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Shifting Reality
With the Color Rays

Come celebrate International Aura Awareness Day with Cynthia Sue Larson and Alijandra in an exciting full-day Shifting Reality with the Color Rays workshop at the Learning Annex in Sacramento on Saturday, November 23rd. Come for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Reclaim your inner magi, and make all your favorite dreams come true!

How Can I Help?

Join our international planning committee: Overall planning takes place via an email discussion list. Join by sending a blank email to: 

Organize a local event: No event is too small!

Spread the word: Let others know about Aura Awareness Awareness Day and encourage them to organize an event to mark the day.

Participate: On November 23, participate in a local initiative to raise aura awareness

Please let us know how you will be marking Aura Awareness Day.


Help Bring Auras to Light!


Who Are We?

We are an international group who share a common goal to increase awareness of the human energy body, to prevent people from being injured, falling victim to serious ailments, or suffering every other conceivable form of suffering from lack of aura awareness.


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