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August 2023
Issue #287

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Hear the Music of your Soul

"Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise
of a mind unconscious that it is calculating."
—Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

A friend recently mentioned to me that one of the gifts he most enjoys is hearing songs playing in his head, like an inner radio. These songs provide him with interesting and timely insights, ideas, and messages in accompaniment to whatever happens to be going on. I totally relate to this, since from time to time, this happens for me as well. For example, I'll sometimes notice the lyrics of a song that just starts playing in my mind provides me with a nudge to lighten up, and not take my problems so seriously. I first noticed songs playing in my mind when I was quite young, before I could make out the words that were being sung in the songs. The music itself contained meaning in its emotional message.

Recently, I've heard music from another realm, like music of the spheres, or perhaps the music of my soul. I heard a stunningly beautiful symphonic orchestral piece playing dramatically amidst a thunder and lightning storm about six months ago, and I stepped out into the rain of my front yard, wondering if the music I was hearing was really playing amidst the pouring rain. It seemed I was hearing something meant just for me to hear with high sense perception—much the same way I sometimes see a visual flash of something, or glean a flash of information. Just this past month, I've heard Scottish highland bagpipe music playing outdoors in the back garden. The sound seemed to be coming from inside my house, yet there was nobody playing music inside the house. The feeling and message I sense at these times when hearing music that seems to be just for me, is that this is a time to rejoice, and appreciate all the little 'things' that matter most of all, yet often go unnoticed or ignored.

I invite you to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty plus years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

Divine love blessing: Today I accept and receive the
blessings of Divine love at all levels of my being.  – Cynthia
Sue Larson & Melinda Iverson Inn
I'm sharing a Divine Love blessing to brighten your days and lift your spirits, and yes, it's the same one I shared last month. It seems to me that we can all benefit from more divine love in our lives! Wishing you and yours all the very best that life and love have to offer!

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

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      a place where all wounds are healed
      and where all things are possible;
      a place where all things exist
      and do not exist--at the same time!
      I deeply appreciate your "midwifery"
      expertise that helped me to
      trust the initiation and
      unfolding of this process.
      Many blessings to you
      and all that you do."
      — Dea

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson with Rob on Typical Skeptic
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Typical Skeptic podcast with Rob

9 Aug 2023
50 minutes
Have you experienced any interesting phenomena recently? I share some of my most recent 'wake up calls,' and discuss the idea of time travelers, and whether they might have anything to do with what we've been observing recently.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Liz Larson and Bill McKenna of
Cynthia Sue Larson
with Liz Larson and Bill McKenna of Cognomovement

15 Aug 2023
1 hour
There's always lots to talk about when I get together with Liz Larson and Bill McKenna of Cognomovement. In this conversation, we find out some amazing new insights about the Mandela Effect, based on some of Liz Larson's unique experiences back in her cake decorating days, when Thanksgiving rolled around. What do cakes and Thanksgiving and the Mandela Effect have in common? One of the recently scientifically verified Mandela Effects!


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

beautiful Berlin park
Calling rain to Berlin
Berlin, Germany

it's been a while - hope, you are happy and healthy! Best of luck for the International Mandela Effect Conference. I am writing to you today to share a little or a lot of happiness, according to the motto How good can it get (or, in German: Wie gut kann es werden?!). As a reminder: in one of your videos you talked about your trees calling rain via energy spirals. I thought the idea/info was fantastic and thought maybe our trees here have forgotten that you don't have to be thirsty. That's why I used to walk around our area and "remind" the trees of it. We had a nice amount of rain in our area this year. rain, not flooding. Or as my father-in-law says: Up here in the north of Berlin we don't seem to have a problem with drought. In fact, the sky is almost continuously overcast. This summer we didn't have four days in a row with temperatures that far exceeded 30 degrees. Instead, dense, dark clouds often hang in the sky here. Sometimes I really have a bad conscience because people miss the clear sky blue. My husband and I live in a four story tenement house built in 1906 surrounded by many mature trees. Last year our neighbors ans we tried to supply the street trees with the old pumps on the streets. Not once this year was it necessary. It's raining. Voluntarily. ;-) I am infinitely happy, the trees have suffered massively from the heat in the last decade. The current How good can it get-Project is now: four weeks of snow in winter. As a child of the seventies I miss the winter with cold and rapid fall. Nowadays, a touch of snow rarely falls here more than three times in winter. Let's see if that can't be changed. :-) Thank you so much Cynthia. I would never have thought of it on my own. All the best to you and a photo attached—look at the green grass!

Note from Cynthia: I'm so happy to hear from you, and delighted that you're having such success bringing in welcome rain for the trees and plants of Berlin!  The Ki Gong pattern of hand motions I find most beneficial to bring in rain with a combination of breath, imagination and movement is indeed a kind of circular movement, engaging both of my arms in a flowing motion, in collaboration with our local trees, and with connection to those sources of weather patterns over oceans where water vapor can be collected and carried through the air.  This human-tree-weather-system communication can be so beautifully rewarding when we work with it, and I'm heartened to see the photo showing such gorgeous greenery in Berlin this August--how truly divine!  And, "Wie gut kann es werden?" indeed! 


SITC perfume
page from book showing Sex in the City
Sex in the City on perfume and in a book
Dunedin, Florida, USA

Good morning, I always appreciate your newsletters and videos and wanted to share some things I found this past week. Just over a month ago my husband and I made a significant life change and moved from the coast of Florida to Southeast Missouri. The change of living space was so unexpected for everyone we know and even for me on some level—I never dreamed we would relocate from a our "forever home" as it had always felt—to a town of less than 7,000 people. I have consciously experienced many shifts or timeline jumps since becoming fully aware of this reality many years ago. I have shared a couple of stories with you in this past about those as well. I love the awareness of it happening and since we moved here, I finding the best thing I can do is really go with the flow, so many things have been one way and then changed the next day—it's been strange on some level but equally fascinating because I love the mystery about it as well.  This email is just to share about Sex In / And the City—I know everyone (including myself) calls this a Mandela Effect, but I also see myself shifting timelines, and this is just a validation on a visual level that I am indeed having these shifts and it's not just in my own head. Last week I just finished reading a book, and the end of the book had the introduction of a new novel she had written, so it was essentially a teaser—this book came from the library and was written in the early 2000's and the writer referenced "Sex in the City" DVD. I was so shocked by seeing it, and then rented the full version since intro of the book was so good. I got the book from the library, and sure enough the same line was in there in the same way "IN" the city—not "AND" the city. I feel certain this was not an oversight as this is not a movie from the writers imagination—this a movie (series) that was part of the times and I can't imagine how editors / publishers etc. would permit such an error on a name that was very popular at that time. Then, only a few days later, (maybe 3 days later) my husband and I were in a little downtown store that has formerly owned items for sale (comparable to a thrift store but this is a privately owned shop), and there on a shelf is a bottle of men's cologne "Sex IN the City"! Twice in one week—so synchronic and confirmation it was not a typo (in the book) as well. Well. I bought the perfume because I was so taken aback by seeing it again—I am attaching both images for you. I so appreciate your presence of being and allowing me to share with you this beautiful timeline shift.

Note from Cynthia: Congratulations on your big move to small town living--what a big change that must have been.  It seems so many people are making these kinds of moves these days, often from larger metropolitan areas to smaller towns and cities, and it seems to make sense at this time for many reasons. Thank you so much for writing to me and for sharing the fascinating references to "Sex in the City" inside a book, and on the packaging for a perfume product.  Wow!  You make such an excellent point that it's startling to see the name of the TV show the way so many people remember it rather than how it's now "always been," especially since authors are typically careful to edit and review and double-check everything before a book comes out in print.  And similar quality controls are expected for items that clearly are piggy-backing off the popular TV show, such as this men's fragrance.  These kind of items are deeply satisfying to see for so many people who remember things this way--thank you so much for sharing these photos!

water bottle
Changes to Water Bottle

I thought you may be interested in this new reality shift I just noticed. I've had this drink bottle for about a year. It's never has this awful black strap on it. I just got it out of the cupboard to use, and was surprised to see it. I don't like it but it's fixed on. It's awkward in my bag as the bag used to fasten easily before but now I have to bend this strap. Just hoping I've jumped to a timeline where the majority of differences are preferable. Wonder if there's a theme in drinking vessels as you may remember some time ago my set of coffee mugs developed some interesting extra artwork on the inside. Just thought I'd share it with you.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this change to your drink bottle, that now has a new-to-you black strap.  How amazing that it's suddenly got this new feature, which is hardly something you were longing for, but rather seems to be a bit of an annoyance.  Yes, I do remember how your coffee mugs changed, which was covered in the December 2022 issue of RealityShifters:
How intriguing indeed that transformed drink bottle fits your theme of altered drinking vessels!  This might be something meaningful, if contemplated from the standpoint of what a drinking vessel symbolizes to you. 

Musical Recording Improves
Harve Mann

Years back in Philadelphia, a video was produced of ten local singers performing various songs I had written. I was proud and grateful for all of these artists’ participation. One singer in particular had the perfect voice and style for the song he was set to do. To my regret, watching the final film, it was clear that this normally spot on vocalist had frozen up and drifted noticeably off-key in several spots. Over the years, I had watched this video quite a few times and always felt bad that this singer’s otherwise beautiful interpretation had been marred by these pitchy moments. Last night I decided to watch this video which I hadn’t looked at in a long time. To my amazement this singer’s performance of this song was perfectly in tune. Added note — I had just completed writing this and went on Facebook to put it up on this page. The first thing that appeared as a Memory was a picture I’d put up a few years earlier from the above mentioned show.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience. What an extraordinary experience it was, to witness this singer's off-key moments somehow transformed to be perfectly in tune, when most assuredly that wasn't the case before. I can certainly believe you with this example, since I witnessed an entire book change from being excruciatingly written in an almost apologetic tone, to a matter-of-fact, confident author's voice--and it was the same exact book I'd had the entire time! I noticed the change in the book after wishing for some time that the book was better in these ways. And then one day, it was!

Zeta star map
Yellow Sun
What Color is the Sun?
T.S. Caladan
California, USA
Author of books about the Mandela Effect

Seems like a childish question, doesn’t it? Didn’t we all pick up the yellow crayon and draw the Sun with radiant lines when we were children? YELLOW was the most dominate color on Earth and this was due to our yellow Sun. To astronomers, the Sun was always a “Main Sequence” star, in the middle: Not a new blue sun nor an old red sun. For advanced students who have heard of The UFO Incident where Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by Zeta Reticuli aliens whose home worlds were yellow suns. Through hypnosis their stories checked out independently and Betty recalled stars in our stellar neighborhood and discovered that the small Greys only went to YELLOW SUNS! Our Sun was on their travel route. Astronomers such as Marjorie Fish and others with the use of computers have found that these travel-lines of “explorations and regular routes” made perfect sense. A psychiatrist and teams of scientists proved the alien encounter when they plotted real sun positions in our area and discovered that the Zeta Reticulans went to the very next yellow sun! They bypassed blue, red, orange, green, and purple suns and traveled to the very next yellow star. YELLOW. We always had a yellow Sun that rose in the east every morning and set in the west every night. The suns on Betty Hill’s Star Map are all yellow with only two very close exceptions. Now ask Google: What color is the Sun? The Sun emits light across the visible spectrum, so its color is white, with a CIE color-space index near (0.3, 0.3), when viewed from space or when the Sun is high in the sky. The Solar radiance per wavelength peaks in the green portion of the spectrum when viewed from space. That answer is rubbish. Reality has been “Mandelaed,” changed from what was. The answer is false information or very different information from what had been a fixture in Astronomy books and in the minds of astronomers. Stars/suns do not change color in a lifetime, or in a hundred lifetimes and not even in a thousand lifetimes. Our Sun did not change. THE UNIVERSE CHANGED because of the Mandela Effect! If you studied the question further, you’d find that some astronomers today have even classified our Sun as “a white dwarf.” A Dwarf? Seriously? In my 50 years of viewing the stars and studying the heavens, never, never, never, never did I ever come across a description of our Sun as a White Dwarf! But now it is? Look at the Sun above you and it’s not yellow anymore. It is stark White Light. I’m amazed. If you know a stubborn person you’ve been trying to convince that the Mandela is real, ask them: “What color is the Sun?” One astronomical Mandela bugs me. Students of the Mandela Effect have heard that we are now positioned in a different part of the galaxy. We have shifted to a different Arm of the Milky Way, which is possible when one considers other odd changes. Either we were on the Sagittarius Arm or we have instantly transitioned to the Sagittarius Arm? That doesn’t really matter. My question is: If we have truly and dramatically shifted position in the galaxy, why are all the stars and all the stellar constellations virtually the exact same? If we really jumped many lightyears in space, the stars would be in completely different patterns. But they’re not. The constellations are about the same. There’s a mystery.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, this is super cool that not only do you remember our previously more golden sun, but you're also referencing some fascinating documented sources confirming this was a primary feature and recognizable identifying feature of our star!  This is truly intriguing that the Zeta Reticuli only visited yellow star systems, and that part of the Barney and Betty Hill account only makes sense when our Sun is yellow--the way so many of us recall. Thanks so much for sharing this one--it's awesome! One thing I'd love to add is that some of us have been noticing for about a decade now that the sun is not rising where it used to, in the east, but rather noticeably much farther to the south—and the sun is now setting much farther to the north, rather than where it used to set for decades that I've been living in the exact same house. This matches what the Inuit reported to the United Nations many years ago, around the time I was also noticing this. It's possible that the Earth is going through some changes in axial tilt, and related electromagnetic shielding protection reduction.

Weird Experience: It happened again
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

After months have now passed with nothing weird happening, I thought I was finally in the clear— but nooooooo, even after asking the forces not to perform any more phantom light or sound shows, they must have found a loophole, because I didn't specifically mention kitchen incidents.  Silly me. I woke up around 5:15 this morning -- which is not characteristic of me, especially since I recently retired from the university— I made my way to the kitchen, and started to prepare my usual "high protein coffee" shake, as I've done a hundred times before.  I rinsed out my handheld blender (which has never given me any problems), and gingerly poured two heaping scoops of the protein powder into it as, like I said, I've done a hundred times before.  I turned around to get the milk out of the fridge, and when I turned around only a second or two later... I was astonished to see that the blender was completely empty.  On the off chance that I somehow missed the blender (which really was impossible, because I always carefully cup the scooper with my hand as I pour), I nevertheless searched all over the area (including the floor) for a conspicuous, powdery mess, but there was absolutely nothing to be found. Now I may have been a little sleepy, but not asleep, I don't sleepwalk or have "waking dreams" or hallucinations, don't have dementia, and I didn't accidentally knock the blender over, then cleaned up the mess, and promptly forgot.  I made a second batch, but I suspiciously kept my eye on the blender the entire time. Score another point for the paranormal.  By now, I've lost track of how many such phenomena have occurred in my own house, but it's clear that they are winning.  I wouldn't have thought that such a mundane and innocuous thing could be involved in such high weirdness—but there it is. Why couldn't the blender turn into a million dollars, or even better, a hot tub with some beautiful coeds in it?  I tell you, it's just not fair. —P.S.  If I now find a mess in the kitchen, I'm going to be so darned embarrassed—and more than a little concerned about my mental health. I'm really grateful that someone believes these bizarre things.  I mentioned this most recent event to a couple of people, who just gave me the fish-eye, and the usual, "You're retired now, so maybe you've experienced a cognitive error in your mental processing" (i.e., a thinly-veiled "Hey, you're senile now; what do you expect?" or "You were probably just dreaming, and it only seemed real," etc.)  But I witnessed it for myself and had a genuine "WTF?” reaction, then chalked it up to yet another "hiccup" in the fabric of reality.  I can't think of any other explanation of why two carefully-poured heaping scoops of protein powder (of all things) directly into the blender would simply vanish from existence. Yes, I've followed the same routine every morning for many months, so I know I was on autopilot, and didn't confuse the order of steps.  The next day however, I got the milk out of the fridge first, all the while keeping my own fish-eye on the blender the entire time— y'know, just in case.  I should be grateful it wasn't my meds that vanished into thin air.  I can just imagine that conversation with my psychiatrist. Say, maybe it was Carla, reminding me that this is the month of our wedding anniversary; although I have no idea what she expects me to do about it. Even though she died in 2006, I already think of her many times every day.  Maybe she wants a card?  Flowers?  Or better yet, "Say it with a seance!"

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing this recent fascinating experience.  I'm aware from having observed similarly strange events that this is one of those things that is most startling to the experiencer, and sometimes does not take on the same sense of excitement and astonishment to those who hear about it.  I recognize in your report of this experience that there was no chance that you skipped the step of pouring those two heaping scoops of protein powder, since this entire process is such a familiar series of practiced steps. 

The Anomaly
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

To save money, my friend Sara and I carpool to campus, since she also works at the university. After work on the evening of Thursday 3/1/2018, she decided to pick up some pet supplies, and I ended up purchasing a well-made Da Bird “cat dancer” toy, just for the hell of it. She then dropped me off and went home, but I was too tired to play with the cat at the time, so I threw the unopened clear, plastic wrapper on my kitchen counter, and went to bed. Sara arrived the next morning (Friday 3/2), but I was running late; the cat dancer was the last thing on my mind as we rushed out the door. At the end of the workday, she dropped me off and went home as usual. This time, I decided to open the plastic wrapper that was still on the counter where I had left it the previous night, and played with the cat for no less than 10-15 minutes. When done, I unceremoniously tossed the dancer “as is” on the couch next to me, and went to bed. The following morning (Saturday 3/3), Sara showed up on her way to the lab to finish up some work, saw the dancer on the couch, and uttered something to the effect of "Oh, I see you took out the cat dancer, but why didn't you play with it?" Puzzled, but busy answering emails on my laptop, I asked her what she was talking about. She took it into the kitchen behind me, where I could hear her fidgeting with it, and said "You couldn't have. The line is still coiled around, and securely taped, to the wand." Now I'm really puzzled. Sure enough, she was in the process of cutting a small piece of thick blue plastic tape with scissors. According to Sara, on the previous morning (when I was running late), she had opened the cat dancer while waiting for me, and tried but failed to remove the tape manually, so she threw it “as is” on the kitchen island, not the counter where I had left it, still taped. But that's not how I perceived it the night before! It was unopened, on the counter, and there was no tape; I unfurled the line to its full length, and tossed it on the couch in that condition when finished. I instantly recognized this for what it was—some sort of genuine, weird physical anomaly. I've gone through all the conventional explanations: No, at $12 a pop, I certainly didn't buy two of them. No, I wasn't using it with the twine still secured to the rod with tape; there was no tape at all. No, it wasn't a waking dream; I was wide awake. No, I don't hallucinate or suffer from psychotic breaks or disassociative fugue states. No, it wasn’t a magic trick or optical illusion. No, Sara is a fun person, but not a prankster. Yes, I have been on medication for depression and anxiety ever since Carla passed away, but that was over fifteen years ago, and they've never had any such side effects. No, there had been no change in meds, diet, lifestyle, or anything else, that could possibly account for this as some kind of misperception or misinterpretation. I can't provide any objective evidence, but it happened exactly the way I described. To my satisfaction, it was crystal clear that this simply could not be mistaken for anything else. Evidently, “observed vs. observer” quantum entanglement can and does occur above the subatomic Planck level. Perhaps a corollary exists that two independent observers will not necessarily observe the same measurements of the same “observed” at the same time. My own informal thinking involves the partial collapse of similar wavefunctions in the perceptions of separated observers, then total simultaneous collapse into a “hybrid” state when brought together, if they are not aligned “in synch” for some reason, possibly resulting in some kind of commonly-perceived mixed state of location and condition. But who knows? In a hundred years, this gibberish may go the way of epicycles, spontaneous generation, and phrenology.

Note from Cynthia: This is so amazing to me that I clearly recall your sharing this cat dancer toy experience with me many years ago, and I feel certain that I posted it on the realityshifters website and in an issue of RealityShifters—yet I can now find absolutely no trace of it anywhere.  I've run a search on the website without success, and also searched the source files on my computer, and come up completely empty, which seems impossible to me, since I so clearly remember having posted it!  This in itself is now a very big part of this entire Anomalous experience, such that it's toying with us all over again, challenging me to find it when it seems to be completely gone.  I remember every aspect of this cat dancer toy anomaly, and I've not heard of anyone having anything similar happen to them, so it's now super intriguing to me.  It seems both you and I remember it was sent to me by you years ago, and I certainly recall having posted it--yet now I find nothing.  Astonishing!  

Strange Lights
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I believe I also sent you some of my subsequent incidents of high strangeness, but this first one was the most shocking to me.  A close runner-up "WTF?" incident occurred afterward, but I didn't formally write it up.  On the other hand, it was so unbelievably strange, that I remember it with distinct clarity.  I had purchased a night light with rotating colors (just for fun) from Costco, and plugged into the wall of the hallway leading to my bedroom.  There is a long chest of drawers adjacent to the bed, next to the door.  When left ajar, I can see the changing colors faintly reflecting on the wall, when lying in bed.  This one particular night however, I had just lied down, still fully awake, and noticed that when the light shined red—and only red—the color reflected down the hall, straight into my bedroom, and flashed like red flames across the front of the chest of drawers.  Not just once. but repeatedly.  I instantly jumped out of bed, made very sure I wasn't imagining anything, and after the "WTF?" moment had passed, two questions immediately popped into my head (while I was scratching it): (1) Why just the red?  A priori, there should have been no physical difference between that and any of the other colors.  And (2): How could it have reflected all the way down the hall, and into my bedroom?  It had certainly never happened before (or after). Cut to: a week or two later.  My good friend, Sara, (the same person as in the cat toy story) does not live in Madison as I do, but in Waterloo, a different county in Wisconsin altogether, about twenty or thirty minutes from me.  Her house is located in the middle of nowhere in the countryside, and there is a very long gravel driveway that runs from there to the turnoff on the highway.  One night around 3:00 AM, she was startled awake by a huge, loud explosion.  It seemed that a repeat-offense drunk driver had swerved off the highway, skyrocketed down the driveway, and violently collided into her recently-purchased RV—which she always kept parked right next to the house—and completely totaled it beyond any hope of repair.  When she awoke and looked out of her bedroom window, all she could see were—yes, you guessed it: red flames— evidently from the driver's car.  If he had instead plowed into her house, she might have easily been killed.  As I've heard it said, "too coincidental to be a coincidence." But what I am still scratching my head over is: if my experience was indeed untended to be some sort of premonition, then why show me when I could do absolutely nothing about it?  The only answer I can come with is that, like Carla dying of cancer, there are bad things that happen that no one can predict, control, or prevent—so maybe I should stop blaming myself, and trying to burden the responsibility for them.  Perhaps that's the point. So how was your day?  LOL

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this truly amazing experience with the strange way the flashing red light--and only the red light--made its way down the hall to look like red flames.  And then the extraordinary synchronicity with your friend Sara fortunately witnessing a car crash into her RV which burst into red flames, rather than crashing into her home. It seems to me that often we don't get to see all the other possible realities, but rather just one or two, or possibly a few.  In this instance of seeing red flames and then observing the relatively good fortune that your friend's home was not struck and did not go up in flames, but rather her RV was totalled instead.  It does seem there may be a very positive message here indeed, to be grateful for Sara surviving without having been hit.  It seems on some subconscious level, there may have been awareness of events about to unfold, and to me it seems sometimes even though we don't have conscious control over everything, we gain insights that there appears to be some kind of divine hidden order, even if it is not within our direct conscious reach. 


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
I love Mariah Morningstar's second story in this issue. I have heard of a nearly identical one but it happened to a friend of a friend—which of course makes my retelling of their story less accurate. It was a mother and daughter, and they were crossing a very wide road with multiple lanes. I believe somehow they never saw the large truck coming. They both managed to "jump" to a reality where the truck never hit them and they were safely on the other side of the road. However, they had an extra thing happen. Despite being safe, they still managed somehow to get a vision of the reality where they were hit by the truck and the mother can describe the inside of an ambulance in great detail, even though she has never been in one. About Dawn's note, she is correct in her recollection. The pronunciation of Douglas-Home is 'Douglas-Hume' in English with the u as in cute. It's another weird English name, e.g. Leicester is pronounced 'Lester', and St John is pronounced 'Sinjin' (unless you really are talking about the saint). It's the English! Their names are often not pronounced the way they are spelled.
Thank you again for another great issue,

Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for sharing that you've heard of a similar "teleported to safety" kind of experience that happened to a friend of a friend. I've found that these types of reality shifts and quantum jumps appear to be a great deal more commonplace than most people realize, though if we keep sharing them widely enough, I expect we may become more aware of just how often these types of things occur.  Regarding Dawn's note in the August 2023 RealityShifters, I see she's from England, so probably is well aware of typical English pronunciations of names--especially ones heard fairly often on the news and in history classes.
with love and thanks,


Hey Cynthia,
I just read your newsletter, and I have to say, I'm blown away by the thing about ribeyes! I'm not a big meat eater anymore, but I bought and cooked many ribeyes in the past. I remember them as having the eye looking bone in them. I thought the picture couldn't possibly be right, but I just checked several of my cookbooks, and I can't find any proof for what I think of as a ribeye. Very frustrating! 

Dear Autumn,
Thanks so much for letting me know that you also remember ribeyes being different than they are currently pictured these days.  Thanks for checking several of your cookbooks, too, which apparently don't show what some of us remember.  Amazing!
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
Ah, so sweet to learn about the man in the airport and that you asked him what it meant to him.  I appreciate the positive energy you share. Keep up the great focus- we got this! ;)

Thank you, dear Shelly,
Yes, we've got this!  We're well on our way to discovering just how good it can get! love, love, love,



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