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June 2017
Issue #213

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson
Love and Be Loved

"There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved."
-- George Sand

When I think about all my favorite memories, as diverse as they may all be, the one thing they have in common is that I was feeling a lot of love at those times. And one thing I’ve noticed is that while faith has been said to make all things possible, only love could be said to make them easy.

When I do what I truly love, such as writing an article or book, I adore the sense of getting lost inside the process of writing the words. Even if I didn’t know I loved to write, I’ve had to learn that my sense of time is completely different when I am writing, and it is not safe, for example, for me to leave something on a burner on the stove or leave water running in the bathtub while I continue writing “just a bit longer,” since what feels to me like a few minutes can easily be more like 30 minutes. I’ve therefore been forced to recognize that if I don’t want my food burned and I’d rather not have my bathwater overflow on the floor, my usually marvelous sense of time cannot be trusted whatsoever when I am writing.

Love can often be a highly individual experience, and we can feel love so strongly that one can make life choices based on love that might only really make sense to oneself. There is clearly a strong sense of importance of the quality of how we relate to other people, activities, places, and events—and such emotional relativity can help us recognize all the key turning points and pivotal moments in our lives.

Cynthia Sue Larson, Jean Houston, and Cheri
size=Cynthia Sue Larson, Jean Houston, and Cheri Steinkellner
I feel very blessed to have been involved as an occasional advisor to Jean Houston and Cheri Steinkellner for their production of a wonderful new play, “Tonight in Dreamland,” that I was delighted to have gotten a chance to see a reading of this past month by professional actors. The genius of this play is how it is based on three female protagonists “of a certain age,” and how they find their lives intertwined in extraordinary and unexpected ways. A great deal of this story is based in the idea that sometimes we can feel there may be other possible lives “out there” for us—and sometimes we may find ourselves wondering where we might be right now if we’d explored “the road not taken.”

Einstein’s general theory of relativity has helped us understand that there is no such thing as absolute motion or absolute rest, and objects move relative to one another. Einstein’s special theory of relativity helps us grasp the slightly bizarre concept that time can seem to go at different rates for different observers, due to the fact that the speed of light is a constant. Some exciting news announced this year is that it may be possible to see whether there is some kind of boundary between the quantum and classical worlds.

An answer as to whether there may be such a dividing line between classical physics and quantum physics may soon be at hand, thanks to the work of scientists such as physicist Alexander Lvovsky and his team from the University of Calgary and the Russian Quantum Centre showing that physicists have figured out how to 'breed' Schrödinger's cat—an object in a quantum superposition of two states with opposite properties—to produce enlarged versions that could one day reveal the limits of the quantum world. Lvovsky and his team have discovered “it is possible to push the boundaries of the quantum world step by step, and eventually to understand whether it has a limit."

The types of reality shifts and quantum jumps that I have been researching and writing about since the 1990s clearly suggest that there is in fact no boundary between quantum and classical realm. We thus can expect to observe something akin to classical relativity in the quantum realm, and observe so-called ‘quantum weirdness’ such as entanglement, superposition of states, teleportation and tunneling in the classical realm. And since the more we pay attention to such things, the more we’re likely to witness them, we would expect at some point there would be a rapid increase in reports of reality shifts (aka “Mandela Effect”) amongst people all around the world.

And I’ve had some amazing reality shifts this past month, including a time shift! On May 19th, I woke up and stared at the two clocks in my bedroom, to see both of them assure me it was 8:00 am, pretty much on the dot. The ice cream analog clock had the big hand on the 12 and the little hand on the 8, and the digital clock simply stated it was "8:00" in its large red letters. I felt really tired, since I'd participated very actively in two Kuk Sool Won classes the day before, and decided that rather than spring out of bed and take my usual morning 3 mile walk, I'd do the practical thing and get another hour's rest. So I rolled over and dozed off for about an hour, based on tossing and turning many times, moving the covers all over the place, and finally awakened again, this time feeling fairly well rested. I sat up and again studied the two bedroom clocks--astonished to see they agreed not only with each other, but with the time they'd shown me about an hour earlier. Once again, they showed me it was—eight o'clock in the morning! So I ended up "having my sleep, and my morning time, too" with an extra hour as a special gift.

On May 20th, I went out to greet our mailman when he arrived with our mail, and in amongst letters and magazines was a plastic-wrapped, unlabeled copy of the June 2017 Scientific American, featuring a cover story article by one of my favorite theoretical physicists, UC Berkeley's Dr. Yasunori Nomura, Can Quantum Mechanics Save the Cosmic Multiverse? I'd been longing to see this article since just having heard about it, and now here it was in my hands in my very own copy of an issue of Scientific American that I do not have a subscription to! I flipped the plastic mailing envelope over again and again, seeking some kind of mailing label either on the outside plastic or on an inside printed label--and finding no label anywhere. This issue just ended up between two magazines I currently subscribe to as if the universe knew I'd be wanting this, and Ta-Da! Here it is! In this article, Nomura writes in part,
    "A human observer, being a part of nature, cannot escape from this cycle—
    the observer keeps splitting into many observers living in many possible parallel worlds,
    and all are equally 'real.' An obvious but important implication of this picture
    is that everything in nature obeys the laws of quantum mechanics, whether small or large.”
A couple of years ago, I gave professor Nomura a copy of my book, Quantum Jumps when I met with him for tea, after meeting him at the UC Berkeley premiere of the documentary movie, "Particle Fever." I was thrilled at the time that Nomura really 'got it' that the reason I had not referenced his articles and research in my book Quantum Jumps is because back in 2013 when I was writing it, he simply did not exist for me. I had done extensive research searches that would have produced Yasunori Nomura’s work, yet at that time there was nothing of his for me to see. I told Nomura that three people had just told me I definitely didn't exist in their prior realities either, to let him know that he and I are in the same metaphysical boat--and he took all this news very matter-of-factly and serenely, as if this is the sort of thing he contemplates all the time.

I'm grateful to be part of the Journey Back to Love Symposium internet event happening this month that invites us to live with an open heart, free from fear. I had a wonderful time talking about Making a Quantum Jump out of Fear into Love, and I love the topics that will be presented on the other days of the symposium, June 18th to the 24th, including: surrendering to the unexpected, discovering your ultimate soulmate, and healing insecurities. This is a free symposium that you can sign up for today at:

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "Cynthia, you are my inspiration! Without your understanding and compassion, I really don't think I could have made it this far."
      -- Suzie

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts, and Quantum
Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts, and Quantum Jumps
Cynthia Sue Larson at Marin IONS

16 Jun 2017
7:30-9:30 pm
JFK University
100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA
Suggested donation $5
"Mandela Effect" is the recent popular name for the phenomenon when people notice alternate histories. Increasing awareness of alternate histories indicates there may not be one absolute reality--as it begins to seem much more likely that we each experience something akin to a local reality. Quantum physics depends upon consciousness, and participation by an observer—leaving us to ponder the exact nature of consciousness, and how we can observe the observer. Rather than assuming there is some objective truth "out there," we see increasing evidence that there may be many possible truths, many possible realities.

Journey Back to Love Symposium
7 nights, 2 knowledgeable hosts, and 8 powerful speakers
18-24 Jun 2017

Have you been on a spiritual journey and know yourself to be more than just your body, mind, and emotions, yet still struggle to fully love yourself and the life you are living? Have you experienced childhood challenges that continue to play out as limiting patterns in your daily life? Do you long for success in your relationships and career but keep finding it eludes you? Join us on our free Journey Back to Love Symposium, and get ready to transform your beliefs about love, success and freedom and put your perceived limitations, fears and failures regarding love behind you.
Hosts Sandie Sedgbeer and Suzy Miller interview eight guests, including Glenn Harrold, Lee Harris, Carista Luminare, Simran Singh, Lion Goodman, Penny Kelly, Jim Self, and me—Cynthia Sue Larson. My segment is about Making a Quantum Jump Out of Fear Into Love. We talk about how we’ve overcome some of our personal challenges, sharing insights about how we’ve each learned how to live a life of love. Be sure to register for this free symposium in order to take full advantage of all the perks—this is one event with the inspiration, ideas, heart, and soul to completely transform your life!


Quantum Jumping & The Science of Instant Transformation
with Cynthia Sue Larson

What is Going OM?
OMTimes Radio
recorded 18 May 2017
Could creating the life of your dreams be as easy as taking a Quantum Jump? The latest quantum technologies have opened the door to a new science of instant transformation—in a moment we can become healthier, smarter, and more confident with better vision, stronger willpower and happier, more abundant and positive lives. Join Sandie and Cynthia as they discuss the idea that we now exist in a holographic multiverse in which we literally jump from one parallel universe to another, how we can experience the role consciousness plays in making a quantum jump, the scientific mechanism behind synchronicity, and practical tools and exercises to help you live your best, most prosperous life. Topics discussed on this show include: Evidence for the placebo effect, Quantum Jumping for money and out of being sick, How the future can influence the past, Parallel realities, and more!
You can hear the entire show at:


Cynthia Sue Larson on the Awakened Goddess Show
published 29 May 2017
Angela Wilkinson talks with Cynthia Sue Larson on the Awakened Goddess Show about reality shifts, quantum jumps, and how to deal with chaotic energy when one is highly sensitive.

You can see this show at:


Looking for Instant Transformation?
Try Faking It!

by Cynthia Sue Larson

Complete Wellbeing
27 May 2017
If advances in quantum physics are any indication, we can transform ourselves into whatever version of ourselves we dream of. American psychologist William James once said, “If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.” Amazingly, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests this really works! The science of quantum jumps indicates that we literally jump from one parallel universe to another in an interconnected holographic multiverse. Astonishing as this assertion may sound, there is increasing experimental evidence to support this new science of “fake it ‘til you make it,” with laboratory-tested, reliable methods that consistently generate positive results.Recent psychological studies conducted in the United Kingdom and California show that people who act as if they are in loving relationships can quickly develop genuine feelings of closeness for one another. Engaging in activities such as gazing into a partner’s eyes, synchronizing breathing with a partner, or holding the palm of your hand close to another’s without touching have been proven to increase closeness in both old and new relationships.We can adopt physical qualities—such as the keen vision we expect of airline pilots—by dressing and acting like pilots. Harvard University researcher Ellen Langer found that people who dressed like airplane pilots and operated flight simulators scored 40 per cent better on vision tests than study participants who sat in similar environments with ‘broken’ simulators and did not wear pilot’s uniforms.
You can read this entire article at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Get Carter Movie Changes

I have enjoyed watching your view tube videos over the last year here in France. Yesterday as I was looking at one the the Getty images from the 1971 "Get Carter" movie, which stars Michael Caine from a routine Google Image search. Everybody always refers to the sign above the bed as "What would Jesus say?" but the image clearly shows an “M," which makes it "What mould Jesus Say?" And, of course the word mould can have two meanings. Is this the Mandela effect, or has it always been with an M? Nobody refers to 'mould' on the internet, and I am very familiar with this film and have always thought it was a “W." All other images on the web now appear to show an “M." Getty images could not provide any more information, and suggested I ask MGM. I feel that if it was 'mould' all along, other people would have been in on the joke, and this would be mentioned somewhere on the internet as a bit of film trivia. But it is not, anywhere—and I have looked quite hard. I feel a bit spooked by this, as I personally have not noticed or experienced any of the Mandela effects other people mention. I just don't know if this is a Mandela Effect or not, and I'd be very happy to know one way or the other. What do you reckon?

I can confirm that Get Carter is one of my favourite films, and I first saw it in my mid teens—I’m 52 now. I always remember it saying, "What would Jesus say?" Many years ago, I actually took a screen shot off my DVD of that scene, because the picture interested me. I am pretty sure that it was a W and not an M, although I cannot be 100% sure, and I no longer have the image because it was on a computer that crashed permanently. I feel I would have noticed just as I did yesterday. Yesterday I did some google searches on the film, and reviewers actually refer to the sign saying "What would Jesus say?" I also searched the term, "What mould Jesus say?" and came up with nothing. For what it is worth, I am not aware of anybody remembering this as “Mould.” It is a film I discussed at length in my youth with my peers. When I noticed the M yesterday, I thought of mould on a damp wall.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me with this question about the images from the 1971 film, Get Carter that clearly show the words appearing in the frame as "What mould Jesus say?" This is indeed the kind of reality shift / Mandela Effect that might appear--provided it wasn't always remembered by all people as having been "What mould Jesus say?" Most people would expect such a framed sign to instead have the words, "What would Jesus say?" so this is rather odd, to say the least. Thanks so much for providing such clarity in your state of mind when noticing this apparent shift in reality. I believe you would have noticed a change in the spelling of a sign from one of your favorite movies--and I agree with you regarding feeling the significance of how dramatically a little change can influence the world. Yes, this does sound like a Mandela Effect / reality shift to me, and I'm glad you're taking this as an opportunity to wake up and be the best you can be!


Shipping Truck Vanished on the Freeway
Portland, Oregon, USA

Two years ago I had a near-death experience on the freeway. Another car suddenly rear-ended mine at 70 mph and I ended up spinning down the road. It was a very altered state--no time, no sound, and this is even difficult for me to conceptualize now, but no place. During these few seconds (which felt like minutes) I had the same clear, objective understanding I've had a few times before in my life--no emotional content, just fact. This time the 'fact' was that I was going to die--that this was the form of my sudden exit from this world. I don't even remember feeling afraid. Just utterly disappointed that my 'turn' was over. The other thing I was simultaneously aware of was a choice in this place/state without time. To live, or die--I actually had a choice. I could die now, or live. I focused myself on living, regardless of any chain of consequences. I became aware of the car spinning again, and came to a stop with only bruises and a case of whiplash. The very solid shipping truck I should have smashed into also disappeared, for which I have no 'normal' explanation.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me about facing what appeared to be certain death in a 70 mph freeway spin-out toward an oncoming truck. I'm so glad you survived this deadly situation! I've heard from several people who've survived similar situations where oncoming vehicles either vanished or teleported / passed right through them.

Clothes Teleported Outside Van
Greymouth, New Zealand

Hi, just found your website and have an interesting glitch story. I was at the beach with my mate and his dog. We decided to swim and I took off my jocks and put them in the van, shutting the door behind. We went for the swim and came back, only to see the dog with my jocks in its mouth. Puzzled, I opened the van, only to see my jocks were still there! How could this be?! Was this outrageous chance, or some form of glitch? The beach was so remote and the jocks were quite distinct. To this day I question that experience! There ended up being two sets of jocks—I didn't examine them too closely, but they seemed exactly the same! Haha—I don't think it was a trick, since I don’t think my mate could've pulled off such a trick. Have you heard of anything like that happening before? I should add that I never really questioned reality too much, being a layman and all, until I had a full-blown "spiritual event" in 2013 when my body began vibrating, pulsating and palpitating amongst many other strange phenomena happening around me. That's when I started realizing our reality is rather porous, and we're all affecting each other all the time! The 'spiritual event' occurred the year after the 'jocks event,’ where my body completely dissolved into pleasant vibration. I guess my problem has been integrating that experience as I have no idea what it means.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience observing your clothes outside the closed van where you'd placed them--and in your dog's mouth! Yes, I know what you mean about experiencing the porous nature of reality and the vibratory, pulsating spiritual types of awakening events! My feeling is that these indeed are special times, yet for millennia there have always been some people (such as shamans) in every culture who were adept at playing with the dreamtime to get mind-matter interactions that were beneficial for everyday life. We're now entering a time when increasing numbers of people are experiencing the Mandela Effect and recognizing such influences appear to be real--and to me, much of the reason for this is likely related our planet undergoing cyclical changes, such as are known to first nations' indigenous peoples. I wrote an article about how we're likely going through such a change right now, as predicted and expected in the article, “Comes True Being Hoped For” in Parabola: The Magazine of Myth and Tradition, Vol. 25, No. 1. (Spring 2000).

Disappearing Object Phenomenon
Los Angeles, California, USA

I have stumbled across your page and videos several times now on different occasions of research, so I decided to finally reach out to you! I'm hoping that maybe you will be able to understand and agree with me on some level. For starters, I’ll introduce myself; I'm 20 years old, and my entire life I've been very intuitive, and I'm a psychic-medium as well as an empath. However my age doesn't really matter, because I feel as if I've reincarnated many times. I pick up on synchronicities around me every single day, and most of my "de ja vu's" are my dreams literally coming true. Since I was young I asked the universe to be a medium, and then I began experiencing panic attacks that I found out were actually spirit raising my frequency and lowering theirs, in order to deliver a message to someone in this reality. I first learned about manifesting when I was 12 years old, when my mom showed me the book The Secret. I've literally manifested every single thing in my life, and envisioned where I am today to get here. Around a month ago, I stumbled across something called "The Mandela Effect" on the internet after I noticed that Chick-Fil-A's spelling did not look right to me. I swear growing up it was either spelled "Chic-fil-a-" or “chik-fil-a." I'm sure most of the Mandela Effect stuff on the internet is embellished and exaggerated, however I saw what is occurring as something much deeper, something on a quantum level. I began to research quantum jumping, sliding dimensions, and raising frequencies rather than using the key word "Mandela Effect." Quantum physics ties into a lot of my "spiritual beliefs,” and I realized that quantum jumping and manifesting go hand-in-hand. As soon as I began to visualize my frequency on a higher level, my intuition felt stronger. I began manifesting even quicker, and I began experiencing disappearing object phenomenon (DOP). The first instance was a few weeks ago; I was out on the weekend, and my bag was next to me all night—but when I got home, the only thing missing from it were my keys. I assumed they just fell out, so the next morning when I went to lunch with my boyfriend and his friends, we walked one block while waiting for our food to get a new copy of the house key made. Then I put my roommate's key that I was using to replicate and my new copy in my pocket of my backpack, zipped everything up, and we walked back. Midway through lunch, a thought popped into my head, “Oh, make sure to get a new keychain, so you don't lose another key!" And in that thought, I opened up my backpack to grab the key out, and it was not there. But my roommate's key was in the same little pocket. My boyfriend was at a loss for words. We dumped my whole purse out, searching the lining to see if the fabric had a tear, and it fell in the bag somewhere. There was just no logical explanation. Even his friends were confused, although they were cracking jokes, assuming I just misplaced it somewhere. I felt a knot in my stomach though; something was not right. My boyfriend and I retraced our steps so carefully the whole block back to the key store—but there were no random keys laying around. When we got back to the locksmith, he was beyond confused. He even said "I saw you, motion by motion put both keys in the pocket inside your bag and zip it up.” I have two witnesses other than myself who just don't understand how it could have happened. I ended up buying two more keys for another $5. We never found the key. I joked around that it was disappearing object phenomenon, but I wasn't even fully on board with that being real. The second recent experience of this got me tripping out even more. A month ago, three friends of mine came to visit for the weekend. That night we went out, and we were all sharing my Juul (a popular nicotine vaporizer pen). The last time they had seen it that night was around 3 am, when we were heading back to my house from my boyfriend's. They hadn't seen it since the car ride to my house. The next morning, I searched my entire house; it was nowhere to be found. I assumed it got lost, and I even bought a new one a week later. Then just a week ago, I was in my room, and on my white desk near my closet that I go up to every day to grab something off of, was a Juul just laying there! My first thought was, "Wait a minute—I just had my juul in my hand,” (assuming it was my new one) and, “I swear I didn't set it right there.” I reached my hand into my back pocket, and sure enough there was my Juul! Wait a minute?! If I have my new juul in my pocket like I thought, then how the heck did this one get right here!? I took the pod out of it and it was the exact flavor of the Juul that I had lost three weeks ago! It was just sitting on my white desk! The juul is a black little USB looking e-cig that is magnetic. I wonder if that material has anything to do with its ability to shift realities as if it had never left. I know for a fact it wasn't just out in the open like that. Chills ran down my spine, and I looked at the clock, and it was 2:22 pm. Crazy. I'm all about my angel numbers, I see them all the time. It's just crazy that literally hours and days after beginning all this new research on quantum jumping and shifting reality, that I experience so many more DOPs. Then, a couple nights later, on my way home from work it was 3:38 am; I checked my phone, and it randomly jumped two hours ahead to 5:38 am, for one minute, and then it jumped back to 3:39 am. That day, I was reading a post online about reality shifts and lapses in time. The person writing the article said to keep a look out for lapses in time, like your phone randomly jumping dates or times, as it can be a shift in reality or dimensions. The continuity in which everything has been happening is crazy, and I'm just trying to figure out what this all means. I hope to have had some resonance with you, and if you have any input please let me know. I definitely had a feeling that my "DOP" was a dimension slide of the object. I read one post online that resonated with me that gave an example that says you, "person" is in "universe a" as well as your objects around you; now if you lose your object it slides into "universe b.” When you become aware the object is missing it will slide back into universe a. That's how it suddenly “reappears." And you know those items that sometimes you just lose forever? You remember one day when you see a picture, and you're like, “Oh yeah, where did that shirt go?” It was in universe b for so long that it's lost forever. It's almost as if you're not aware of something or looking at it, it doesn't exist. Anyways, I will definitely be purchasing your books! I have a wonderful feeling they will heal me and give me guidance. I showed my mother as well, and she loves it!

Reality Shifts
Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me with such wonderful examples of recent reality shifts you've experienced. Your experience of your keys vanishing in front of your boyfriend is excellent, since it rules out your simply having been confused. Reality shifts not only include what you call Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP), but also objects reappearing, transporting, transforming, and changes in the experience of time. I've been researching and reporting on reality shifts since the 1990s, and you can see numerous examples similar to the ones you describe reported by hundreds of people over the past 18 years at:
From what I've been observing related to reality shifts, we are now witnessing the dawn of the Quantum Age, in which we can no longer presume that there is only one history--but rather we will begin to recognize there are many possible histories and pasts, just as there are many possible future events. Similarly, we will see that such things as quantum teleportation, quantum tunneling, quantum coherence and superposition of states don't just happen in "the quantum realm," but rather there is no line of demarcation between quantum and macro, and we can just as well see teleportation, tunneling, and reality shifts in daily life. And indeed, we are.

Phone Battery Fell Out of Closed Case
Devon, United Kingdom

I've had a few more experiences since I last emailed you; I went to pick my phone off the sofa, and it slipped through my hand and landed on a CD case—then I heard something fall out. I looked down on the floor and saw that the battery had fallen out—only to find that the back of my phone was still on! A friend was with me, and she saw it too. She took the back off to find no battery inside! How does anyone explain that?! I still think about what happened to the sheets when they were 170 miles away in my friend’s home in Devon; I was holding them here. I love the thought of reality shifts. l tend to daydream sometimes, and things seem to happen to me when I’m relaxed. With the sheets, it was a time when my dad passed away; it was a stressful time. So how could that have happened while I was anxious? Since then, my friend’s dog, Buffy, has passed away on 20th nov 2016. She was 15 years old. She was an amazing dog; she had the most wonderful energy, and we both miss her so very much. I must admit grief has hit us hard. Is it true with grief that it can block your senses? I saw your dog on a video we were watching; he’s so cute—then I saw another video where he had passed at the age of 16. I’m so sorry to hear that. Could we go to a reality where Buffy’s still alive? And how do we do that? As I’m crazy about animals, Buffy’s passing has changed me somehow. I’ve not got the sense of humor that I had; it’s hit me very hard. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. I wish I could go to a reality shift where my parents and pets I’ve lost are there.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing your recent experience with picking your phone up off the sofa and seeing the battery fell out when it hit the floor--except the back of the phone was still on--yet there was no battery inside! I'm glad your friend was there with you to witness this, too, since I know how much it helps to have validation you know you saw and heard what you saw and heard, regardless how impossible it may seem to be. I'm so glad you saw a video with our beloved dog, Prince Moonshadow! He shows up in a YouTube video I did about Plants are Pets, Too, and also in my interview by Lilou Mace at:
With regard to the matter of going to a reality where Buffy's still alive--the short answer is yes, I'm sure anything is possible. The longer answer is that in my personal experiences so far with such things, those close to me have come back soon after when the death had just happened--so a reversal of the situation is closer at hand (less time has gone by). Clearly this is not necessary for those who have died who are not so close to us (such as celebrities like Jane Goodall and Nelson Mandela), so therefore it should be just as possible for any loved one to come back regardless how long it's been. I mention this, because knowing such things can be possible is necessary, I believe, in order for our subconscious to allow us to experience such things. :-) How we get to such realities where loved ones are alive is not something I know how to share the steps for, since what I've seen is that each situation is unique. A person's grief can get in the way with success. The best results I've seen have consistently occurred for those who can be as detached as possible. This is clearly a problem, since the times we are most hopeful to have such results are for those we miss the most and are feeling most emotional about. Practicing emotional detachment through prayer and meditation may help.

Changes to Fabreze / Fabreeze
Buffalo, New York, USA

Hi, I am a long time follower, and I am 99.9999999999999999999999% positive that I shifted to a different timeline universe, and then just came back into a different one within the last two weeks. OK, I was doing research on the Mandela Effect, and I noticed that Fabreeze was spelled with two ee's, and I thought for a second, “Hmmm—I always remember it with one e.” I work at my parents’ house, and my mom has a bottle of it in the bathroom, so I looked at it, and sure enough, it had two ee's. Later that day, I went to my girlfriend’s house, and she had a bottle, so I asked her if it has two ee's or one. She said, “One,” and I was like, “Nope, it has two ee's, take a look,” and I showed it to her. I looked at the bottle over and over again with the two ee’s. OK, so now today it is March 3rd 2017, and I am scrolling down facebook and I see an ad for Fabreze and it is spelled like that with one e, and I am like, “No way somebody made a spelling error,” so I do research on Mandela Effect, and it is showing me that Fabreze has always been with one e, so I am like, “No way!” I get up and go into the bathroom to check the bottle—and it has one e. I am like, “No way,” scratching my head. Thoughts on this?

Note from Cynthia:Thanks for sharing your experience noticing a change in the spelling of the product name, "Fabreze" go back and forth as you specifically confirmed very recently it was spelled "Fabreeze" with two e's together and three e's total--and now it only has a total of two e's. This is an excellent first-hand report of a reality shift in which you are detecting alternate histories that you seem to be moving back and forth between. These kinds of flip-flopping reality shifts are examples demonstrating that just because we see one particular physical reality associated with a complete history of the way things 'have always been' doesn't mean we'll always see it that way. We've entered the Quantum Age in which we can start to understand that there is such a thing as subjective interaction between ourselves and 'external reality.' I write about this in my books Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, and have dedicated my RealityShifters ezine to this phenomenon. Here's a blog post I wrote on the 'flip-flop' aspect of reality shifts and Mandela Effects:

Changes to Tidy Cat / Tidy Cats
Buffalo, New York, USA

I listened to your podcast last night, and it was really good. I witnessed another Mandela Effect flip-flop with Tidy Cats. About a month ago when I was doing Mandela Effect research, it was "Tidy Cat" and I was like, “Hmmm; I always remember it as Tidy Cats," so I filed it into my memory bank told my girlfriend. I even looked for it at the store, and at the store I saw it was Tidy Cat. Now it has changed back to Tidy Cats. One night when I was really focusing on parallel universes, I was able to see what I believed to be the quantum entanglement; it was very strange. It was like all these little spheres all over the place that had something like little pieces of fabric or threads coming out of them. I have never really seen time speed up or slow down, but now that I am aware of it, I realize I have witnessed that as well. Thank you for all your hard work.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed listening to my interview on OMTimes Radio network with Sandie Sedgbeer, and thank you for sharing your experience with Tidy Cats / Tidy Cat. And thanks for sharing how you've gotten a sense of the nature of quantum entanglement at the heart of reality that looked to you like little spheres all over the place that had something like fabric or threads coming out of them and connecting to one another.


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Hey Cynthia,
Love, love, LOVE this month’s (May 2017 RealityShifters: Live An Inspired Life) issue! I’ve had my own experiences of teleporting—just didn’t realize there was a name for them. : ) Keep doing what you’re doing–it’s a powerful, important gift to the world.
Big love
— Laurie

Dearest Laurie,
Thank you so very much for taking a moment to write such a kind and supportive email to me! Your statement of appreciation has really made my day! I'm glad to know you recognize in some events from your past a common thread with what's reported here. I have a feeling that most of us experience reality shifts including such things as teleportation, transformation, time loops, alternate histories, and appearing and disappearing people and things--yet most people don't fully acknowledge or discuss such things. I'm grateful to be able to bring these topics to light. :-)
With much love and many thanks,


Awareness of the Mandela Effect phenomenon is exploding
across the net and social media lately, and I keep seeing posts and videos, etc. from people claiming they have found photographic or other documentary evidence "proving" that some historical fact has changed. What the people making these claims don't understand is that if a genuine ME has occurred there won't be any physical reminders of the pre-changed state, or "residue" as it's being called, to be found. If you go to the attic and pull out that box of your old BerenSTEIN Bears books today, you will only find BerenSTAIN Bears books instead. And no matter whose or how many attics and old boxes you look through, there will only be BerenSTAIN Bears in this current dimension/timeline/parallel universe. That's the whole point of the Mandela Effect - that specific features of the past have changed and left no traces of themselves other than memories in the minds of a select group of individuals. Currently, the alleged relocation of the Statue of Liberty from Ellis Island to Liberty Island is getting a lot of buzz. While I personally don’t have any memory of the SoL being on a specifically named island it does seem strange that I never heard of Liberty Island before today. Apparently the island was given that name in 1956, previously having been called Bedloe's Island (never heard of that either) but since these two bits of land are so close together and closely associated symbolically, it's easy to understand how they might become fused and confused with each other in people's minds. Similar to Ed McMahon being remembered as associated with Publisher's Clearing House when he was actually a spokesman for their competitor, American Family Publishers. At any rate, if anyone DID have an old photograph showing the Statue of Liberty being clearly and incontrovertibly located on Ellis Island, then that person would, by Mandela's First Law of Spacetime Displacement, be in a completely different dimension from the one we're in right now, so we wouldn't be able to see them, the photograph, or their youtube video anyway. Think about it.
— Jim

Dear Jim,
While I agree that I've not seen much in the way of "reality residue" in terms of physical evidence, I have seen flip-flops in which I've traveled back and forth between parallel possible realities from time-to-time--mostly with personal reality shifts / Mandela Effects, rather than the public varieties that are being noticed and written about on the internet.

Quantum Jumps

This is all about being grateful
for all we have already received, appreciating, rather than complaining, and entering the energies of welcoming How good life can be for all of us when our thoughts and words focus on How good it can get. This way of awareness and thinking has changed my entire life for the better, all thanks to Cynthia Sue Larson and her book Quantum Jumps.
— Peggy

Dear Peggy,
Thank you so very much!

Dear Cynthia,
About three months ago, my little boy and I had a minor accident that completely changed our life, work, everything. Not only that there were about four or five buildings disappeared in a two months time in this place where we use to go regularly. His nursery, church we used to go to, a place we celebrated his birthday, right that week when it happened. All these scenarios. I was going to ask a question: how does it work to jump realities if we cannot change our past—because of our past, there is completely different life for us because what happened three months ago. Three months ago i was also going to make a choice of employment, which i would now completely change. It’s very hard to change the reality, because what happened months ago and I really don’t understand how to change it, because I can’t change the past and the accident. Would you please help me to understand how it is possible to change the past if it has already happened, and now we have to live with what it brought to us?
Lots of thanks,
— Lucie

Dear Lucie,
Thanks so much for writing to me with a question about how it might be possible to change the past. The success I know about with regard to changing the past comes not from 'going back to the past' or even 'doing things differently,' but rather from feeling present moment gratitude and appreciation for aspects of what we most love and cherish. So my general advice for 'changing the past' any time situations arise that seem amiss or at odds with what we currently desire is to do our best to keep an open heart and an open mind, with genuine heartfelt connection to ourselves and everyone and everything involved. From such a place of authentic presence--which is truly a feeling of breathing deeply and feeling a sense of connection to eternal love and divine source--it's possible for us to feel a sense of commitment to serving higher good in some ways we've not previously done. With thanks, and gratitude to be able to help others somehow in some way, and with a strong sense of gratitude to be able to help as best we can, we can trust in Divine Source / God / Oneness to make any changes to past, present and future in accordance with our desire to know how good our lives and the lives of all around us can become. Truly feeling a heartfelt need to live the answer to "How good can it get?" can provide us with living through the answer--including witnessing remarkably miraculous events.
With love and thanks,

Dear Cynthia,
Have you heard this one? I heard this on the radio today—a song that could be about “The Willie Nelson Effect.”
— Jim

Dear Jim,
Thanks so much for sending this Willie Nelson song, "Still Not Dead" to me--I love it! What a great point of view to consider, from the perspective of a celebrity who's been observed "alive again" along the lines of so many who've been reported dead by reliable sources, to subsequently be seen very much alive and well!
Love and thanks,

Hi Cynthia,
I’ve just recently been introduced to the "Mandela Effect,” and it seems as though for years now I’ve been waking up in different parallel universes. I always thought I had some kind of mental disorder, until I learned about the Mandela Effect. I’m trying to understand why this keeps happening to me, and why I’ve noticed I’ve had more experiences of waking up somewhere else than all the encounters I’ve read about.
— Krissi

Dear Krissi,
Thanks so much for writing and asking me about what's going on waking up in different parallel realities. This is something that several people have commented on over the years that I've included in past issues of RealityShifters, so you are definitely not the only one this is happening to. Some people have understandably been quite rattled by the experience, and there might be some advantage in looking for what you might have in common with people this happens to more often than others. If there are some qualities you suspect might be contributing to it, we can create some kind of survey for those who've experienced this, and do some research in this area.
With love and thanks,

I am looking for some more information on Quantum Jumping.
There have been at least two distinct points in my life where I "dreamed" about entering another "world" only to wake up and find that when I awoke things were different. One time when I woke up, all the things holding me back were gone. It was if they had never existed except in my head. Another time, I dreamed my mother died. It was SO real and vivid and ongoing. I wanted to go to sleep and wake up back when she was alive. When I woke up, she was alive. After each of these experiences, I have noticed that my family has different memories than I do. They should remember it the same as I do, but they remember one or two MAJOR details differently. For example, I remember a significant visit to a state fair with my little brother and they swear he hadn't been born yet. I, however, remember it down to the smells and the clothes he was wearing. I have wondered for some time if I am jumping through alternate dimensions and if so, how to control it. It tends to happen when I am depressed and when it happens, it is quite disorientating and now I really don't want it to happen because I miss having shared memories and family members look at me like I'm looney tunes. Can you recommend any reading on the subject that is legitimate?

Dear Aubrey,
I've recently been hearing from more people coming forward to report similar experiences with waking up and finding upon awakening that things are different. Thanks so much for sharing some of the details associated with your experiences, and the way you noticed after these occasions that your family members remember things differently regarding some of the major details that one would expect wouldn't be so easy to get confused or mistaken. People tend to make jumps when in daydreamy theta states of mind, which might be happening when you are depressed. I wrote a book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World and Quantum Jumps about this phenomena, with tips on ways to better enjoy the shifts and jumps.
lots of love and thanks,


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