later remade as White Christmas, and features the song again. Both movies star Bing Crosby and even use the same set! It's not to say she didn't experience a jump, but the above is my understanding and may account for people remembering only the later movie, in part because the song is so iconic. Best,

Dear Jack,
I've been following more of the low-tech, 'old school' methods for communing with the cosmos most all of my life. My mother's mother ("MorMor" in Swedish) asked me each morning when I awoke, "What did you dream last night?" and I began to pay close attention to both dreams and daydreams as indicators, previews and guides to how events then subsequently play out in everyday life and reality. My MorMor also demonstrated various types of divination, including reading a variety of signs, so from an early age I also began paying attention to evidence of subtle energies. So while I've still not yet acquired a cell phone, nor worked with these cell phone apps you mention, I can certainly appreciate their value in assisting people in taking a more active role in playing with and conversing with levels of consciousness in the cosmos.
lots of love,


Hi Cynthia,
Thank you, Cynthia, for relating your experiences. The experiences of those who are awake and tuned in are sometimes qualitatively and quantitatively different. You viewed Saturn’s rings through mere binoculars?  Awesome! Whatever the astrological predictions that follow the alignment of the heavens, we are living in volatile times, as per today’s invasion of our Capitol.  I would love to hear an explication of these events from those skilled in the field. You put it out there and received your answers, as curtains lengthened and your grandmother’s card table reappeared. I pray that our Constitution is restored swiftly to its rightful function and order is restored to more than your garage. With peace, love and blessings,

Dear Ellen,
Yes—I was so surprised that I could see Saturn and Jupiter so clearly through my regular daily use binocular field glasses.  I wouldn't even have thought to try them out, but one of the astronomers giving a talk that evening at the Lowell Observatory happened to mention something about where to look in your night sky tonight, using "your telescope or binoculars." Right there I realized that while I don't have a telescope, I have binoculars!  And it was so astonishing to see such a clear image through them. With regard to the day's events, I hold a heartfelt hope and prayer that all Americans will be heard and respected without being categorized or dismissed in some way.  When I see people "acting out," whether it's children, pets (who can be quite sentient), or adults--most commonly there has been a serious breach of respect somewhere along the line.  This, then, would be our most fruitful path forward toward reconciliation and genuine re-union. And it's not missed on me how stunned I was to look through BI-noculars and see such a clear vision of unity between Jupiter and Saturn, with so much clarity viewing these planets through my two, very differently positioned yet complementary, eyes. Hopefully our country can find its way to honor and respect both visions of reality and find some way to bring this vision into shared focus, for all our sakes.
With love and blessings,


Hi Cynthia,
Just heard an interview on Conflict. RE: Multiple Personality Disorder—I do think that people have even different beings that inhabit or express through one body and to one degree or another—I DO think though, it is also a dangerous route to go down to say that a "disorder" does not occur. I think the "personalities" go into "disorder" sometimes meaning, the person is caused extreme distress or trauma and confusion and dysfunctional lives or causes others incredible pain through their behaviour or worse, so I think the MPs are on a "disorder" when they are "Disorder" and that is important because I think mental health is a rising problem and some people cannot handle some situations—so it should not be denied—and often people who believe they are being "spiritual" and so on, are actually delusional or worse, psychotic and / or many who claim to be "gurus" are taking advantage over mentally ill and vulnerable people. I think this is very important to bear in 'mind' otherwise things get into a mess.

Dear Charles,
Thanks for sharing thoughts on disorders as they pertain to Multiple Personality Disorder.  Clearly, pretty much anything--no matter how wonderful--can become a problem at some point. It may surprise us that someone could die from drinking water, but that has actually happened, and certainly when it comes to various mental states, we've surely seen that meditation is not necessarily always good for peoples' mental health--and there have been some serious issues and mental breakdowns associated with meditation.  So naturally, once we see that even seemingly innocuous activities like drinking water and meditating can be directly responsible for someone's insanity or death, it's not so hard to recognize that almost any condition may have its dark as well as light side. I like your observation that some peoples' personalities can go into disorder, and this seems to be in keeping with what the authors of the new book, "Your Symphony of Selves" present as well. They tend to stay more focused on finding the way to unify collective efforts, such as with a symphony conductor, who hopefully is sane. With respect to people making self-reports of how spiritual they are, I'm sure you're correct that such self-reports are best taken with a grain or two of salt. One of the things I find personally most interesting about Multiple Personality Disorder is how other cultures have historically dealt with it. I've been amazed to see and learn how some cultures in Asia don't all diagnose people with what we call schizophrenia, for example. And there are treatments for people who claim to hear voices that respect, rather than invalidate, such assertions. So clearly there may be something we in western cultures might learn here as well. With blessings, love and best wishes for you and yours in this new year,


Hi Cynthia,
I hope you are well and don't mind me getting in touch with you. My name's Jennie, I'm from the UK, I have no idea why tonight of all nights, but tonight I have been looking up stories of others in the hope I might see something similar to my own experience, whilst doing so I stumbled across your site. I wanted to share my story and if you don't mind get your thoughts and it would be great to know if this is something that's common. Around 7 years ago I went shopping to the supermarket on my own. Middle of the day, very busy. I did a big shop, everything was fine, I took everything to my car in the shopping trolley. My hand bag was hanging off the trolley, we have little hooks on our trolleys for handbags. I emptied everything into the boot of my car and started walking back towards the shop to take the trolley back still with my bag hanging off the hook. And then I woke up. No trolley, no bag, stood in the middle of the car park thinking what on earth is going on. And weirdly my bra was undone. I was really freaking out and starting to panic. I had no bag, phone, car key. I went back into the supermarket to the customer service desk and asked if anyone had handed a bag in. The lady was really annoyed at me and had a go about how some one found the trolley left unattended in the middle of the car park with my bag on it. I nearly burst into tears so said thanks and left, drove straight home and told my husband and we were both really freaked out. I think about it all the time and tonight randomly started to research whether anyone else had similar experiences. Would be great to get your thoughts. Thanks,

Dearest Jennie,
Thanks so much for writing to me and for sharing this most unusual experience you had seven years ago. I've not heard of people experiencing identical situations as what you describe, but many people have reported having been teleported.  The particular details can vary quite a bit. One of the most commonly reported types of reality shifts involves "driving farther in less time" which sometimes is observed as a kind of teleportation, such as Jean describes in the August 2018 issue of RealityShifters:
A surprisingly large number of people have reported to me that they've been teleported to safety, as Dana described in August 2016:

There is another example somewhere on the RealityShifters site of a woman who had been in a fancy shop, looking at purses one moment, and the next she was suddenly across town, holding the purse she had been looking at, but had not paid for.  She was truly shocked and disturbed by this turn of events, and rushed all the way back several blocks to return the purse--which set off the alarm and alerted the shop's security guards. She did her best to explain she was returning this purse, but the whole experience was quite jarring.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
You know how you said to me what you commit your attention to is the only thing that is real for me, i am trying to apply the same thing to my health issue. So how should you perceive the health issue symptoms when they show up, if now that the only reality that is real for me is complete health? If they qualify as not real for me, and pure heath is real for me because ive committed to it mind, but, heart level, how come the symptoms still show up in my 3D? I don't mind, but if they qualify as not real, can I just see them as materalised energy thats not real?

Dear Salina,
What I find most helpful when intentionally shifting reality--making intentional quantum jumps--is to stay very mindful of the level of consciousness I naturally find myself operating in. I am aware that when viewing myself and the environment around me from a 3D plus Time perspective, I am perceiving events and experiences that manifest at those vibrational levels. When I am feeling myself and my awareness to be operating at higher levels of dimensional consciousness, I have a true sense somewhat analogous to "seeing through walls" with knowledge of adjacent realities available to me.  It's like rising above 2-dimensional Flatland and being easily able to see what Flatlanders might think were 'concealed areas.' I can access this higher-dimensional awareness by noticing those times when I have clear high sense perceptions of knowing I can quantum step or quantum jump into a reality that I can feel is so very close by.  Through this kind of self-awareness of levels of dimensional consciousness, I can develop experience, through practice, of staying 'high-vibration' while simultaneously holding high emotional levels, such as Joy, Gratitude, and Reverence (rather than Fear, Doubt, Shame, or Blame).  I can still look around me at the everyday 3D world, with faith and acceptance that whatever appears to be here seems to be real and true right now, and I accept it's presence with unconditional love, seen through 'soft eyes' of my heart. I know from experience that physical reality can--and often does--completely shift.  I know from experience that such shifts can occur in a moment.  I remain committed to longing to know, "How good can it get?" with every fiber of my being.  And I understand that even as I exist primarily in the form of consciousness, that partly fits in this human physical body, everything I see around me also exists primarily in the form of consciousness that only partially fits into physical objects and beings.  We are all interconnected in ways we can learn to sense and feel, and as I remain committed to connecting with Divine Source / Cosmic Mind / God, I can witness miraculous changes and improvements occurring in the realm of physical objects and being that we call 'reality.' 
With love and blessings,



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