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Stein Online Show Interview
with Cynthia Sue Larson

by Elliot Stein
on November 17, 1999
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ES: Do you think that these things happen to everybody, to average people all the time, but it's just that people aren't aware of it, or don't want to be aware of it? That they're just concerned too much with earthly, mundane things? They haven't become sensitive to realizing there are other laws that possibly are being implemented?

CSL: Exactly! I think this is a very common phenomenon, and I think athletes often notice all of these things, because any time that you are pushing yourself to the limits and you are paying attention to one particular thing, you can definitely see miraculous or reality shifting kinds of things around you. But I think most people DO notice these things; they just dismiss them. Until this point in time right now when we've got a term for it, and we're starting to look at it, I think people were a little bit shy or a little bit embarrassed to admit that something was moving around and they don't seem to have good control of things in their house. You know, it's not something you want to tell people! "I put my keys down, and now I found them in the sofa, and I put them down in a different room". That's a little bit embarrassing for some people. But when I talk to people about reality shifts and I explain that it's a very normal phenomenon, then people seem to come forward and just about everybody I talk to has at least one story where they are certain that things moved around. Something changed, something appeared, something disappeared. It transformed, maybe it moved to a new location, or maybe they had some experience with time.

ES: OK, we're going to go to a quick break here on the program. When we come back, we'll talk more about reality shifts; about our possible control or potential to control physical, metaphysical objects, principles, whether transformations happen to us every single day. We'll take some questions as posted online.

Joining us today is Cynthia Sue Larson. She is the webmaster of a quite intriguing web site, that is called Reality Shifts.


We're talking about the phenomenon of reality shifts. That's everything from your keys showing up somewhere completely different, so you say, "There's no way I put that there!" to things transforming themselves, and mysterious appearances and disappearances, and prayer. Do we have affect with prayer? Can we make things happen with wishful thinking? Let's go to some questions now, from the audience... see what we've got here. It says do animals also go through reality shifts?

CSL: You mean can they be transformed, or do they affect reality?

ES: I think they mean do they experience reality shifts?

CSL: That's a good question. I haven't been interviewing any animals to find out. I imagine that they might very well be able to experience these things. I don't know why they wouldn't.

ES: Don't you wonder... Do you have a cat, Cynthia?

CSL: I have had a cat. I don't have one right now.

ES: Don't you sometimes think that they're seeing something that we don't see? That there's some dimension or something that they're picking up on things that we don't? I really believe cats can see auras. We know for a fact that human beings have auras, which is a color band that goes around... sort of a color outline. This color changes. I really believe that cats know when, for example you're green -- you're as happy as can be -- but when that turns red, that band around you, watch out! There's something they can pick up on. Sometimes it's like there's something there that they know about that we don't.

CSL: I think that is true. I've noticed the same thing with my cat. He definitely had an awareness that was far superior to most peoples'. But if the question is do animals notice reality shifts, I would guess that they do, but I don't have anything to back that up. And short of interviewing animals, I don't know how you could find that out!

ES: Mr. Ed could tell you! Something like, "Oh Wilbur, my oats changed places". I don't know. Let's go to another question here. Does it appear that this particular phenomenon is more prevalent in certain locations around the world than others? Does it happen more up in the Himalayas with the gurus, or can it happen just as much with somebody living in a tenement in New York City?

CSL: Now that's a very good question! I have a suspicion that gurus have been noticing these things. I'm a big fan of Tarthang Tulku; I've read most of his books. He mentions in one of them, just ignore it if things seem to be shifting around you. I don't think he uses those words, but he is saying that that is just a basic fall-out of doing meditation and spiritual practices. I think that's fascinating, because it seems to me that a lot of mystics have known about this phenomenon for a very long time, but it hasn't come to public awareness in the general populace. So I would say that in terms of people who meditate a lot, they would definitely notice this phenomenon quite a bit more. I think that would be something where I would expect people to find more people noticing reality shifts, much more than a geographic location. So it would have to do with meditation, and one's own level of conscious awareness.

ES: OK, next question. Do any religions accept this? Do you find this interwoven into the fabric of any religions, where you find that they've already hit upon this?

CSL: I haven't been doing any research in that area, but I think that it's possible. Like I was suggesting earlier, lots of people pray within their church groups. I'm really impressed with Larry Dossey's work, because he's written several books on the subject of prayer and the way that peoples' prayer affects reality. What he's noticed is that it doesn't seem to matter what kind of faith you have, and I think Elisabeth Targ was noticing the same thing in her scientific studies, too. Basically, the main thing is that you are praying and you are feeling great love and connectedness to whatever is is that you are praying for. The main thing is feeling energized with love. Like you mentioned the aura... you want to have a very expansive aura, very large. Then you want to visualize what you want to observe. The last thing that I've noticed that makes a big difference is to let go then, of that wish. Often we'll make a mistake of clinging onto something and wishing so hard for something that it can't really happen, because it's like the watched pot never boils kind of phenomenon. It actually helps to walk away and let reality exist as pure energy waves, and then when it comes back and manifests, then you can look at it and see it again. I think letting go is a hard step for most people. In terms of different kinds of religions, I think pretty much all of them that recommend prayer would basically be suggesting that reality does shift.

ES: Does any scientific principle, such as the Einstein theory of relativity, do you believe that anything relates to the possibility of reality shifts?

CSL: Not so much in relativity per se... except if you're thinking of the way that time seems different? Are you thinking of that? That it can seem like time goes very slow or very fast? That would definitely be something along the lines of what we're talking about.

ES: Not only that, but also any comments he made on the structure of matter as well. And energy, for that matter.

CSL: Right. Well, once again, just the fact that there is an equivalency between matter and energy, that definitely ties in with reality shifts as well, because it gets to that idea that we can work with the energies that we don't see. And that's what we're doing when we're praying or when we're wishing for something. When you're feeling great love, even if you're not consciously trying to do something, just the fact that you're in a very loving, ecstatic state can have a profound effect on everything around you. So I think yes. I think that if you'd asked Einstein, he wouldn't have been so bold as to say that we were shifting reality. I think he was more interested in finding the scientific principles that would support more of the old-guard kind of assumptions. He was just coming to terms with some of these revised assumptions towards the end of his life. I don't know. It would be interesting to interview him, too! As long as we're interviewing animals, we can reach out and talk to Albert Einstein! I think that there's a lot of reality shifting intrinsic to relativity, especially the way that time acts, and the equivalence between energy and matter.
ES: Now what about a situation which probably happened to other people, because it's happened to me, before the internet, where you could go up to eBay and look around and find something or find any other organized directory of material objects, such as a book. For example, there has been a time at least once or twice, maybe three times, where I have wanted a used book very badly, and the problem was it hasn't been available anywhere. No used book stores had it. It's simply something you couldn't have; it wasn't there. I'd keep thinking about it, "I want this! I have to read this!" It was something that I've heard about, and then I go into a junk store, and Wham! there it is!

CSL: Right!

ES: It's right there; it's like, "Well, how can this be?! How can that be sitting here?!"

CSL: I love it when that happens! The same thing is true if you really want to hear a song on the radio, and you'll just think, "There's no way they'll play that", and then it comes on. Very similar. Or you need a parking spot, and it's an impossible situation, and then one appears. Those are just beautiful kinds of reality shifts. And once again, I think you'll notice that if you're having a good day, then more of these wonderful things happen, and if you're feeling very small and cranky and grumbling about things and feeling worried, then a lot less of these things happen. And it gets back to what you were saying about the aura and the energy field. If you go to my web site, you can see there's a good exercise on becoming aware of where your energy field is, and learning how to expand it so you can have a greater impact on the world. Basically, it has to do with feeling very loving and remembering things that you love, being very up and energized. And then it's such a fun feeling when you go into that junk store and there's just exactly what you wanted, and it's much cheaper. It's wonderful!

ES: We have a few minutes left with Cynthia Sue Larson; she runs the Reality Shifts web site. It's a fascinating concept, as you can hear. I think it takes the idea of synchronicity,which we heard a lot about over the last decade, of coincidences that happen for a reason, and it goes one step further with it. And I'm sure everybody out there has had examples of reality shifts. Let's let you give us another one that you think is very compelling that somebody's loaded up to the web site, if you would.

CSL: You mean that one of the readers that wrote in?

ES: Yes.

CSL: Oh, gosh. We've had so many good ones there. I'm trying to think of one off hand... maybe you remember one off-hand. There was a woman that noticed her son seemed to be in the house when they weren't. That was an interesting one. She'd come up to her house and she just glanced through the window, looking straight in, and noticed that her youngest son was seated at the computer. So she was going through the door, and took a couple of seconds to set the bags of things that she'd bought down on the table. She was talking to her son... she had some question about whether someone was going with them tonight, and she didn't hear anything in return, just silence. So she walked over to the doorway, looked around the corner, and then she saw that the computer chair where she'd seen her son sitting was EMPTY. No one was at the computer, and no one else was home.

That's a very strange situation, where you are absolutely certain that you see someone, and that's not something you'd imagine. It's just like looking at someone and seeing them there, and then seeing that they're not there. And once again, I've had that kind of situation occur in my life, too, where I was walking down a street and I was looking at a woman across the street from me, and as I was looking at her, she just vanished. There was nothing that she could have hidden behind.

ES: She couldn't have just walked behind a tree and stayed there?

CSL: No! There was no tree, no car, no place to hide! Just walking there, looking perfectly normal one second, then gone the next. My husband was walking next to me, and I'd asked him if he'd seen that, and unfortunately, he wasn't looking there at the time. He didn't know whether that had happened or not.

ES: Yes, that's a little on the creepy side! I think everyone has had a situation where they are somewhere, and for some reason they are just thinking about somebody... and it can be somebody from their past, it can be somebody that they met yesterday, or somebody from ten years ago... and they turn around and Wham! There's the person! For a minute, you've got to gain control of your senses, because "I was just thinking about this person, and then they just pop up!"

CSL: Yes! That's an amazing thing when that happens!

ES: I've had it happen, I'm sure you've had it happen, and I'm sure everybody

CSL: Yes, definitely.

ES: It's a little bit creepy when it does.

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