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January 2024
Issue #292

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Befriend Uncertainty

"Have patience with everything
that remains unsolved in your heart.
—live in the question."
— Rainier Maria Rilke

The idea of uncertainty in the realm of quantum physics has much in common with the way quantum “particles” can exist either in the form of quantum wave functions, smeared out through all sorts of possibilities—or they can exist in the form of quantum paricles. This fascinating dual nature seems to have much in common with the way we humans think, and the way we are sometimes aware of what seem to be firm realities, and other situations can seem quite ambiguous and uncertain.

This contrast between pure possibility (wave function) and specific discernable physicality (particle) has been noted by indigenous peoples, such as the Hopi, who have words to describe these uniquely different qualities. The Hopi use the term tunatya to express the quality of something coming into being (like a wave function) and tunatyava meaning, “comes true, being hoped for.” I adore this way of viewing reality, and wrote an article for Parabola magazine by that name, for their Threshold issue, years ago. These indigenous viewpoints happen to also correspond with the ideas expressed by physicist David Bohm in his terms, “Implicate order,” and “Explicate order,” so it's evident that there is some kind of deep human awareness of the signficance of these concepts, and their centrality in our lives.

With such awareness that we need not only focus on “things,” we can come to better trust our unique individual processes of manifestation and creating, so our awareness of the ambiguity of the unknown can feel more exciting and delicious than anxiety-producing. We can call forth awareness through focused attention and intention of being grateful, reverent, compassionate, friendly, kind, and wonderful—and we can expect this is the kind of world we are creating. We can rest assured that so much of who we are comes through in our unique beingness that it cannot be replicated by mechanistic systems. We are each given unique divine gifts that are not duplicated anywhere in the fullness of who we each truly are.

Ka Gold Jewelry Gold Dragon pendant
A world embracing uncertainty will have different kinds of newspapers and news reporting, since each new challenge can be met with awe and wonder as to how best we together can find ways to address these issues. Communities appreciating ambiguity will be delighted to acknowledge the multitude of possibilities that can be felt amidst awkward periods between knowing what is happening and what will happen next.

It might seem that such confidence in the face of ambiguous uncertainty is fool-hardy or naive—yet there is a true gift in moving through life with relaxed, grounded, energized positivity and faith that no matter how things seem, everything is working out perfectly. From such a state of mind, we can savor the little things, like welcoming in this new Year of the Dragon!

Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, Paola Harris Schumann
Resonance masterclass
Would you like to join me live in conversation about some of these kinds of topics? I'd love to see you at one of my upcoming events, if you're able to make either of them—the first being an online masterclass in January, and the next being an in-person workshop next May. I invite you to join Paola Harris, Jeff Machala, and me Sunday, January 21st at 8pm ET, when we will be holding a Discover Schumann Resonance masterclass that is dedicated to exploring the wonders of Schumann Resonance, and I'd love to see you there! Schumann Resonance is a natural resonance created by electromagnetic waves bouncing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The primary frequency of Schumann Resonance is around 7.83 Hz, with several harmonic frequencies, including 14.07 Hz, 20.25 Hz, 26.41 Hz, and 32.45 Hz. The frequency 7.83 has been called Earth's heartbeat; it is the prime broadcasting frequency for our body, mind, and cells. Every living thing on Earth is tuned to this frequency and its harmonics. Schumann Resonance is linked to the normal functioning of the human brain and body, including: improved cognitive functions, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced immune function, sleep function, and more. You can see the details and registration information for this event at:

I also invite you to join the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) livestreams. This month's livestream is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17th, starting at 2pm ET. When you join us live, you can ask questions and join in the fun with others interested in the Mandela Effect who are in the YouTube chat room for these events. And hopefully you know you're always welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty-four years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, you can review some of the first-hand reports of reality shifts reported since the 1990s!

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      — Susan L.

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Schumann
Resonance master class
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Schumann Resonance Masterclass

Sunday, January 21, 2024
6pm MST / 8pm EST
$30 / Limited to 40 attendees

Schumann Resonance enhances the body’s natural healing processes and reduces stress and inflammation. One study concluded that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) have promising effects on wound healing by effectively modulating various phases. Discover our Oneness with Earth! Many of Earth’s wisest mystics tell us that reality is a dream. As you can see in the movie THE MATRIX, it is possible for a child to bend a spoon with a thought. I know, because I watched my daughter bend a fork by simply placing it over her wrist. While she rested her right arm on the armrest of a chair, the fork slowly draped itself down to fit the curved form of her arm, like a custom-made bracelet. Switching to another reality feels a bit like changing television channels with a remote control, where the program is the reality we are in, and our thoughts and feelings are the remote control. We need to feel both intellectually detached enough to choose a different program from the one we’re in, and sufficiently emotionally energized to transmit our intention. In that state of relaxed, energized detachment (with aligned heart and mind), we can and do change the world.
Bring your questions for a lively discussion! Limited to 40 participants.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Oneness
Crestone Retreat
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Oneness Workshop

Colorado College Conference Center, Crestone
May 24-26, 2024
2 Nights/3 Days at Colorado College Baca Campus and on 5 acres
$250 / Limited to 60 attendees

Could immediate evolutionary improvements, instantaneous geographic changes, and miraculous spontaneous healing—including recovery from death—be providing us with clues to essential technology, just when we need it most? I'd love to see you May 24-26 at our Colorado workshop, “Oneness: Changing the Timeline & Raising Consciousness.” Join the conversation about the importance of Oneness in these changing times, and how we can harness our natural gifts to thrive individually and together, choosing the reality we need, love, and intend. Discover powerful tools for harnessing your natural quantum superpowers & help lead the way to creating a new world with me, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Sandie Sedgbeer
Cynthia Sue Larson
with Sandie Sedgbeer
Quantum Jumps and the New Year

December, 2023
1 hour, 12 minutes
Ready for some food for thought to jump start your new year in a wonderful direction? I talk with Sandie Sedgbeer in this special interview about wonderful ideas that can positively transform your life, from the inside out.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Everything Imaginable podcast
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Everything Imaginable Podcast
with Gary Cocciolillo

Dec 18, 2023
1 hour
I talk with Gary Cocciolillo about engaging with consciousness at deep levels, experiencing levels of conscious agency, synchronicity, mind-matter interaction, and the true nature of reality in a participatory universe on "Everything Imaginable" podcast

Cynthia Sue Larson
Find Optimal Realities
in the Periphery
Cynthia Sue Larson

8 Jan 2024
10 minutes
How can we access optimal parallel worlds? At this time when many of the world's top scientists acknowledge there's a real possibility that we're living in a multiverse, and also that reality is a simulation with dreamlike qualities that we are constantly interpreting, the matter of accessing parallel realities is becoming more mainstream.  Finding optimal realities amidst what might be a large number of possible alternate worlds is likely as much an art as a science.    So how best might we begin this process?  Clearly, the first step is recognizing the presence of parallel realities.  We can find a clue as to how we encounter these in the words of Jerome Busemeyer and Peter Bruza:  “The wave nature of an indefinite state captures the psychological experience of conflict, ambiguity, confusion, and uncertainty; the particle nature of a definite state captures the psychological experience of conflict resolution, decision, and certainty.” These thought provoking words come from their book, Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision.  The genius of this observation lies in its simplicity.  We have experience with mental and emotional states that map to the psychological experience of uncertainty, just as we have awareness and experience of how it feels to be decisive and certain.  Our appreciation of the dynamics and interplay between these two states of mind as being analogous to quantum states of waves and particles initiates a deeper, holistic awareness of how we human beings navigate through a dream-like, simulated world.

You can read the blog post article on this topic at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Walking Between Worlds Meditation
by Cynthia Sue Larson

8 Jan 2024
1 minute
We can experience optimal realities when meditating on the question, "How good can it get?" while consciously walking with awareness that with every step we take. This short meditation can assist in aligning between wave-like uncertainty/ambiguity and particle-like certainty/physical reality.

IMEC Open Tables Moon Mandela Effects and Much More
Christmas Special Season Finale
on IMEC Open Tables

20 Dec 2023
2 hours, 37 minutes
You can plan on M.E. That's right, Mandela Effects are still happening. We're discussing our ever changing reality as well as some old and new Christmas Mandela Effects you may or may not have noticed. Plus a New Year surprise that could hint at the coming golden age. Join us for this interactive Livestream to celebrate the completion of our 3rd season of Open Tables.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Fun with Hypnotherapy and Healing and Manifesting things
Carlsbad, California, USA

I felt inspired to reach out after hearing you on a wonder interview. Although full time I own and work in our business (RJM Music), I've been a hypnotherapist / EFT practitioner since 1999. I've been fascinating with time shifting, manifesting, mandela effects, etc for decades. I still do hypnotherapy, EFT, and other modalities sporadically on the side when I have the time. I have dozens of stories I could share, but one type in particular you might find interesting / helpful. I taught hypnosis for childbirth classes for 4-5 years in the early 2000s. Sometimes I'd work with the moms one-on-one before before the birth. I'd help guide them into hypnosis, and then I'd have them start creating their ideal birth. Questions I'd ask would be: what day, time do you want to start labor; what time do you get to the hospital; when you get there how many CM are you? How long before you give birth? Which doctor is on call? I kept notes, and about half of the time it turned out to be EXACTLY what we did in the session. I never thought about the implications, until about 10 years later when I accidently met one of the moms I taught, and she told me it was exactly what we programmed. I had a lot of 45 minute births from the time they got to the hospital. (Their choice and no suggestions from me). A few weeks ago my washing machine was making horrendous noises--it was getting progressively worse. We knew / bought a new part that was going to need to be replaced. Anyway, one time when it was really bad, I walked over to it and just gave it love. It started acting fine. That was over a month ago. When I'm out of something in the warehouse I do my fish and loaves trick (bible story reference) and sometimes I will find a product that I swear was not there earlier. I've had several bands call to order the day after I proclaimed that they should order from us. I had a Skinny Pallet show up within 5 min of telling an employee that we needed one. (Got a knock on the warehouse door when I went back to my office). This was New Years Eve when no one was around near 5 pm. Anyway, love your stories. 

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for your email, sharing so many delightful experiences!  I especially relate to giving your washing machine love, and observing that it returned to optimal, quiet functionality--I've written and shared about many of my positive experiences healing things, too--so much fun!  And what a positive impact you've made for childbirth students doing hypnosis prior to giving birth.  And finding food and other needed items that weren't there before is truly a blessing!


Mandela memorial stadium on Head of the Class
Mandela Memorial Stadium mentioned in 1988
Riverview, Michigan, USA

I was watching an old episode (of course, they're all old at this point) of Head of the Class the other day, and I believe it was episode 21 of season 2 where a character mentioned a Nelson Mandela memorial stadium! The episode was from the late 80s, allegedly long before his death! It's around 22 minutes in. The character Alan says "Athletes from all nations began arriving in South Africa today in preparation for the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics at Nelson Mandela memorial stadium." Wikipedia says the episode is from May 4, 1988. The episode is kind of centered on a high school student Dennis who basically feels that there is no future so he may as well not try or care about anything, but his history teacher and fellow classmates convince him in the end that they create the future, so he may as well make it a good one. The end of the episode is highlighting good news and the roles everyone plays in changing things. I just found it interesting! I rewound it and attempted to turn subtitles on so I could take a screenshot, but there weren’t any. It’s available to stream on Amazon if you have the paramount subscription though. I was quite young when the show was originally on, and Nelson Mandela himself wasn’t a huge effect for me because of that, but I remember hearing when he died and thinking “wasn’t he already dead?” I never had a specific memory of it happening though. Anyway, I was excited to see this residue!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, this is such an awesome find--thank you so very much for breaking this amazing Mandela Effect story with me and RealityShifters!  Since this episode of "Head of the Class" aired on May 4, 1988, we've now got a truly wonderful indication that Nelson Mandela had (in some timelines) passed away sufficiently prior to that date that a stadium could have been dedicated to his memory.  I love how this episode, "The 21st Century News," so positively emphasizes the significance we each have in creating the future--how perfect is this?  Truly this is remarkable, since it seems to me that reality shifts and the Mandela Effect can be so miraculous to many of us open to living the answer to my favorite question, "How good can it get?"

Amazing Personal Mandela Effects
Cynthia C.
Los Angeles, California, USA

I wanted to share with you a quantum jump/Mandela effect from my life. I had a near-death experience (NDE) as a young child, and my life has been punctuated by incredible synchronicity and intuition and psychic phenomena. There are two incidents that I would love to share with you. I had NDE when I was very young. Several years later, when I was 10, I fell off a horse and had a severe head injury. Everything went green and black. I lost chunks of time, and was very disoriented—throwing up and crying—clearly badly concussed. I was taken to the hospital, the Royal free in Hampstead, London. They did X-rays, and diagnosed a fractured skull. The first 48 hours, I was in and out of consciousness. Within a Couple of days I was feeling somewhat better, but they kept me on the ward for the remainder of the week. At the time, I was obsessed with horses and riding. As soon as I became conscious, my first question was, “When can I go riding again?” They told me two weeks, and this was unbearable for me. I was beside myself, and implored my parents to reconsider, but of course they would not. At the end of the week before discharging me from the hospital, they reviewed my file and X-rays. They told me they had made a mistake. There was no fracture on my X-rays. For years I was baffled by this. At the time it felt frustrating and confusing, and I felt quite upset, because then my parents stopped acknowledging that I had been given that diagnosis to begin with (skull fracture). For many years, I did not understand what had happened. As I learned about the Mandela Effect, it started to make sense. I have no doubt that I had a fracture in my skull after that accident, as over the following years I had subsequent concussions in horse back riding accidents, with X-rays and hospital visits. None were as extreme or had me so impaired as the one when I was 10. I now expect that my focus on wanting to ride again the coming weekend (there was a gymkana I wanted to participate in) had affected everything that would be relevant in the material world. Another incident of interest that I would love to share occurred when I went to University. I have a very good memory, and tend to remember things accurately, and with a lot of detail. This is especially the case at this time because of involved change of location. I started college in September 1991 in New York and moved there for this purpose that month. Everything was very heightened at the time, I was loving living on the East Coast for the first time in my life.  In October, a few weeks after school started, my father came to visit from the United Kingdom. He stayed for about a week and we spent quite a bit of time in NYC  visiting  museums, eating in restaurants. Again, I remembered this quite vividly because my father only came to visit a few times during the two years I was at Sara Lawrence. During this visit, we went to lunch at a lovely French restaurant on the east side.  As we entered this particular restaurant, I recognized a famous actress sitting at a table with her husband, also an actor. She had a baby in her arms who looked a few weeks old. There is no question of the two people being these actors. It was unmistakeable. I attended Sarah Lawrence College for two years.  In early 93 I applied to UCLA to transfer, and was accepted. At the end of the summer semester 93 I moved to Los Angeles in May or June, and didn’t go back to NYC during  the fall for several years. Two decades later living in Los Angeles, I met the actress I had seen in the restaurant and we became friends. Recently I mentioned to her that I’d seen her with her then husband and baby in the restaurant when I first started at Sarah Lawrence in October 1991. She told me that her daughter was born in September 1993. In September 1993, I was at UCLA in California. I wasn’t in NYC. Again, in the past, I can tell I would’ve found this very confusing and maddening even, but being familiar with the Mandela effect, and reading the book,quantum jumps, this was a very different experience. I have no question of where I was living in 1991 and 1992, and when I moved to LA in summer 93. I now understand this conundrum  as being a Mandela effect. This baby was born in September and would have been a newborn in October 1993, somehow I witnessed this two years ahead of time. Again, having had many psychic, and intuitive experiences, I am now able to integrate this kind of dissonance, thanks to your work. Thank you for everything you do and your beautiful energy and spirit with which you do and share your work.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing these two remarkable experiences with reality shifts / Mandela Effects in your life.  How amazing to have heard you'd had a fractured skull--and then hear no more about it, except for the doctors saying that they had made a mistake.  I can relate to how you felt it was so weird that your parents wouldn't acknowledge this initial medical statement, as it is at the heart of this amazing story--and that's what makes your experience so clearly a reality shift/Mandela Effect.  The other experience with having seen the famous actress and baby two years before that would have been possible is very noteworthy, as well. 

Strawberry Lemonade juice transforms from into Watermelon Dragonfruit juice
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

During a trip to the Montreal F1 in June 2023, I had witnessed something quite fascinating. I swear, at home I packed in my suitcase a big bottle of strawberry lemonade juice. During the first two days, I offered it to my friends in our hotel room, and both of them liked it. I keep the juice in the hotel mini fridge when not in use. On the fourth day, I was with one of the friends, about to get some strawberry lemonade, opened the mini fridge door…I was surprised to see in the exact same spot an almost empty bottle of watermelon dragonfruit juice instead of strawberry lemonade! The friend told me that he always remembered me bringing watermelon dragonfruit instead of strawberry lemonade. When I returned to my hometown, I was surprised to see on the kitchen floor another bottle of watermelon dragonfruit juice! I never remember buying that juice at all! This shift was quite unexpected and surprising. I had absolutely no intentions of changing the juice. Throughout most of the trip, I had numerous “could’ve and should’ve” moments about which racing team to root for. I remember hearing that one of the tips for successful reality shifts is to avoid being in these states, and yet, the shift still happened.

Note from Cynthia: That's amazing that you observed your bottle of strawberry lemonade change to watermelon dragonfruit flavor, and also that you saw an additional bottle of this new flavor also appeared in your mini-fridge, that you're certain you didn't purchase! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with witnessing strawberry lemonade transform into dragon fruit juice, when you know for certain that's not what you purchased. It sounds like you may have experienced strong emotions on that trip, and having strong emotions actually is positively correlated with witnessing synchronicities, as Dr. Bernard Beitman has reported in his studies of meaningful coincidences.  It's also helpful to have a sense that the universe is directly conversing with you.  I interviewed Dr. Beitman about these factors associated with heightened experience of such phenomena on my podcast, Living the Quantum Dream:

Toy Story 2 VHS cover changes
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Recently, I saw a YouTube video of someone’s THX-Certified VHS collection, which included a beloved Disney/Pixar classic, Toy Story 2. I was surprised to see a black THX logo at the bottom right corner of the Toy Story 2 cover. I always remembered for many years that logo being at the bottom left corner and purple, and that the corner was not hogged by Buzz Lightyear. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

Note from Cynthia: The change of position and color of the THX logo seems distinctive and noteworthy--and like something that probably would not be changed or modified on a classic Disney movie that you've probably seen many times.  I wonder if other people are noticing this change, too? I'd also love to know if anyone else has witnessed a change in the movie, "Toy Story 2"!

I'll be home for Christmas song lyrics change
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA

I wanted to report a strange Mandela that happened today. I had heard you all talk about the Christmas song lyrics “you can count on me” changed to “you can plan on me”.  Well we listen to Christmas music daily on Satellite radio and heard the song “I’ll be home for Christmas “ sung by many many people and we cannot believe they changed the word to plan. Well, we were in the car, and the Carpenters version came on and they sang, “count on me,” so we were able to replay on the back button, and it changed to “plan.” Today we were home and The Carpenters version came on my husbands phone, and it said, “count on me.” We rewound it and played it again, and it still said count! Luckily I recorded it. I am attaching the video as proof. I have no idea what this means. I love your work and am a big fan! Sending you infinite love and gratitude! How good can it get?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing this with me, and how amazing that you heard this song flip-flop back and forth like this!  I remember the lyrics, the same way you do, with the phrase, you can count on me… Not you can plan on me.  I prefer the sound of, “you can count on me,” because it feels like a real heart connection is felt in that statement; Plans can sometimes seem cold or distant, by comparison.  Maybe this song lyric flip-flop invites to feel more faith in our relationships, living more from our hearts.

Three Extra seasons of “The Office” TV show
New York City, New York, USA

So I believe I have witnessed an incident of The Mandela Effect. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the series “The Office” which used to be on Netflix, but is now on Peacock. When I watched it back in 2019 (I was way late) I remember there being 6 seasons. It was discontinued on Netflix and became available on Peacock a couple years ago (and was the only reason I even got a Peacock subscription.) Anyway, a couple days ago I noticed that there were 9 seasons! I asked 4 other people how many seasons they remember it being. Two of them said, “Nine,” and the other two said, “Six.” I’ll continue to ask, but if you know anyone who is a fan you can ask as well. I love that I got three additional seasons! Keep up all the amazing work and thank you for being a beautiful light

Note from Cynthia: What an intriguing Mandela Effect discovery this is, and thanks ever so much for bringing it to my attention. I love how this show seems to have stretched itself out for you, so it now has an additional three seasons beyond what you used to see when you first discovered "The Office" a few years ago!  This is one I wouldn't really know what answer to give, although I might have guessed nine seasons if asked to guess between six or nine--for the US version of this show.  It'll be fun to find out who else is surprised by this one! I'd love to know if anyone else is noticing the additional seasons for "The Office"--please let me know!

Mystic Pizza Pint Glass shift
London, England, U.K.

I have a fun example of recent reality shift to share with you :) The other afternoon, I noticed my "Mystic Pizza" pint glass at the back of my cupboard. I remembered buying it from the restaurant in Mystic, Connecticut with a friend back when I was in law school, and I wondered why I had only bought one instead of two. I thought it would have been nice to have two, so that I could offer someone else the chance to enjoy a drink with me from the same funny glass. The next morning, I came down and saw a second Mystic Pizza pint glass right there smiling at me in the front of the cupboard. I couldn't help but chuckle, especially with the word "Mystic" staring me right in the face! And I remembered how much I love pizza, and how it's also something that brings me together with my friends and family. I'm so grateful for the extra glass! Thank you for curating these wonderful examples, it is so helpful to remind me of the magic that's always there.

Note from Cynthia: Oh this is wonderful!  I love so much about this reality shift experience with the magically appearing second "Mystic Pizza" pint glass!  That's such a fun movie that I enjoyed watching this past year, and also meaningful to me because I got to visit the Connecticut east coast this fall (for our International Mandela Effect Conference in Branford, Connecticut), and could see for myself the amazingly mirror-smooth coastal waters along Connecticut's shoreline--and I was thinking of Mystic, too, at the time!  What a blessing to now have two of these special glasses, and what a treat for me to hear about this from you! 

Road changed driving from Bahrain to Al Khafji in Saudi Arabia
Inverness, Scotland, U.K.

 I heard about you and your website from an old Art Bell radio program and I was very interested in the subject matter of shifting reality. I have a true story for you to consider. I live in Inverness, Scotland, but worked for five years in Saudi Arabia. I worked as a training manager in a college in charge of five departments, teaching young Saudi men engineering. As there is no alcohol allowed in Saudi, and liking a few beers, I used to drive almost every weekend to the island of Bahrain, where you could have a decent meal and relax with a few beers to watch the live bands. I traveled the same straight road, the I95, all the way down the east coast of the gulf to the city of Dammam and across the causeway to Bahrain. One Saturday traveling back to the city of Al Khafji, where I worked, I remember crossing the causeway and driving through Dammam. There are no turn offs to take and nowhere to leave the road without deliberately turning off at a roundabout junction. As I was almost through Dammam, and about to enter the desert, I looked down to reset the radio to Aramco radio and looked back up to see a roadway that I did not recognise. This road had fences along the edge of the road separating it from the desert and no traffic whatsoever, the I95 is one of the busiest in Saudi and always has traffic. I drove for almost an hour with no idea where I was or heading when I came across a garage, stopping, I asked the Arab at the shop if this road led to Al Khafi. He said that it did, but looked very oddly at me. I eventually arrived at Al Khaji from the west instead of the south, the road that led to the capital Riyadh. There was no time loss, although I was late getting back. I have no explanation for this, as the drivers assigned to the college confirmed that I could not have gotten to the Riyadh road from the I95 as there are no connections. I don't need to tell you that this was very disorientating and confusing, at first I thought I had been abducted as I had no memory of anything but turning a dial on the radio. I don't know if this seems a familiar scenario to you but if it is I would be very grateful if you could email me back. I very much enjoyed your interview with Mr Bell and I am sorry he is no longer with us.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this awesome experience with me that happened while you were driving from Bahrain to Al Khafji in Saudi Arabia.  I have heard of strange things happening from people driving on roads all around the world--it seems a kind of universal experience that sometimes, even when driving along a familiar route, as you were doing, something can go unexpectedly very differently than can easily be explained.  The exact details of your experience seem to involve something akin to your perhaps having been teleported/transported without your noticing such a thing had occurred, to a completely different location and direction and route.  People often report "traveling farther in less time" as one of the most frequently experienced types of reality shifts, but not necessarily suddenly traveling in a different route or direction. Still, there seem to be some similarities.

Linda Moulton Howe alive again
Oahu, Hawaii, USA

I follow you on YouTube and I've seen your episodes on Gaia, Michael Sandler and Next Level Soul just to name a few. I also had a lovely, helpful and memorable session with you back in September of 2022. I'm emailing you because I had my own profound Mandela experience. I've had a lot of smaller ones but never one involving someone who died or at least I thought was dead. I'm a big fan of the Ancient Aliens series on the History channel and during an episode the host Giorgio Tsoukalous and his guests were talking about Linda Moulton Howe and her investigative contributions about aliens AND they were speaking of her in the Past Tense. Throughout that program they spoke appreciatively of her but always referred to her and her work in the past tense. My husband happened to be watching the same episode with me and until just about a month ago we both thought she had passed. You can only imagine my shock, surprise, delight and confusion when I saw her name listed as a guest speaker at the upcoming annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February and the Sedona Ascension Retreat in Sedona in March. I am both confused and happy. I'm planning to attend one of the events just to see her in person with my very own eyes. lol Also, I belong to an Online Autism Support Community with Suzy Miller. I shared with her this Mandela experience and she said perhaps I "created" a timeline where Linda Moulton Howe was still alive because I missed her work. She also said that the Mandela effect and similar experiences are ramping up and that she was thinking of contacting you about that. Because of this profound and personal experience, I wanted to know if there was a place to report having a Mandela experience especially if it involves a well-known public figure? And how do you keep track of all the Mandela experiences people are having? I think if I knew that one other person had this same experience then I wouldn't feel it was just me and that I was crazy. Maybe I did jump or change one of my timelines. I do remember that the episode was taped indoors with Giorgio and two or three other guests sitting at a table.  It wasn't taped outdoors at an ancient site and the episode aired late this year. There are other unusual things that happened before and after finding out about Linda, but I'm not sure if they are related specifically to the Linda experience or if they're all a string of events and awarenesses expressing as a multi-dimensional experience. For example, compressing time so that I arrive early to a class rather than late. I not only learned that from you, I also saw you smiling and cheering me on as I thought of arriving early. Another example was of me sitting in my room during a meditation with my eyes open and seeing myself half inside my room and half outside in the yard, literally. One body, two surroundings. These are just a few examples. Exciting times and trippy times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights and information on your YouTube channel. Things are getting really exciting these days for sure. I'm with you on "How Good Can It Get?".

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this beautifully detailed description of having heard Linda Moulton Howe being spoken about in past tense, and then seeing her promoting upcoming events, and very much still alive, thank goodness!  That's so interesting that you remember that the episode was taped indoors with Giorgio, and it aired late this year.  And I'm so happy to hear that with respect to the compressing time, you heard about that from me, and could picture me cheering you on as you thought about the idea of arriving early--how cool is that!  Witnessing yourself in two possible realities simultaneously indeed sounds very trippy. This is the first report I've yet seen of Linda Moulton Howe's being dead and then alive again, though many have been reported through the realityshifters website over the decades, including my own reported death and being alive again--which I covered in the May 2019 and June 2019 issues of RealityShifters.
I've been sharing these kind of first-hand reports on the website and in the RealityShifters monthly ezine for 25 years, with all first-hand reports archived on the "your stories" section of the website, starting at:
I receive these stories from first-hand experiencers, and ask many of them how they were feeling and what they were thinking at the time these experiences occurred.  Sometimes, people notice significant, meaningful aspects of their experiences, and I add these in, along with anything associated that seems related.  I include the date (month and year) as well as location in the world, so as a result, we have an archive of these and related Mandela Effect and reality shift events going back to the late 1990s.  These show that the phenomenon indeed is worldwide, including reports of people being noticed dead and then alive again. It's possible there may be a connection with what happened before and after finding out about Linda--and it can be tricky to sort it all out. Let's find out how good 2024 can get!

Let it Snow lyrics change
San Diego, California, USA

Thought you would love this one. A few days ago independently at different times, my wife and I heard the old Christmas song, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” When they got to the part that says, "but if you really hold me tight, all the way home I'll be warm," was changed to, "but if you really GRAB me tight." I called her in, and we went to call it up on youtube, and it had changed back to "Hold.” We heard first only grab, then when we looked it up and listened and heard only hold, which is the way we recall all our lives. An interesting flip flop; are you seeing this type of back and forth too?

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that is a truly amazing Mandela effect experience!  That song is new for me with the flip-flop on the lyrics between hold grab on the song, “let it Snow,” but I have heard of some recent Mandela effects relating to other Christmas topics. We just did a livestream show on some of them, such as changes in the song, I’ll be home for Christmas.  We posted the video on our YouTube channel at:

Hernando Beach, Florida, USA

I woke up this Monday, January 1, 2024, with severe arm pain, unable to move or lift anything without excruciating pain! It was in my right arm so on top of being painful, it was problematic because I’m right handed. This happened to me before ten years ago (calcific tendinitis), and required a trip to the ER, pain medications and steroids to alleviate. I decided that I did not want to go through that again! Each night since Monday I have listened to healing/shifting subliminal meditations, and I woke up this morning with zero pain, good as new, no meds!

Note from Cynthia: Oh, this is so wonderful to hear--I love it!  This is such a marvelous experience, and it's so good to know you found a way to bypass all previous hardships on your road to healing.  Providing oneself with specifically designated healing time can provide a powerful turning point for making a quantum jump to improved health and wellbeing.  Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful healing experience!

Jet Li Alive Again
Houston, Texas, USA

I remember that Jet Li mysteriously died after he filmed The One and before it was released. I just looked up his cause of death, and it says he's still alive. I was shocked. I definitely remember the hullabaloo about his death after filming a movie where his multidimensional self was killing off his multiples in different realities. Now, that is a true Mandela Effect for me. Have you heard that one before? I was discussing movies that had different realities portrayed. I told my friend about The One and how Jet Li was killing off his multiple reality selves. And I said, it was strange that he died right after the movie was filmed and before it was released. That was in 2001. It's actually why I went to see the movie. I realized that I didn't remember how he died, but that they had compared it to Bruce Lee dying right after finishing a movie, Enter the Dragon. Bruce died of a brain hemorrhage, said to be a reaction to a headache remedy. Some thought that was a mysterious death. So, I thought, I'll look up how he died. Imagine my surprise when it says after years of being out of the spotlight, now he's 60 and saying he's not dead yet. He's a big influence in the Asian film industry. And he now has a degenerative disease. The reason he came forward, he says, is because of multiple death hoaxes on the internet, but those hoaxes were not yet popular back in 2001. It was a very strange feeling for me, again.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, this one is new to me, and I've not heard of yet before. How strange that must have seemed to you to find out that Jet Li is still alive, after having been fairly certain he'd died after filming "The One," leaving you with an anchor memory note to find out what similarities, if any, there were between Jet Li's passing away after that movie, and Bruce Lee dying after filming his last film.  I hadn't realized that Jet Li was dealing with health problems, and has received a hyperthyroidism diagnosis.  That's interesting that he's been involved in movies such as the first three "The Expendables," but has not been taking physically demanding acting jobs for some time. That's really intriguing that you recall some fuss and hallaballoo after Jet Li's multidimensional movie came out, "The One."  I remember having seen that film, yet I don't recall having heard that he'd passed away shortly afterward.  I'd love to know if other people remember this Mandela Effect, and if so, what they remember about how he died at that time, or how they remember hearing the news of his death at the time.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
Okay, this one gave me a jolt. Like reality paused as I tried to figure out who was standing in front of me! I was at the drug store and when I got to the counter, there wasn’t anyone there. Then I saw a woman walk up and go behind a register. She looked just like a person I used to work with. So much so that I almost said “Bridgette?” Then I noticed a difference in the face. But I was startled. I was thinking about this friend the day before. I was remembering how I wrote to hew on Facebook to go to lunch and she never responded. I had what Jesus would call a “wrong-minded thought.” “Maybe she never really liked me.” Then she shows up at the cash register? Okay, this is something going on in my reality. I have an ACIM prayer in my bathroom that I read when I’m brushing my teeth. Just now I asked Jesus what this was all about. Immediately he answered, “What are you afraid of? I’ve always told you the world isn’t real, now you’re having experiences that are showing you.” I’m trying to understand what I’m afraid of. Please tell me I’m not crazy!

Dearest Gloria,
First of all, I know you're not crazy, while acknowledging you really and truly are seeing these doppelgangers so often and in so many places. Wow! I love what you get that Jesus replied in response to your query, since clearly, the material world is not the foundational reality.  We can thus expect that many of the thoughts we think will be (in some cases) instantly reflected back to us in many ways.  Seeing people who look like the spitting image of someone you were just thinking of is exactly this--as are so many other odd things.  I've had numerous examples of many odd things I'm talking about showing up in real life, such as a few days ago commenting to my husband about feeling I've been a bit stubborn, like a mule or donkey—and then seeing a news report that a donkey was seen wandering through the parking lot of a local shopping center! We are not in a rural area, but rather in the San Francisco bay area, where I've never heard of anyone having donkeys before. So as Jesus said, this world is not real—but consciousness is. I love asking questions I'd adore to live the answers to, so my main suggestion is to reword the question from "What am I afraid of?"  to "What fear(s) am I ready to release, relinquish, and let go?"
lots of love and blessings,


Dear Cynthia,
I thought of you because of a recent experience. During the summer, a student of mine showed me a picture of his girlfriend. I distinctly remembered that she looked like his mom with blond hair and blue eyes. Earlier this week, he showed me pictures of the supposedly same girlfriend. She was bigger with brown hair and brown eyes. I took note how confusing it was but he said it’s the same girl he’s been dating for about a year. She also had a different facial structure, so it wasn’t due to her her dyeing her hair.

Dear Felicia,
Oh, wow, Felicia! That's so amazing--and it seems like it's only been some months since the last time you saw a picture of his girlfriend--so that would seem to rule out different facial structure, even if she did lose or gain weight, dye her hair, and either adopt or discard color-changing contact lenses. Wow! A few months ago at our Mandela Effect conference, a man showed me a photo of his brother, who he said had completely changed appearance in just one week--his brother sent him a selfie photo that looked completely different, and there's no way his hair could have grown out that much in just a few days time, and his facial structure was radically different as well. He passed his phone around to show us, and his girlfriend agreed, "He looks completely different."


Hi, Cynthia!
Your email title/subject speaks directly to my heart. Your newsletters are always so uplifting and optimistic. The last couple of months, I’ve been experiencing some real clarity and peace despite what is going on in the world.  I feel as though I’ve tuned in to a channel of joy that is expanding even more. Interesting too, this morning, as I was waking up, I remembered a real vivid dream I had just had where I opened the front door to my porch (not one I have now) and there was a very large bag, that was filled with items I couldn’t see, except for a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the top to the side, large blooms of white and pastel blue and green. Someone had left them for me showing appreciation. I took this dream as a good omen and signpost throughout the day of being on the right path and keep doing what I’m doing. Again, receiving your newsletter was further evidence of a real positive thread in the tapestry right now. Cynthia, you are a true blessing to humanity.  Thank you sincerely for being on this earth at the same time as me. WE can DO THIS!  Keep smiling Sister! How good can it get?  I love that mantra. Peace and love be with you,

Dear Connie,
Thanks so much for the beautiful email--you've made my day!  I'm so grateful to hear that you're experiencing clarity and peace these days, tuning into a channel of expanding joy, peace, and love.  I love your description of your dream featuring a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and then receiving my December 2023 RealityShifters.  Thank you for all you are doing to stay focused on seeing how good life can be in this beautiful cosmos with me! With love, thanks, and blessings,


Hi, Cynthia!
I thought you might enjoy this conversation with Ray kurzweil. The reason I thought about you was because of his comments about lucid dreaming as a tool for inventing things. starting at about 1:00, the one hour mark, is when that topic comes up. He says that he imagines the thing already exists, and he just needs to describe how it works. It sounds like he is creating things by shifting the reality around himself to where the thing exists.  

Dear Jon,
Thanks so much for thinking of me and sending this to me.  This interview segment about advice on how to think is very interesting, with the notion that that it's useful to imagine the thing already exists, and Ray Kurzweil just needs to describe how it works.  This suggestion is very similar to the way some life coaches invite clients to envision viewing present events from the viewpoint of their future selves.Yes, indeed, this sounds like creating things by shifting reality by jumping to the timeline(s) where those events and things are existing and thriving! In a rather remarkable and fascinating synchronicity, I just the other day watched part of a documentary about Alfred Hitchcock, where he said in an interview that his secret for success was that he would imagine himself looking back at the film he was currently making, as if it was some three years in the future, so he could see what choices he'd made, that he was just in the process of making at that time.
lots of love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
Hi , Just having a flash of inspiration. Could MEs be a marker that we can shift to a better reality. Like we get convinced that multiple realities exist, and that's the sole purpose of the occurrence of MEs. What I know is that we have a set of traits particular to our zodiac sign. And the purpose of our life is to curb the nasty traits and let the nice ones be. And this is the only freewill that we have in this block universe of immutable destiny. When we do manage to curb those negative traits to a large extent, the order of the world gets disrupted, and that necessitates a migration to another reality. Guardian angel may come into play to do the shifting. Mandela Effect simply convinces us that it's very much possible.   

Dear Vivek,
Yes, Mandela Effects can be markers that other realities are right here, and so close at hand that sometimes we can witness them via flip-flops, where we see things first one way, and then another.  The awareness that multiple realities exist and we can move through them is a powerful message from Mandela Effects.  This can even include astrology, and what we see written in our horoscopes.  It's possible, for example, to see a horoscope seem to correspond to our energetically higher--or lower--vibratory frequency.  A day focused on blessings and asking, "How good can it get?" will obviously be different than a day without blessing oneself, one's home & family and omitting such a query. 
lots of love and holiday blessings,



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