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Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA, DD, The Quantum Optimist, is one of the preeminent authorities on consciousness and the newly converging fields of quantum physics, quantum biology, the placebo effect, positive psychology, sociology and alternative medicine. Cynthia's passion for sharing cutting-edge scientific studies energizes her audience to explore the truth of who we are and what we are capable of.



"Cynthia Sue Larson was absolutely fantastic! I loved her presentation. Joyful, clear, concise, educated, elegant, and full of truths."


”The presentation last night was awesome. I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep.”


”Cynthia, you were absolutely spectacular! I really enjoyed what you shared. You were fascinating, and I am looking forward to learning more!




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Date/Time: Location: Description:
24 Aug 7 pm
Doors open at 6pm
BoulderEXO Talk
Colorado Law at CU Boulder
Wolf Law Building
101 UCB – Wittemyer Courtroom
2450 Kittredge Loop Drive, Boulder, CO 80309
ETs, AI, and Evolution of Human Consciousness
Cynthia Sue Larson is a consciousness researcher who will discuss her dedication to assisting awakening of global consciousness with recollections of her past-life-in-the-future some 500 years from now.  She will explain that while one possible reality has been averted, humanity faces decisions that will set our future direction. The self-awareness of robots and Artificial Intelligence is considered by many to be well on the way, as indicated by successful demonstration of such things as: awareness of own motion and ability to imitate, being driven by emotion, and ability to change models of physical embodiment. How can we ensure that recursively self-improving Artificial Intelligence will not be humanity’s last invention?  And how can we help ensure human free will shall survive? Cynthia will share recollections of UFO sightings and working with ETs on a global mind redesign project in the 1980s. She also had a kundalini awakening in 1994 that was accompanied by spontaneous astral travel, telepathic connections, and alignment with her original life and soul purpose that led to writing a monthly ezine called RealityShifters in 1999. Consciousness changes the physical world, as we now witness a natural phenomena that is being increasingly observed in the form of seemingly random reality shifts and Mandela Effects.  We have arrived at a historic juncture in transformation of human consciousness, where we learn how our thoughts and feelings can steer spaceship Earth.

24 Nov 2018
all day
Worldwide International Aura Awareness Day
While every one of us has one, few people give much thought to their energy body. Also known as the aura, these shining bodies of light have been recognized for millennia to exist in all living things. Since dark or damaged auras are early warning indicators of every kind of physical, emotional, and psychological problem, it is clear that you can improve your health by celebrating your energy field on the fourth Saturday of this November. Visit the event page to find out ways you can join in the fun!